16 -18 November 2017 |

LOWER EXTREMITIES – Normal anatomy of the tibial nerve,fibular nerve
and sural nerve.

UPPER EXTREMITIES – Normal anatomy of the median nerve, ulnar nerve and radial nerve.

ENTRAPMENT NEUROPATHIES – Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – ultrasound findings,
Cubital tunnel syndrome (CUTS) – ultrasound findings,
Traumatic lesions of the upper and lower extremities – ultrasound findings

Discussion and Hands on training on Entrapment Neuropathies :
*Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – Ultrasound findings

ELECTRONIC QUIZ – find the nerve

Who can Attend:

Neurologists, Orthopedic surgeons, Neurosurgeons, 
Rheumatologists, Physical Medicine Doctors, Sonographer, Internal Medicine Doctors, Physical Therapyst, Sports Medicine Doctors,Occupational Health Doctors



Education Type


Education Subject

Health and Safety, Healthcare and Medical

Payment Option

Cash, Installment, Online Payment

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