Have you noticed how people have switched from SMS to chats in the past years? In this day and age, chats are so common that it is not only teens the ones using them. You can see parents creating groups and chatting with tens of people. This switch happened because chats turn a conversation into a more visual and real experience – with emojis, GIFs and all the other options at hand.

What is more important about chats is the ability to create automatic responses to people – and here is where chatbots come into the picture. They have become a real life-saver for busy businesses that want to keep in touch with their customers 24/7. We will tackle that and many other chatbot-related topics in the article below.  

What is a chatbot? 

Let’s start with the very beginning and give you the definition of a chatbot. ”Chatbot” is a compound noun, formed with the words ”chat” and ”robot”. This means that a chatbot is a robot inside a chat. If traditionally, you would have another person writing you a reply to your request, the chatbot is the exact opposite, it is the robot replying instead. This idea might sound like a science-fiction movie scene but is, in fact, in tune with the technological advancements of today.

Ready to conduct audio or written conversations, chatbots simulate the way a real person would behave in a conversation. You can read the extended definition and more on the history of the chatbot right here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatbot.

What’s the purpose of a chatbot? 

Let’s get into how a robot can help a business flourish. A chatbot will come to handle customer relations. Before resorting to this method, you should make sure that you take into consideration some very important points. 

Which are the points you should consider?

First, make sure that you are installing a professional and bug-free chatbot. You wouldn’t want it to start replying weird, inaccurate messages and drive your customers away. Once the technical issues solved, dive deep into your branding strategy and align the chatbot to your core values. Linguistically speaking, do not allow your chatbot any grammatical mistakes, makes sure it stays accurate. Also, think about the situations a chatbot might deal with and provide the appropriate answers and solutions. Last but not least, think about the fact that your chatbot must work on all types of devices – from computers to tablets or mobile. 

The main advantages of using a chatbot

They deal with simple questions

Chatbots are trained to answer mainly simple, straight-forward questions. Good examples would be: ”Where can I reach you?” or ”Could you tell me your schedule?”. Chatbots will be able to offer responses to these questions, as the information needed has already been gathered. As they can entertain a whole conversation, chatbots are amazing tools for when you are away, dealing with other aspects of your business, like meeting up with clients. Although there are people who feel threatened by the idea of a chatbot coming to replace them entirely, that is not the case. Once a bot feels like it is no longer able to answer questions, it will need a real person to come in and deal with the customer’s requests.

They cut down costs

Studies show that businesses restoring to chatbots can reduce their costs to 30%. Just think about the time you will save by having a chatbot do the chatting for you. You will be able to deal with many other tasks in the meantime. 

They offer clients recommendations 

Chatbots are great because they keep customers interested in a product they want to buy and even get to make recommendations. It works like this: people are constantly searching for products and bots come and recommend something related, something the clients might have otherwise missed. They can even send people videos related to the products they might want to buy.  

Why sign in for a Chat Course? 

You should sign in for a Chat Course because you want your business to thrive. I know you want to be able to engage with your customers 24/7, not only in the intervals you are actually at your laptop answering requests. Although you might think that the idea of using a chatbot requires lots of technical skills, you should know that there are ways you can benefit from the advantages of chatbots with little effort and programming experience.

The thing is you have to find the best courses for you. They will be straight-forward, easy to understand, relate to and follow through. They will offer great examples for you and your business. 

You are a beginner and this is the first time you’ve read anything about a chatbot? You do not need to worry! A ManyChat course will give you all the guidance you need. 

Who should sign in for a Chat Course? 

Anyone who wants to find out more about this way of boosting sales and automating online communication. You could be a thriving entrepreneur or a well-established businessman. An advertising graduate, an intern at a local marketing agency or the head of one. 

A chatbot is a great means of revolutionizing online communication. It will help you build confidence with your audience, gain more customers and build trust and you will even see an increase in sales. Take a chatbot course and you will find out everything you need to know about this outstanding innovation.