Self-study can be both fulfilling and disappointing at the same time. Studying on your own is better if you have a good grasp of the topics. However, if you’re having difficulty digesting the concepts of the subject, it’s recommended that you ask someone to help you out. One option is by hiring a tutor to teach you personally.

Here are the reasons why it’s a good idea to have a tutor when you’re studying for a hard subject:

1.    Gives you undivided attention

You can grab the opportunity of getting a consultation with your teacher or professor if you’re having difficulties understanding the lesson. However, the downside of a consultation is that time is limited. Studying for a hard subject requires a longer time to comprehend and analyze the concepts, and you can’t do that if you’ll opt for the teacher’s consultation hours.

Instead, hiring a tutor, such as those in Cluey Learning, will allow you to get undivided attention. Your tutor will only focus on you alone. Therefore, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to comprehend the concepts without time constraints so it’s guaranteed that you can study the subject well.

2.    Improved academic performance and understanding of concepts

Hiring a tutor will not just help you ease the difficulty of comprehending the topics of your hard subject. It will also give you long-term solutions and help you pass with flying colors. Another advantage of hiring a tutor is that they will help you improve your performance not just with a particular subject, but other subjects you’re taking in school as well.

Most tutors are flexible and knowledgeable in various subject areas so they can also help you with other subjects that you might think you also need to focus on. Being well-rounded in all subject areas compared to one single topic will definitely improve your grades. This is very important, whether you’re maintaining a good standing to get honors or aiming for a good university in college, or you’re under a scholarship. 

3.    Learning strategies tailor-fit for you

Teaching strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Students have different abilities in terms of learning and coping with the subjects taught in school. Hiring a tutor will be advantageous because they can assess what type of teaching strategy will be the most helpful for your case. This will most likely generate positive outcomes and, therefore, will be the most effective one for you.

Sometimes, one of the reasons why students are having difficulty grasping the concepts of a subject is because of the teacher. The way the topics are delivered and taught are not effectively channeled in a way that students can clearly understand. Hiring a tutor will guarantee that the subject will be presented to you in a way wherein you can quickly grasp and analyze it based on your learning mechanism, level of comprehension, and critical thinking.

4.    You’ll get better grades

Hiring a tutor acts as a supplement to your academic routine. It’s better than doing self-study since you’ll have guidance until you can grasp the concepts properly. Therefore, it will be useful if you want to improve your grades. Your tutor will dedicate their time and effort to teach you so that you can perform well in school. For example, a tutor can teach you in-depth how to improve your essay writing skills.

5.    Keeps you motivated

Your tutor is like your second teacher, and they’ll bring out the best in you. The advantage of hiring a tutor rather than doing self-study is that you’ll have the motivation to go through the topics in school. Sometimes, students will get lazy studying on their own, choosing to spend their time with other things.

However, if you’ll be hiring a tutor, you’ll develop a routine where you have to devote this particular time studying and attending tutoring class for school. Your tutor can also provide you with support and encouragement that you’ll be able to pull off your difficult subject if you devote time and effort on it.

6.    Gives you techniques and other helpful skills that make learning a lot easier

Your tutor can also impart other skills and learning techniques that teachers will not usually teach in class. Whether it will make it easier for you to remember the concepts such as mnemonics or other alternative solutions to solve math problems, your tutor can share these with you as well.

Final thoughts

Hiring a tutor is a great supplemental learning to improve your academic performance. It will help you work for a better grade, and it will also teach you other skills and techniques that are not usually taught in a typical classroom setup. Especially if you’re dealing with a hard subject, a tutor will give you a tailor-fit teaching strategy that will help you comprehend better.