12th Standard is one of the major crossroads in a student’s life. Choosing the correct field of study is very important at this stage. It is also a time of confusion for students. At this stage, a student needs to make a very complex decision by keeping in mind two important elements – career options and interests. Choosing the right course after 12th Standard plays a vital role in shaping your career. Today in the education field, there are many courses available. However, the need of the hour is to pick up the right course so that you can have a rewarding career at the end of the day. Let us discuss the different courses available after 12th Standard.

Degree Courses After 12th

Degree Courses are more extensive in nature and they give you a thorough knowledge of the subject. The duration of Degree Courses varies between 3 and 5 years.

If Arts is your field of interest and you have selected this subject during 12th, the best Degree Courses to choose from are:

  1. Integrated Law Course
  2. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  3. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  4. Bachelor of Hotel Management
  5. Bachelor of Fashion Designing
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

If your subject in 12th was Commerce and you are interested in this field, the below-mentioned courses should be the best choice for you:

  1. Charted Accountancy
  2. Company Secretary
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Management Studies
  5. Bachelor of Commerce

In the Science field also options are numerous. If Science was your subject during 12th, below mentioned are the best courses that you can opt for:

  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine
  3. Bachelor of Science in Anthropology
  4. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
  5. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  6. Bachelor of Architecture
  7. Bachelor of Science in Electronics
  8. Bachelor of Agriculture

Diploma Courses After 12th

A Diploma Course is somewhat different from a Degree Course in terms of duration and complexity. It is also known as Associate Degree in some of the countries. The duration of a Diploma or Associate Degree varies between 1 to 2 years. As compared to a Degree Course, Diploma is less extensive in nature but provides hands-on experience of the subject. Many employers accept both Diploma and Degree Courses but few of them prefer Degree Courses. Some of the rewarding Diploma Courses after 12th Standard are:

Students who have opted for Arts as a subject during 12th Standard can choose from the below list of courses based on their interest:

  1. Diploma in Graphic and Web Design
  2. Diploma in Multimedia
  3. Diploma in Digital Marketing
  4. Diploma in Animation
  5. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  6. Diploma in Interior Designing
  7. Diploma in Graphic and Product Designing

Some of the best-known Diploma Course options for Commerce students after 12th Standard are:

  1. Diploma in Financial Accounting
  2. Diploma in Taxation Law
  3. Diploma in SAP Fico
  4. Diploma in Payroll
  5. Diploma in Tally

Students who have completed 12th Standard with Science can choose from the below-listed Diploma Courses:

  1. Commercial Pilot Diploma
  2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  3. Diploma in Nursing
  4. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  5. Diploma in Radiological Technology
  6. Diploma in Engineering
  7. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  8. Diploma in Nursing

Certificate Courses After 12th

Certificate Course is a vocational training course and it is aimed at developing a particular expertise or skill to a standard level. The course duration varies between 6 months and 18 months. Some of the best-known Certificate Programs after 12th Standard are mentioned below. You can choose any of them in case you want to develop a job-oriented skill and start working after completing 12th Standard.

  1. Certificate Course in Photography
  2. Certificate Course in Tourism
  3. Certificate course in Computer Hardware
  4. Certificate Course in Computerized Accounting and Financial Application
  5. Certificate Course in Hair Dressing
  6. Certificate Course in Computer Hardware
  7. Certificate Course in Repair and Maintenance
  8. Certificate Course in Pottery
  9. Certificate Course in Stenography and Secretarial Practice
  10. Certificate Course in Sports and Fitness

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You can see that even after completing 12th Standard, there are many career options available. There are both elaborate and shorter duration courses. Select the ones that suit your interest and time. The Sky is the limit for students who want to learn and excel.