If you’re new to programming, the most challenging element of developing necessary skills is to figure out where to start. There are dozens of widely used computer languages, each having its particular set of complications and quirks. The good news is when you start getting to grips with programming, you’ll understand which coding language is best for you based on your preferences, and your professional objectives.

As of 2021, JavaScript is by far the most widely used programming language across professionals globally. But, of course, you are not limited to it and can choose the one you feel fits in it all.

In this article, we have listed some of the best programming languages in 2022 and educational resources to learn them. We couldn’t fail to disclose some of best tips for programming. Keep scrolling to catch more.

The Most Popular Programming Languages

Below you can find the top languages that can help you become a professional programmer.  


When it comes to programming, Java is among the earliest object-oriented computer languages available. It continues to be one of the most famous and widely used languages. Java is very popular for online and Android applications, finance and business tools, and has many other uses.

Benefits of Learning Java

  • Cross-platforming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Open-source
  • Rich API
  • Numerous resources
  • Great community support

Use Cases

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop GUI Applications


Python is a powerful coding language which is utilized for the widely used online platforms like Google search and YouTube. It is quite simple and considered perfect for newbies who want to become professional programmers.

There are several online resources and modules available that can be used to perform different tasks. The dynamic features of Python allow the programming experts to analyze the lengthy codes quickly.

Benefits of Learning Python

  • Universal language
  • Simple to read, understand and execute.
  • Free and Open-Source
  • High productivity
  • Interpreted language
  • Big community

Use cases

  • Game development
  • Math modeling
  • Scientific researches
  • Web application development
  • AI
  • Data Science


C++ works great for developing the infrastructure that runs apps. It is also suitable for applications that are compatible with multiple devices and platforms. Software developers have created a vast number of tools and compilers for C++. Mastering them efficiently would be just as essential as knowing how to write code in a computer language.

Benefits of Learning C++

  • Quick and Robust
  • Object-Oriented
  • Mid-level programming language

Use Cases

  • GUI Applications
  • High-performance game engines
  • Database management tool
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Computational and Graphical Developments


This scripting language is considered to be one of the best programming languages to learn due to its simple syntax. It is used for managing the functionality of web pages, animations, responsive icons, and interactive features.

The programmers who start learning JavaScript usually learn HTML and CSS together with it. These three technologies allow them to create amazing web pages and offer an extremely seamless user experience to their audience.

Benefits of Learning JavaScript

  • Simple to master
  • Programming Language with a Wide Range of Applications.
  • Extensive community support.

Use Cases

  • Server applications
  • Smartwatch applications
  • Mobile and desktop application
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Smartwatch and smartTV


SQL is a programming language for querying and managing information. It is primarily built for information management using an RDBMS. SQL can search for and extract information from remote and local DB. It can also modify, replace, and delete records, create new, modify old and migrate databases. While SQL is extremely efficient, it is best suited for small datasets and is not generally adapted for bigger ones.

Benefits of Learning SQL

  • Important technology for everyone who need to work with information
  • Universal language which can be used with different RDBMS
  • Simple to understand and apply

Use Cases

  • Data analysis
  • Data storage for web services, desktop and mobile applications to save content
  • Database administration (to set and manage database environment)
  • QAs use it to make different environment to test different use cases

Top Sources to Learn Programming Languages

CodeGym Java Tutorial

CodeGym is hands-on dynamic coding training. It is appropriate for both complete beginners and advanced programmers who want to polish their skills. CodeGym is an 80-percent practice-based interactive Core Java training.

Java Syntax, Java Core, Java Multithreading, and Java Collections are the 4 parts of the program. With a collection of activities for various degrees of intensity, CodeGym Java Tutorial provides an excellent service of keeping Java students interested and evolving.


  • Perfect balance of 80% practice and 20% theory
  • Over 1200 assignments
  • Activities of different complexity
  • Immediate result check
  • Instant answer confirmation

Interactive Python Tutorial

It’s an easy-to-follow complete beginner training. Tasks are included throughout the course. It factors in the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming. It’s a course for developers who are just starting out. It goes over a lot of Python basics in detail.

Interactive Python Tutorial also covers sophisticated Python concepts including lambda expressions and conditionals. The user interface is simple to use, it assists in the seamless completion of activities one after another.

It shows users how the application works in an accurate, step-by-step manner. Acknowledging what happens as the machine runs every piece of code assists in passing a crucial challenge to develop the necessary skills.


  • Appropriate for all levels
  • Awesome community support
  • Comprehensive literature

C++ Tutorials

Get C++ coursework from real-world experts who know how to break down complicated subjects to simple and understandable sessions. C++ Tutorials has solutions for everyone, from simple C++ coding to building advanced computer games.


  • Appropriate for all levels
  • Wide range of lessons

Learn JavaScript

This course is designed for programmers who have some coding experience in any framework. Master advanced JavaScript from the ground up in a comprehensible context. The tasks are based on real-world situations to ensure that you’re picking up the best practices individually.

The training and exercising on Learn JavaScript will take you methodically across all the areas, and the project-based strategy will help you apply what you’ve learned. The lessons expect you to be familiar with the fundamentals of programming, including parameters, functions, and classes.


  • Wide range of lessons
  • Real-time exercises
  • Flashcards

SQL Online Courses

This online learning platform is developed for users who want to master SQL skills and is the final destination for both newbies and expert programmers. There are around 60 hands-on courses on SQL that are designed by top professionals. After completing a course, you get a certificate from  SQL Online Courses that can be added to your portfolio or published on your LinkedIn profile.


  • SQL certificates
  • Awesome customer support
  • 3 different SQL dialects
  • Real database environment

Tips On How To Learn A Programming Language

You should keep in mind that polishing your coding skills is a never-ending job, whether you’re an expert programmer utilizing the GI Bill to select your new assignment, an ambitious self-taught programmer, or a programming group exercise participant.

Here are some tips on how to learn to program.

Code Everyday

Consistency is the key when it comes to learning anything in your life. Programming every day will help you master advanced knowledge and expertise. This tip is of utmost importance in the life of a programmer.

Learning coding on weekends is not a great idea if you want to become a professional coder. You should write programs and master your skills every day for at least, say, a half-hour. While taking a half-hour exercise daily is good, if you can do some extra, go for it.

In the beginning, you’ll spend a lot of time staring at the screen when failing to understand the process of reasoning the information. So being regular in learning to code will help you understand the coding concepts quickly. 

Look For the Examples of Codes Made by Experienced Programmers

You get a better grasp of the perspective when you try to understand the code of experienced programmers. There are different sources and platforms to find the open-source code. These platforms can be used to get the written code from expert programmers. You can also join the coding communities to get in touch with experienced coders.

For the software applications, there have been various strong, reliable, and widely used web platforms. GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket are a few of them. They are perfect when looking for the codes of other programmers.

Use Google to Get the Extra Help

Google is one of the best platforms to search for information and receive answers. All you need  is to use this instrument properly. There is a wide range of solutions available on Google but don’t just copy the answer. Try to understand and analyze, use Google to find your own solution. 


Your decision about which coding language to master will be influenced by your professional objectives and ambitions. When you first try to understand what coding is and you make your first steps towards it, the answer to what language to choose comes to you naturally. Choose a career path depending on your preferences and the type of programming you like to learn.