People spend considerable time on smartphones these days, whether for checking out social media, searching for a restaurant, buying gadgets, or making payments. With 5 million searches, 65 billion messages sent on Whatsapp, 500 million tweets, and 294 billion emails sent per day, can you imagine how much data do we generate per day? The World Economic Forum highlights that an estimated 463 exabytes of data will be generated per day globally by 2025 – an equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs per day.  

Now if we are asked to analyze this massive amount of data, wouldn’t it be next to impossible with traditional data processing tools. Thanks to Big Data technologies, we can now process and analyze huge datasets and draw meaningful insights. It has led companies to become data-driven by providing solutions to complex issues and facilitating enhanced business efficiency. As such, the demand for Big Data has grown over the years and taking up a Big Data courses has become a priority for professionals exploring their career opportunities in this field.   

Let us know more about Big Data and why a career in this domain is the right choice for you.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is nothing but the collection of different types of data that are huge in size and grow exponentially. Such high volume, high velocity, or high-variety information cannot be processed through normal computing techniques and need new forms of processing to discover better insights from it. The major driving factors that contributed to the exponential growth of data are technological advancements and present-day communication channels. 

It is important to note that the term not only focuses on data but also the different tools, techniques, and frameworks involved in analyzing it. Some of the sources of Big Data include social media, stock markets, aircraft data, power grids, and search engines. The data obtained from these sources come in multiple formats like text, audio, video, etc. For collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing such data, Big Data Engineers are hired by companies. 

There are three different types of Big Data:

  • Structured data – has fixed format and size, can be easily stored in a database
  • Semi-structured data – has a structure but can’t be stored in a database
  • Unstructured data – has no format and hard to analyze

Big Data as a Career

The adoption of Big Data is only in the early stages and companies are looking for skilled Big Data professionals for their data-driven initiatives. A report by IBM highlights the huge skills gap and why companies are ready to pay high salaries for top Big Data jobs. So, now is the right time to explore the world of Big Data and start a challenging career. 

Top Job Roles in Big Data

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Management professional
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst

Here are some of the reasons to choose Big Data as a career.

Companies are embracing Big Data – If you think Big Data is only for the IT sector, then you are wrong. Big Data is penetrating different industrial sectors like banking and financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, retail, and manufacturing as well. Companies need the help of Big Data for functions like sales and marketing, research and development, workplace management, supply chain and more. 

Earn a lucrative pay – Professionals willing to see a sharp growth in their career should definitely consider a Bid Data career. In India, entry-level Big Data professionals earn an average salary of 4-7 lakhs per annum, while those at the mid-level experience can earn up to 20 lakhs annually. Earning certifications in Big Data and gaining experience can further increase the salary packages of Big Data professionals, with almost 30 percent higher salaries than those working in the IT field. 

A steady increase in job openings – The IBM report, mentioned earlier, predicts that there will be 2,720,000 openings in 2020 for data and analytics talent in the US alone. It also emphasizes on the fact that hiring difficulties are widespread for data analytics roles and are among the hardest to fill in the entire market. Candidates can benefit from this skills gap by learning Big Data at the earliest and give a boost to their career. 

Growth of Big Data Analytics market – As per Valuates Reports, the global Big Data and Business Analytics market was estimated at $171.39 billion in 2018 and expected to reach $512.04 billion by 2026, growing at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.8% between 2019 and 2026. The demand for cloud-based big data analytics software is the driving factor for the growth of the big data market. This indicates that Big Data is growing every year and is here to stay and opportunities in this field would also increase.

Its Time to Learn Big Data

You must, by now, have a clear idea about why a career in Big Data is rewarding. If Big Data has piqued your interest, then you shouldn’t wait for more in gaining the right skills. Thanks to some training providers, you can now take up an online Big Data course to gain expertise in it. You don’t have to go to any physical location to attend the classes or take out significant time out of your busy schedule. Online courses teach Big Data concepts through short video lectures and you can continue to learn at your comfortable pace. So, search for the best online Big Data training and take your career ahead.  

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