In the modern educational process, the essay is considered as a rather effective method of monitoring and verifying the knowledge of students of a higher order (analysis, synthesis, creative application of knowledge). This paper is characterized by a small volume with free composition, expressing individual impressions, considerations on a certain problem, issue and obviously not claiming to be complete and exhaustive in its interpretation of the subject. The essay assumes that the writer expresses his point of view, a subjective personal assessment of the subject of discussion. It is often a conversation out loud, an expression of emotion and imagery.

The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components, such as:

  • The source material that will be used (abstracts of literature, lectures, recording the results of discussions, own considerations, and experience gained on this issue);
  • The quality of processing of the available source material (its organization, argumentation, and conclusion);
  • Argumentation (how accurately does it correlate with the problems raised in the essay).

So, writing an essay requires a student to have a high level of knowledge and ability to correctly express his thoughts during writing. Often there are difficulties in carrying out such an assignment and a student tries to find someone who can write his paper at affordable prices or even free. But is it possible to find someone for writing essays for free? In this article, we will talk about this in detail.

Who Can Write an Essay for Free?

Those who can write essays for free can be divided into two groups:

  • A classmate or friend. This assignment can be completed by a classmate or friend who wants to help the student and is well versed in this topic. Students are very friendly, therefore, as a rule, they always help each other. However, a classmate also has many tasks that he needs to complete on time, so he is not always ready to perform one more assignment, moreover, for free;
  • Parents and relatives. It is possible to ask parents and relatives for help. They are ready to write an essay for free. However, there is one drawback. The requirements for the essay are different in different educational institutions. For example, if a student studies at an economic university, and his parents studied at the faculty of history (and even 20 years ago!), then they are unlikely to be able to successfully complete this assignment.

So, we considered who can write my essay for me. It should be noted here that an essay, completed by a friend or one of the parents, is unlikely to be written at a high level because while performing this assignment it is important to comply with a number of requirements, in particular, the volume, uniqueness, design of essay, etc. Only an essay specialist knows all these nuances and is able to write a paper quickly and efficiently. 

Where to Find an Inexpensive Essay Writer?

On the Internet today there are many online companies that assist students in writing various papers, including essays, term papers, practice reports, presentations, theses, dissertations, etc. in a wide range of disciplines, in particular, economics, management, mathematics, computer science, history, geography, chemistry, etc. These companies employ real experts who perform essays at the highest level. But they will not perform the essay for free. However, it should be indicated here that the prices for essays in many online companies are quite acceptable, and in some even cheap. Therefore, students have an excellent opportunity to receive a unique essay, completed on time, in compliance with all the requirements of the educational institution. And even if a student has to pay some money in this case, they will be paid for really high-quality work. In addition, the student may need to make certain changes in the essay after checking the paper by a teacher. He may not be worried about this since he has the opportunity to contact the company and get corrections for free. This is a huge advantage. 

Free Essay VS Inexpensive Essay

The student who needs to write an essay makes a decision to whom to turn for help. If he wants to find someone to write his essay for free, then he turns to classmates and friends, but in this case, he cannot be sure of the high quality of the completed paper. If he chooses the second option and turns to specialists, then he will have to pay some money, but in this case, the high quality and uniqueness of the essay are guaranteed. Everyone chooses what suits him best.

So, summing up all of the above, it should be concluded that there is the opportunity to find someone who can write the essay for free. But there are a number of drawbacks in this case, which were described in detail in this article.