Are you a student and you need to write an essay on a difficult or not very favorite topic? If before you had to either work on your own or order writing from a professional, today there is a third and most promising option – the generation of an essay with the help of a neural network.

  1. How well does a neural network generate essays?
  2. Top 3 neural networks for generating textual content
  3.  Conclusion

How Well Does a Neural Network Generate Abstracts?

Modern neural networks are developed to such a high level that they can generate coherent and meaningful texts in Russian, indistinguishable from the work of an ordinary person. Since the material created in this way confidently passes the anti-plagiarism check, students have every chance to get a good grade with minimal effort. Still in doubt?

Some students of prestigious American colleges anonymously share stories on the Web about how they successfully get positive grades in very difficult subjects with the help of neural networks. These include biotechnology, world history, and other humanities and technical subjects.

You will see for yourself that neural networks are very convincing in creating textual (and not only) content if you take just a few minutes to read this article. Let’s prove it with examples.

Top 3 Neural Networks for Textual Content Generation

The industry of neural networks is rapidly developing, and the number of such services already counts more than a dozen. However, not all of them are functional and trained enough to be fully utilized for generating decent student papers like essays.


A free ai essay writing service that makes it easy to create high quality essays. Get help with articles, paragraphs and documents.


  • The ability to keep your own text style when using the service;
  • high quality of generated English texts;
  • consistently high uniqueness of generated articles;
  • allows generating up to 10 pages of text, while ChatGPT allows generating only 2 pages;
  • contains an AI masking feature that allows you to hide the use of AI, while ChatGPT will always be recognized as AI-generated text;
  • we provide accurate and reliable links to essays and ensure that they meet standards such as MLA or APA.


  • paid subscription to utilize full functionality;
  • lengthy articles are generated within minutes.


This is probably the most popular neural network in English, together with its “descendant” in the person of GPT-4. Both services interact with the user through interactive chat. Whether you write requests or simply communicate in the format of a dialog – it does not matter. Neural networks can respond to the user also in English.


  • quite good quality of answers;
  • simple and visually appealing interface;
  • great development prospects and regular updates;
  • organic dialog as a real person.


  • Often the neural network gives outright misinformation;
  • the service does not serve users from a number of countries;
  • no tools for generating lengthy articles.


The service is positioned as an artificial intelligence for creating texts and predicting their conversion. It is equally well suited for short notes and posts, as well as for lengthy works like essays and other types of student papers. Neural Net is particularly popular with marketers, but it is also quite suitable for positive grades.


  • free test period for 7 days;
  • output of results in more than 25 languages;
  • evaluation of conversion and text “performance”;
  • audience-specific job generation;
  • intuitive and stylish interface.


  • Relatively high price of a premium account;
  • many features are available only by subscription.


Rest assured – no one will know that your essay, research paper or other material was written not by you, but by a neural network. Yes, in some cases manual revision may be required, but it is not comparable in time or effort to writing a text from scratch and on your own. Don’t delay, let modern technologies simplify your life now.