After graduating from high school, there are numerous computer courses available that can improve a candidate’s skills and expand their options for employment. Computer training has become a must for all fields in the current digital era, and computer skills can give you an advantage in the employment market.

There are alternatives for students with various interests and career objectives ranging from degree programs to short-term computer courses. Students who have completed high school can choose to study computercourses.

After high school, students who choose computer science have several career alternatives, including AI courses, game design, networks, information security, data science courses, and more.  

Computer science degrees range from diplomas and certifications to bachelor’s degrees and beyond; this field is an excellent fit for technical people. Let’s see about the courses for 12th Computer Science students:

List of Top 10 Best Courses for 12th Computer Science Students:

  1. B. Tech Computer Science
  2. BCA
  3. BCA+MCA Integrated Course
  4. BCA (HONS)
  5. Dual Degree BCA (HONS.) -MCA (HONS.)
  6. B. Sc IT
  7. B.Sc Computer Science
  8. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
  9. Computer Engineering
  10. Diploma in Software Engineering

B. Tech Computer Science

After taking computer science in high school, students can pursue a 4-year degree in engineering. The academic degree program is designed for science majors in their 12th year of physics, chemistry, and math.

The field of computer science is expanding quickly worldwide as more technology is developed. You will learn how to create websites, program, write code, and interact with databases by taking this course.  

After completing the course, one can acquire a job in a software or IT company. 12th-grade completion by the recognized board with a minimum grade of 50% is required to qualify for the B.Tech information technology program.


  • Work as a machine learning engineer, full stack developer, DevOps engineer, and multimedia programmer
  • Learn about information security, database, and computer technical support network management
  • High placement opportunities with good salary


The three-year Bachelor of Computer Application undergraduate degree program, covers the fundamentals of software development and computer applications. The undergraduate program, BCAis designed for students who have completed their 12th grade in the science stream.

 A BCA degree equals to a BTech or BE in information technology or computer science. You can start your career in this course if you want to learn about computer programs’ most crucial components.

You will learn about databases in this course, among many other crucial topics. Additionally, you will learn about operating systems, programming languages, and various other topics. A variety of employment is available for BCA program graduates. Computer applications and technologies related to the advanced study of computer science are the main topics of this course.


  • Work as an IT administrator, computer scientist, computer systems analyst, web developer, and data administrator
  • Learn about databases, operating systems, and programming languages.
  • After course completion, students will place in big companies.

BCA+MCA Integrated Course

In a dual degree program leading to Bachelor’s in Computer Application and a Master’s in Computer Application, students will learn about some fundamental and cutting-edge aspects of computer applications. Various Indian institutions provide a five-year integrated program called BCA + MCA.

 Each student will be equipped to meet the demands of the IT business due to outstanding guidance and a program emphasizing research. Application software, hardware systems, IT management, and information systems are all included in the BCA + MCA program. You will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about computer applications throughout the course.


  • Students will improve their technical, analytical, statistical, communication, and mathematical skills
  • Job opportunities in international companies
  • Work as a Software Application Architect, Software Consultant, Web Designer, and Web Developer


The Honors Bachelor of Computer Application is distinct from regular BCA. The distinction is that a BCA(H) course allows you to specialize in a particular field, whereas a BCA(General) course gives you an overview of every subject covered in the honors course.

Learning computer languages and receiving practical training are the course’s main objectives. Students in this curriculum receive a focused study of software and coding languages over the three-year course. This program is regularly updated to keep the students informed of developments in the business.

The course lasts three years, and the path is slightly varied compared to the simple BCA course. The job scope for BCA Honours graduates offers a variety of professional jobs and career opportunities in software and IT sectors. The course gives students a thorough understanding of essential concepts in computer science.


  • Work as a Project manager, MIS manager, IT manager, graphic designer, system analyst, software consultant, etc
  • Students can use current techniques, skills, and tools for computing practice
  • High earnings

Dual Degree BCA (HONS.) -MCA (HONS.)

The course differs slightly from the simple BCA-MCA integrated course. For a guaranteed job, an academic program lasting five years is required. After 12th-grade computer science, all students may enroll in this subject. There are no stream restrictions for the class.

In the sector, work options are abundant after this course. Individuals enrolling in the program were given extensive training and information to help them design, build, install, and operate various computer applications. It aids the learner in mastering the abilities needed in the IT sector.


  • Students will be able to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society
  • Worked as a computer scientist, quality analyst, software tester, and software developer
  • Good future after course completion

B. Sc IT

One of the most popular computer science majors is the B. Sc. in information and technology. The course is open to students who have completed the 12th grade from an accredited board. The course gives sufficient employment opportunities in MNCs and other industries.

The program lasts for three years. You must be skilled to land a reputable job with a respectable salary. Information processing, management, security, and storage are the main focuses of a BSc in IT. This program primarily focuses on software, networking, and databases.

People who complete a course in web design, programming, computer networking, databases, and other computer systems, such as databases, are awarded the BSc in IT degree. Graduates with a background in information technology can work for a variety of businesses in the field of IT.


  • Work with mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices
  • Worked as a hardware network expert, computer information specialist
  • Job opportunities in MNC companies

B.Sc Computer Science 

Students who pass 12th grade from an accredited board can enroll in a three-year academic degree program called B.Sc. in computer science. To pursue B.Sc. in computer science, students must have completed their 12th grade in the science stream.

Physics and chemistry are included in the graduating subject. Therefore, this course requires a science background. Students can study the science stream using the computer-based courses offered to them.

While studyingthis course students will learn about programming languages, databases, networking, software engineering, artificial intelligence, etc., are all topics covered in computer science.


  • B.Sc. CS graduates have the option to choose between core jobs and non-core jobs
  • Worked as an information systems manager, enterprise architect, and IT security specialist
  • Good future after course completion

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

The diploma in computer science and engineering is a professional course for students who have passed their 12th grade from an accredited board. A three-year academic curriculum is required for the course. Students find the industry appealing because of the employment options. Because the course is career-focused, you can find employment immediately if you graduate with strong knowledge and enhanced skills. It is a course that was created by fusing computer science and engineering.


  • Work as a Mobile App Developer, Front-End Developer
  • It helps you to learn essential computer knowledge
  • High earnings

Computer Engineering

Another diploma program that connects your profession to the development of software, websites, applications, and cloud services is computer engineering. The prerequisite for this course is a successful 12th grade in computer science from a reputable board. The three-year academic program is a profession-focused program for people looking to secure a career in technology.


  • Worked as an application programmer, database administrator, and programming coder
  • Job opportunities in MNC companies
  • It helps you to learn more about the programming language and coding

Diploma in Software Engineering

The program was created for software development. It is a three-year academic program, similar to other diploma programs. Your field-specific abilities will be improved by taking this course. Students must have received a passing grade in computer science on their 12th-grade certificate from an accredited educational board to enroll in the course.


  • Worked as a data analyst, software engineer, and web developer
  • Learn about software development, testing, and maintenance principles
  • More placement opportunities with good salary

Final Thoughts

As a result, the above details are about the courses for 12th Computer Science students. You must now know the demanding courses available after completing computer science in grade 12. In order to plan for a successful future, you must choose the right course depending on your interests.


Why do you like computer science?

Everyone can find their position in this dynamic field, which will be enjoyable.

What is the scope of computer science?

After finishing computer science, you can choose from a variety of jobs.

What are the benefits of computer science?

Your horizons will expand, and you will gain knowledge and abilities and be a highly sought-after employee.