The life of students is full of challenges and quite interesting. Single decision that they take in their present will decide their future employment and their path to success. Every student after 10th will be contemplating which subject to choose for your comprehensive future and profession. Some people love math but some might math the world’s most challenging subject.  Students might be keep on waiting for when they will clear 10th and redeem themselves from mathematics. Are you are looking for some commerce courses after 10th without maths? The following guide will help you to choose the best courses to lead a successful future.

What is commerce meant to be?

Commerce offers the students a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services. This education stream offers knowledge in business studies and marketing activities beyond commerce. It will teach you knowledge of trading in good and exchange of goods and services from producer to the final consumer. Economics, accountancy and business studies are some subject involved in commerce stream in Class 11 and 12.

Commerce course is excellent foundation programs to choose after 10th. After completion of course, you might go on and pursue rewarding PG programs like MBA, Law, PG Diploma course etc. With bit interest and quality guidance, you can develop as the most prestigious businessmen or women of the future. In single term, the field of commerce is totally for the business oriented mind.

Why to choose commerce course after 10th?

Pursuing commerce stream is stepping stone for a candidate to build a successful career. Students can build a strong foundation for their career by choosing commerce stream. There are several of commerce course that you can pursue after 10th to success in your career. For instance, if you care choosing the Bachelor of Commerce course, you have a wide variety of PG professional courses after completing the degree. After UG degree, you can also specialize in many other fields/areas.

This stream encompasses many wide-ranging subjects and areas which students can choose from. Generally, commerce is amongst the immensely vast streams of study with an array of interdisciplinary specializations. This course will help the individual to build a strong foundational understanding of the commercial and corporate world. If you are interested to continue your career in business and wish to follow effective strategies to become successful can choose commerce stream.

Subjects in commerce after 10th

Before you choose commerce after 10th class, it is important to get familiar with all the commerce stream subjects you will be studying. Like other streams of study, commerce also encompasses core and elective subjects. Based on your interest and skills, you can choose commerce with maths or commerce without maths. If you are preferring to choose commerce without maths, you can choose from elective subjects like Information Practices, Psychology, Language Studies and to name a few.  Here is a breakdown of some major subjects in commerce after 10th that you should know.


Under the subject of accountancy, you will be learning measuring, processing and communication of the crucial financial data of a firm. The process also involves analysing and calculating the results of the economic steps of a business organization.


Economics is the study of the economy at micro and macro levels. Economics is the most interesting subjects that you can learn. This subject will offer you a detailed study of how the economy in national and international markets works.

Business studies

Nowadays, technology has developed to a greater extend. With various methods of carrying the business have merged. In business studies, candidates will get familiarized about the same by studying Business Studies after 10th.

Some other subjects that included in commerce are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Computer science
  • Home science
  • Information practices
  • Physical education
  • Fine arts

Career option after 10th in commerce (without maths)

You can choose commerce without maths if you lack ability to pursue that subject. If you lack the interest to pursue commerce along with mathematics you can skip it. You no need to be doubtful of that comes your way in the future. Students no need to feel stressed that not choosing mathematics will narrow down your future career options after commerce. You have wide variety of courses that you can pursue and have equally good career options after 10th in commerce.

Bachelor of commerce (B Com)

Among all the career options, Bachelor of commerce is the 3 years long undergraduate program. Bachelor of commerce is offered by almost all commerce universities and a lot of them even offer an honours programs. The honour program is for both who haven’t studied mathematics post 10Th grade. With this course, you can specialize in Banking, retail management, foreign trade etc.  Some subjects that taught in this course:

  • International business
  • Taxation
  • Logistics and operations
  • Banking and insurance
  • Foreign trade
  • Banking and finance
  • Human resource
  • Law
  • Accounting and finance
  • Computer application / science

Students can pursue B.Com without maths. Some PG specializations are Masters or PG diploma, MBA and M.Com.

BBA – Bachelor of Business administration

This course offers an array of specialisations from various marketing to accounting. BBA courses are also a 3 years undergraduate degree and are internationally recognized. This course imparts learners with the quintessential managerial and business skills. It is a power-packed course that equips you with administrative, managerial and business knowledge.

Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) has become one of the most popular career options in commerce without Maths for students. The syllabus of BBA will makes you to work in various work profiles like Business Analyst, Consultant, Human Resource Manager, etc. The following are some subject covered under the program.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations
  • HR management
  • International Business
  • Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retails
  • Computer Application
  • Sports Management
  • Event management

After completion of under graduate BBA course, you can go for masters or PG diploma programs. One of the most popular choices among BBA graduates is MBA. Being a BBA graduates you also have access to PGDM and Law programs.

BMS – Bachelor of Management studies

It is one of the most sought-after career options for Commerce without Maths. Bachelor of Management studies (BMS) offers students with a platform to understand the domain of management in depth. BMS is the 3 years course which focuses on Management studies. The course also offers students with an in-depth understanding of managerial theories concepts.

BMS is a general management program which givers various opportunity to built a successful career. It also equips students with key communication and career skills to explore higher level professions in their field. If you prefer to build your career in management sector, this course will be very helpful to you.

Bachelor of Hotel management

It is another popular course for those aiming to explore one of the lucrative career options after 10th in commerce. Bachelor of hotel management offers students with the requisite knowledge and skills needed to build a rewarding career in hotel management. This course is an ever-evolving field with scores of shining career opportunities on offer.

In this course, every individual will gain all required skills and knowledge to lead a successful career. It will equip the students with industry specific skills from management principles and hotel economics to hygiene and food safety.

Retail management

It is another suitable route for those who want to establish a career in Commerce without maths.  This course will impart extensive knowledge on various facets. Retail management program will helps you to gain best knowledge in marketing, sales, production, storage and more. These programs will train the students to handle retail outlets. Here are some of the most opted courses in this field:

  • BBA in Retail management
  • BA in retail management
  • MBA in retail management

BA – Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is another important course that belongs to Commerce without maths category. BA offers you different specializations like in History, Social science, journalism, political science and a lot more. Bachelor of Arts is the duration of 3 to 4 years degree based on the university and country you plan to join. Take a look at some popular BA programs follows.

  • BA history
  • BA political science
  • BA geography
  • BA economics
  • BA sociology
  • BA English literature

Benefits of taking commerce after class 10th

When it comes to commerce stream, you have to choose six topics. Among those six topics, it is essential to choose one foreign language. It will leads to a profitable profession with a goo package.  This course will lead to well-respected occupations like chartered accountant, company secretary, corporate management, banking and a lot more.

Is commerce good for the future?

For commerce students, there are several short-term professional courses available. Commerce is a very promising career path that you can prefer after your 10th. Commerce will offer you a best career option in various fields. There are wide reasons to choose commerce after your 10th. Commerce stream with or without match offers a multitude of incredible career prospects to high-school graduates. When you prefer commerce without match, you won’t be able to do a course in which maths in compulsorily required like BCom (Hons.) or Economics (Hons.).

Summing it up

It is essential to choose best course after 10th since the course that you choose plays a vital role in your future. Your upcoming time will only be dependent on your choice. So ensure to choose the course that you really interested in.