The 12th standard or higher secondary is an important milestone in everyone’s life. The more you score in your higher secondary, the better chances you stand to get into the top colleges and universities. Majority of the students move ahead to pursue a career in the field of engineering. This however does not eliminate the availability of other career choices?  If you are a computer science student and are confused about the path to pursue post higher secondary studies, please read on.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the top 15 educational courses which you can easily pursue after you have successfully completed the high school with computer science as your main subject.

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or in Computer Science

Getting into B.E. or B. tech course in computer science gets easier if you have studied this subject in your higher secondary school. This is probably one of the most popular and sought-after courses. You will learn about artificial intelligence, different computer concepts, scripts, scientific aspects and a lot more in relation to computer science. As a B. tech graduate, you can expect to be offered a good salary package from any enterprise you get hired into.

B. Sc. in Software Technology

As a software technology graduate, you could receive offers from big information technology corporates. You will be hired for your enhanced knowledge on computer software and hence get a chance to develop different types of projects for these corporate firms. You will learn about the working and principles of various operating and other software-based systems. Earning a degree in software technology is challenging and requires three years of extensive study.

B.E. or B.Tech in Software Engineering

Please do not confuse software technology with software engineering. Both the streams are different. Software engineering deals with designing, implementation and modification of the software to produce higher quality components. It is a much more systematic field of study and demands a disciplined approach for the development and maintenance of software. It is generally a four-year course.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Well, you might be thinking that we are talking about two different courses here. However, this is a single field of expertise. It is an extensive study of theoretical ideas and foundation of the practical techniques of computing and their ability to be implemented in computer systems. This is quite a popular course amongst the international students. It is a four-year course with two semesters per year.

Bachelor in Cyber Forensics and Security

If you wish to pursue hacking as a career option, then this is the course for you. In this three-year course, you will learn to protect and shield different organizations from cyber threats, cybersecurity breach and many such fraudulent activities. You will need to work in an ethical and disciplined manner with the security companies to maintain a safe cyber environment.

Bachelor in Games Software Design and Production

We are all fancied with the games we play on our computers. Imagine, if you could create them yourself? Well, pursuing this computer science degree helps students to learn and develop software designs, use artificial intelligence, implement software engines which support gaming environment and many such related interesting topics. This is a three-year course which will provide you extensive learning in the field of gaming.

Bachelor in Mobile and Web Application Development

This is a trending course which a good number of students pursue, since it is a digital world nowadays. You will learn about extensive web programming, mobile application development, XML, web services, etc. You will be trained well to develop mobile and web applications and learn tremendously about the mobile operating systems, technical support, diverse cloud servers and many other aspects of both mobile and web application development. This is a three-year course.

Bachelor of Internetworking and Network Security

With the world adopting different ways to develop internet with every passing year, you will benefit a lot if you can learn and make yourself capable of understanding the different aspects related to it. If you undergo this course, you will be able to learn a wide range of design methodologies, voice technology, wireless technology and much more. Since maintaining a secured network is always imperative, you will be trained on how to tackle different network threats and manage related technical difficulties. This is a three-year course.

Bachelor of Business Information Systems

Nowadays, almost every business requires computers and internet facilities. So, if you undergo this three-year course in business information systems, you will be able to apply technical solutions to a variety of issues arising in business environment thus enhancing the overall business productivity. Hence, this can be termed as an interesting course for those who want to enjoy the best of business and tackle its different technical issues at the same time.

Bachelor in Game Technology

In this course you have a much wider aspect to learn and develop your skills on. You will learn about different aspects of artificial intelligence, physical engines, gaming algorithms, software systems, and other elements which directly or indirectly affect the games developed nowadays. In this three-year course, you will turn out to be an all-rounder in gaming technology.

Bachelor in Information Security

All of us have access to a lot of information available all over the internet, thanks to the various search engines around. Therefore, it becomes essential to protect this widely available information from getting into the wrong hands. In this three-year degree course, you will be trained to tackle different threats arising from various external sources and thus be able to protect the sensitive information available around.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a much wider subject and carries broader perspective of the computer science field. Students here, learn in detail about hardware, software and other detailed aspects of computer science. They are also trained to tackle different network issues and other technical difficulties affecting a computer’s hardware and software directly or indirectly. This three-year course is extremely popular and requires students to go through extensive study and research.

Bachelor in Hardware Engineering

If you love tinkering with the different components of a computer’s hardware like motherboard, processor, RAM, routers, circuit boards etc, then hardware engineering is the best suited course for you. As a hardware engineer, you will be required to develop and enhance different components found within computer’s body. This is an extensive three-year course provided by most of the universities and colleges around the world.

Bachelor in Logic Formulation

A lot of people are interested in the binary and logical aspects of computers. In this degree course, you will be trained in different computing algorithms, binary coding, logical processes and formulation which will help you get a significant insight into the computer’s functioning and processes in the backend.

Bachelor in Computer Vision and Robotics

Robotics is a popular field of study which is being pursued by many students all over the world today. There are many signs around us indicating that the field of robotics is going through a major transformation. Since it is such a trending field worldwide, it might interest you more to take up this course. You will be trained to understand analytics, artificial intelligence, development of robotics and computer vision thus developing your technical knowledge. It is generally a three to four-year course but very few colleges and universities in the world offer it.


So, now you are well versed with fifteen different courses that can be pursued after you have completed your higher secondary studies in computer science. We hope you have a great time exploring these courses and become hugely successful in your field of expertise.