Career confusion is a usual thing. Every student goes through this time of trouble after completing 12th. You have to go for a degree or diploma course to make your career. The decision is important because it decides what your job will look like in the future. Sometimes, people are in a hurry to get settled after 12th because they have responsibilities over their shoulders. They prefer short-term diploma courses that can help them with an instant job and secure career. Usually, a diploma or certificate-based session start from 3 months, and you can do course up to of 3 years.

Here are some of the one-year diplomas you can do after 12th arts to have an exciting career opportunity.

1. Diploma in Multimedia

Multimedia artists do the use of technology to create visual graphics, web designs and other multimedia things. All the jobs like graphic designer, web designer, game designers, application designers, and digital video designers are open for the once who go for multimedia diploma course. Several freelance opportunities are also there after such classes. This is a one-year diploma course.

2. Diploma in Photography

Some people are fond of clicking everything they love with their cameras. If you are one of them and can capture something that the world will love then photography is for you. You pursue a one-year diploma course in photography to find a job in studios, companies, or agencies. Your profession will need you to travel the world plus you can also sell your images on several online websites to earn some extra money.

3. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

A diploma in travel and tourism is best for people who love to travel inside and outside geographical limit. Diploma in travel and tourism is a one year course. There are many jobs such as government operators, rail departments, tourism department, hotels, travel agencies, and you can also work as a personal guide. In addition to the diploma, learning different languages is an added benefit.

4. Diploma in Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing is the hottest career of the era. The job offers you a high standard work environment, a handsome salary, and an excellent work environment. You can work in companies, can run your agency, or work as a freelancer. A digital marketer and advertiser is the necessity of every organization and therefore, there is no lack of jobs.

5. Diploma in Event Management

Today, every business event or function is managed by professionals. People hire event managers to arrange the best facilities for their visitors to make a good impression. After this course, you can work in an event management company or run your agency. Creative people who are good at managing things can do this best. Event managers also organize Seminars, various exhibitions, fashion shows, and even marriage functions.

6. Diploma in 3D Animation

People who are observant and can draw well will find this as the best opportunity. There are several job opportunities in companies, creative agencies, advertising firms, and the gaming industry. The job is for highly creative people who can come up with out of the box ideas. The job profiles after a one-year diploma course in animation are an animator, 3D modeler, and graphic designer according to your interest.

7. Diploma in Interior Designing

Designer homes are the demand of everyone today. Everyone wants a home that is well managed and beautiful looking. This one-year diploma course in interior designing is job oriented. There are various job profiles and colossal job opportunities in interior designing companies. The need for an interior designer starts as soon as the building work of home is done. The diploma offers a secure career.

8. Diploma Courses in Foreign Language

One-year diploma in foreign language provides many job opportunities. You can work as a translator for companies, hotels, and travel companies. You can function as a guide or apply for government jobs too. College, universities, and even embassies hire people who are expert in multiple languages. You can learn any language that attracts you.

9. Diploma Courses in Financial Accounting

Many companies hire a professional to handle their financial records and tax reports. The reports are managed to track the financial status and economic growth of company. The one year diploma in financial accounting makes you eligible for this post. As soon as your experience increases, the job status is also improved. You need to be accurate with accounting, and business laws.

10. Diploma in Hotel Management

A job in restaurant, hotels, and cruises is loved by many people. It is an exciting career opportunity. Also, companies that work in catering and food industries also hire such professionals. After course, internships need to be done to get a good paying and reputed job. A good work experience easily improves your job status in this field. Commerce students usually do this course, but art students can also go.