Looking for a career option after your 12th exams? Medicine can be a good option, especially if you get a chance to study in the countries where several diploma courses are available. The universities and colleges there offer a wide variety of courses which one can choose from.

So, let us quickly get into the brief details:

1. Diploma in Radiographic Imaging Investigation

It is turning into an expertise used by the medical professionals today. For radiographers, this is a move within imaging to supplant the old ‘red spot’ framework with the help of radiographic remarking. The will surely upgrade your aptitude in the field of radiographic imaging and will not empower you to formally report upon pictures. You should work inside your extent of training and keep any expert and administrative prerequisites.

2. Diploma in Dementia caring

The number of individuals suffering from dementia is constantly rising nowadays.  The core of this subject is to learn to cure the persons suffering from this disease. On completion of this course, you will be able to examine the effect of this disease, the significance of understanding decent variety, the current reasoning about conceivable causes and fixes, how the mind is conveyed in a private setting and thus improve the administration of care. Genuine records from individuals influenced by dementia, their relatives, and caretakers, prove that this an intelligent module.

3. Science: Atoms, Prescriptions, and Medications

The course uses some thoughts from science to build up a portion of the aptitude of the aspirants. These are related to the reality at the atomic level. Substance thoughts are clarified when required. If you are totally new to the dialect of science, then you will need to have some patience while you get comfortable with the vocabulary. Subsequently, you can put the aptitudes that you learn, to the application.

4. Gulping Challenges and Drugs, Testament

This course will help you to gain information of individuals who are engaged with medication to patients suffering from Dysphasia.

5. Fundamentals of Tuberculosis, the study of its transmission, clinical administration, and control

A course on fundamentals of Tuberculosis, the study of its transmission, clinical administration, and control, by Liverpool School of Tropical Drug is available to all intrigued wellbeing experts searching for methods on controlling this disease. You can earn a certificate in the Tropical Prescription and Cleanliness. This is just an introduction towards training to create great and tuberculosis-free nations.

6. Diploma in Medicinal Bacteriology

The Therapeutic Bacteriology is a short course and can be taken up by interested individuals at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medication. It furnishes members with the aptitudes and information to recognize normal bacterial pathogens. They will also furnish you with an authentic system to build up your insight for determination and treatment of human bacterial contaminations.

7. Human wellbeing

This is a four-week long summer school course at St George’s College of London. It offers you a chance to investigate complete worldwide wellbeing themes. You will have a splendid experience studying this course in London.

8. Tropical Solution and Cleanliness

This is a three-month diploma course in the Liverpool School of Tropical Solution. Here you will get to learn the latest modules on tropical medication and hygiene. If you are interested in a short-term course, then this surely is not a bad option for you. 

9. Anatomical Life Structure course

This short course at the College of Glasgow is intended for aspirants looking to study in restorative (or dental) school. It is for those selected in a clinical school and needs hands-on anatomical experience.

10. Understanding the mental imbalance, Asperger, and ADHD

This is a free online short course which helps in understanding the mental imbalance. Asperger and ADHD courses at college enable you to learn more about mental imbalances. Their disparities, the significance of understanding the characterization and its appraisal is the core here.

11. Diploma in Crisis Drug

This program is intended to create medicinal experts. The professionals are trained through a modified approach to enhance their abilities and thus secure good reasoning capacity along with focus. This program readies the practitioners to assume full liability for the nature of treatment and at the same time, learn to take care of the sick patients.

12. Diploma in Dialysis Fellowship

This is a half year course and thereafter a two-week hands-on preparation. This will empower experts in performing the best dialysis treatment on ailing patients. Here we are talking about valuing the cooperation with patients and their relatives amidst the process of dialysis.

13. Diploma Course on Neurological Rehab

This is an adaptable program intended for wellbeing experts willing to study neurological rehab. The program is transferable crosswise over medicinal services broadly and globally. This empowers aspirants to apply supporting standards to their area of work. It energizes open deliberation, study and self-examination of a human services proficient’ s own clinical practice. It empowers learners to be proactive and highly responsive in a changing social condition. 

14. Diploma in Healing Centre Organization

This single year course includes a fifteen-day contact session. This venture readies qualified and productive administrators to oversee doctor’s facilities available nowadays. This is to enable them to convey better medicinal services.

15. Diploma course in Wellness and Quality Administration

The half-year Testament Course in Wellness and Quality gives a strong base to professionals about quality change in the centrifugal components of medicinal services. The essential ideas, devices and administration systems are canvassed in this program.

16. Diploma Courses on Nurse Care

These courses are of 3 months span in Tumor and Palliative Nursing. Also, it involves nursing care, nursing organization, basic care nursing, and cardiovascular nursing. This ward-sister course is accessible, both online and offline. It is for the nursing graduates who wish to upgrade themselves in this arena.

17. Diploma Courses in Sporting Sciences

This course helps in developing abilities like basic reasoning, critical thinking and analytical. This is to expand the hypothetical information of sporting science and damage. Thus, students can apply these aptitudes well in their professional field.

18. Diploma Course in Nutritional Management

This course will give educate aspirants on methodologies of nourishment e.g. proper diet related to obesity, diabetes, coronary illnesses etc. You will upgrade your understanding of physiology and organic chemistry together through this course as it is a good combination of nutrition science and nourishment microbiology. You will also learn about the current advancements in this field.

19. Diploma in Advancement in Sickness Control Program

This program is conducted by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medication. It furnishes the students with vital information and basic comprehension of the standards and procedures related to planning and observing an illness control program especially for the underdeveloped nations.

20.  Diploma in Bioscience for Worldwide Sickness

This course is to educate you on ongoing advances in the field of Bioscience. You will thus understand the effect of Bioscience on overall wellbeing globally. This program is a part of the curriculum in the Glasgow College.


These are just a few short courses in the field of medicine in the United Kingdom. Students who desire to excel in the medical field can certainly opt for some of these well laid down courses. These courses are taught in renowned institutes in London and can be the ideal stepping stones for aspiring medical students of the future.