Resume writing is a tedious process. Many job-seekers are having a hard time trying to figure out what to include on a resume and what to leave out, how to use keywords correctly and how to better describe their accomplishments. Given the complexity and importance of a resume documents, hiring a professional resume writer sounds like an ideal solution.

Hiring a company that provides professional resume service helps job-seekers save time and money.A professional writer from such online resume writing service knows how to emphasize your accomplishments and downplay any issues from your career history. But to receive an excellent resume that gets you hired faster, it’s important to choose the right company. Below you’ll find practical suggestions on how to tell reliable and professional resume services.

7 tips to choose a good resume service

Choose the agency that specializes on resumes only

The internet is full of clerical agencies and freelance writing companies that offer to write everything, from college papers and website content to resume and a cover letter. Our #1 tip is: choose the website that provides resume services only. Effective resume writing is based on understanding of employers’ demands and marketing your strengths to them. You can expect this level of skill only from specialized resume professionals.

Ask for a free consultation or resume review

Most trustworthy online companies offer some sort of an initial consultation.Some of them offer a free resume review so you could understand what exactly holds your resume back and how they would improve the situation. Don’t hesitate to ask about this service. It will help you understand if the writers are professionals and if the company really cares for your success on the job market.

Consider the pricing and packages

Prices for online resumes vary from $50 to $1,000 and beyond. Everything depends on the writer’s credentials, company’s location, services offered, etc. There’s a selection of good companies at every price range, and getting a high-quality resume at $100 is quite possible. Yet, before the purchase, check the packages the company offers and make sure the packages they offer contain all documents that you need.

Understand if the process will be convenient for you

In most online companies you’ll be asked to provide your old resume and to answer a set of questions. The communication with the writer typically goes through email or online chat. And, if you believe that the final resume could use some improvement, you message the writer and they revise the document as per your suggestions. This process saves you time and is convenient as you can log in and check on your order anytime.

Look for the signs of a reliable company

To understand if the company is trustworthy, look at their website. It should look modern and work correctly. Also, it should contain the samples of resumes produced for other clients. The website should clearly advertise their location and be available either on the phone or via live chat. Finally, ask the company about their writer qualifications.The best writers should have a certification (such as CPRW), a college degree or at least two years of experience with resume or as an HR manager.

Browse online reviews and testimonials

Any resume service that has been on the market for at least a year will have some online reviews or testimonials. You can find testimonials on their website, LinkedIn page, or review websites. If there are at least a few positive comments on the company, it might be the sign that the company is worth dealing with. Ask your friends or acquaintances if they can recommend you a good company.

Always ask about guarantees

Another important thing that differentiates professional companies from scam is guarantees. The best resume companies always guarantee to return your money if they failed to deliver your resume on time. Similarly, ask for a satisfaction guarantee. As a rule, good companies offer free rewrites or edits as it’s hardly possible to create a perfect resume at first attempt. If the company doesn’t offer such guarantees, this should warn you. On the flip side, stay away from companies that promise you a job, as no resume writer can secure you an employment.