TikTok is the Gen Z phenomenon that has overtaken the social media world. People were going crazy sharing dance videos on this platform. But TikTok has evolved into much more than a dance video-sharing platform. Creators are using this platform to showcase their talent and brand. TikTok boasts the highest social engagement rate per post.

TikTok is a great way to increase awareness about your brand and increase its reach. The size of your audience hardly matters on this platform. What matters is how much effort you are ready to put in to build a successful account on TikTok. In this article, we will discuss the importance of views on TikTok and how to boost the same.

Importance of Views on TikTok

Unlike other social media platforms, views are the most important category on TikTok. The moment your video starts playing, it is counted as a view. A replayed video is counted as a fresh view. The only exception is when you play your own created video. TikTok pays the creators a certain amount for a specified number of views. And the more views you get on your content, the more audiences will be served with your content. This in turn will gain you even more views.

Now, that the importance of views on TikTok has been discussed, let’s find out how to maximize your TikTok views

Tips to Maximize TikTok Views

Below is a list of tips and tricks that will guide you in maximizing your views on TikTok:

1.              Who is your audience?

The first step to gaining more views on your videos is to understand your audience base. Figure out what content will work with that particular base and create your content accordingly. You can check out other successful content creators in your field and understand the type of content they are creating. You can also connect with audiences who have interacted with these creators to build a support network for your brand.

2.              Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a useful tool that enables your content to appear in search of users. You can either go for trending hashtags and create content accordingly or you can create hashtags that are relevant to your audience and brand.The TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to identify what content is suited for which audience.

3.              Keep your videos short

Although TikTok allows videos up to 3 minutes long, it has been observed that videos that are less than 30 seconds long are more seen on the “For You” page. So, unless required try to keep your content concise. The reason being most people scroll through social media in their leisure time. Hence, they want more related and entertaining content in less time.

4.              Music and sound effects

Just like hashtags, there are trending sound effects and music on TikTok as well. Use these to create your content and you will see an increase in your views.

5.              Experiment with your content

How-to videos are really popular on social media. You can either share answers to popular FAQs or you can show them some surprising and fun parts of your business.

6.              Collaborate and create duets

Utilizing the Duet feature on TikTok can help you in gaining easy views on an already popular video. You can share a split-screen with another creator’s video and either share your take on it or sing along with the video.

You can also try collaborating with other creators and if they are popular that is a plus.

7.              Upload Frequency

TikTok has a relatively higher organic reach as compared to other social media platforms. Take advantage of this fact and post frequently on TikTok. Posting more content gives you a window to experiment with your content. Ideally, you should post approx. 4 videos daily on TikTok. Also, publish your videos when your audience is most active. There is no use in sharing multiple videos that gain low views due to incorrect sharing times.

8.              Use catchy captions

Captions are an easy way to let the algorithm know what’s going on in your video. This will allow the TikTok algorithm to push your video to the related audience’s “For You” page. Write eye-catching captions and make sure they are related to your content.

9.              Use the Promote feature on TikTok

Similar to the Facebook Boost feature, TikTok has introduced the “Promote” feature. Creators can promote their videos organically and gain more views by attracting more audiences. Also, the platform rewards users who use this feature to gain more views on their videos.

10.  Strive to get featured on the For You page

Never compromise with quality. Make sure the lighting and sound of your videos are of top-notch quality. The TikTok algorithm features high-quality relatable videos to a user’s “For You” page. Be consistent in the tone, type, and quality of your videos. And also, interact with your audience. The more you interact with your audience, the more there is a chance for your content to feature on their “For You” page.

11.  Promote on other social media channels

Normally, a creator is active on more than one social media platform. You can use your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account to promote your TikTok videos. This will enable your followers from other social media platforms to view your videos on TikTok.

12.  Know your competition

Always research your competitors. Evaluate their strong points and try to understand why their videos are clicking with the audience. And then plan your strategy accordingly on how to customize your content. This will allow you to create more quality content that will help in maximizing your views on the platform.

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