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How to Make Your Kid Study English: Short Guide

Toddlers are not the most difficult group of kids to learn English with, but all of them are quite hard to talk to and interact with. Some difficult kids don’t want to cooperate at all, and mostly they are teenagers.…

Looking For A Primary School For Your Child: Here Are 5 Things To Know

Introduction With renewed hope and vigor, parents are once again scouting for the best educational opportunities for their children. With the primary school season upon us, it is important to discuss an issue as important as selection.  With every school…

IELTS General or Academic – How To Choose One For You?

Before choosing to enroll for IELTS, you have to decide that whether you want to go for IELTS general or Academic. Firstly, you have to choose from available two formats of IELTS.  In this article we are going to share…

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