In today’s time, the best way to market your products or services is through the internet as it is a very cost-effective. Furthermore, there are many types of digital marketing strategies to promote your business, and the most widely used and beneficial is SEO.

SEO provides equal opportunity to all types of businesses, companies, bloggers, etc., to market their products or services. Similarly, many companies and businesses want to make their online presence by including digital marketing as their main promotional activity. Hence, there is a high demand for skilled and professional digital marketers. So, there comes the digital marketing institute to bridge the gap between high demand and low supply of digital marketers. There are many top institutes that provide the best offline or online digital marketing course, they can make you specialized in SEO.

SEO is majorly divided into 3 types, namely White Hat, Grey Hat, and Black Hat. However, in this blog, we will cover the top 10 most essential White-Hat types of SEO to increase the website traffic as well as the rank on SERPs.

Table of content

  • What is SEO?
  • What are the Benefits of SEO?
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • YouTube SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Voice Search SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • App Store SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In brief, SEO is a set of processes that are done to organically increase the quality and reach of a website. SEO helps a website to rank on top of search results based on relevant search queries. And this also helps to increase the visibility and traffic of the site.

In current times, SEO is an essential part of any business’s effective marketing strategy. As the name suggests optimization, means a process of making something as effective as possible. In this situation, it is like making your website as perfect as possible to rank high in search engines.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Now, you have understood what is SEO. Hence, now you must have an idea why businesses prefer SEO over any other digital marketing strategy. Moreover, below are few benefits of SEO: –

  1. Improves organic ranking
  2. Increases visibility to your targeted audience
  3. Good quality and high quantity traffic
  4. Increases trustworthiness
  5. Improved user experience
  6. Website Growth
  7. Cost-effective

There are numerous benefits of SEO, yet the above 7 are the most significant ones.

Types of SEO

There are 3 types of SEO which are very important for any website. i.e. On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO.

On-Page SEO

It is the first and foremost amongst all types of SEO. It means improvements that are done on your page content of a website to make it search-friendly. The primary purpose of SEO is to give signals to search engines and tell them what the page is all about.

To improve On-page SEO, you need to work on website structure, content, keyword density, internal links, image attributes, schemas, meta tags, and other techniques to invite and help search engines analyze and assess the page and help in ranking based on its content relevance.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the second most important of all types of SEO for any website. It is a technique that involves work done on other websites to push your website ranking higher.

In short, Off-page is a Link-building technique with the help of Guest article posting, Image Submission, PDF Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press Release, Social Media, Forum Submission, Blog Commenting, RSS feeds, and many more.

Technical SEO

It is a backend SEO that requires some technical skills for a website that is used to improve the visibility for the search engines and its crawlers to read the website and help in indexing it. Technical SEO is also done to improve the user experience, and based on it, the ranking also improves.

Some examples of technical SEO are – Page speed, Server errors, Removing Robots.txt files, Creating XML sitemap, Canonical Tag for dealing with the same domain duplicate content, etc.

Local SEO              

Always make sure to update your Business Name, Address and Contact info on all the website pages.

Things to do in local SEO are – Adding local business schema to your website home page, Creating or claiming your Google My Business account, Registering your website with Online Directories, and many more.

International SEO

It means launching your website to more than one country in their regional language. International SEO is the type of SEO that helps improve the website’s organic search traffic and its visibility and authority worldwide.

Things to do for International SEO are – URL Structure, HrefLang Tags, Content as per the country, Website Structure as per the country for better user interface, and more.

YouTube SEO

It means it is a process of optimizing your video and channel to increase its ranking and visibility on YouTube. In today’s time, youtube has become a popular search engine. Hence, if your video or channel is appropriately optimized, it will rank on top of the user’s search query, which results in higher views, comments, and subscribers.

Here are a few techniques for YouTube SEO. Like: Meta tags (Title and Description), Add a caption to your videos, add other video cards to promote other related videos (Just like internal linking), Use of well-researched keywords, Category-specific/ specific Niche videos, Interactive thumbnail, Including keywords for voice search queries and many more.

Content SEO

It refers to optimizing web page content for a search engine to rank on top of search engine results. It also includes the structure of your website page. Quality Content is the leading SEO factor for any website or page to rank on search engines. Publishing great content is the most critical factor for users’ love and search engines to understand. Content SEO is the strategy for a winning combination.

There are many elements that you can adequately utilize to make your content SEO-friendly. Such as – Placement of focus keyword and its family, Site structure, content formatting, Quality Content and its relevance to the topic, copywriting, etc.

Voice Search SEO      

Voice SEO is one of the latest types of SEO. It means optimizing your pages to appear in voice searches. It means to include keywords and phrases for search with the help of a voice assistant. According to experts, it is said that if you haven’t incorporated voice SEO into your business, then you are losing a significant opportunity for sales. As per them, sales from voice search have reached $40 billion in 2020. The most used medium of voice search is Alexa, Siri, and Ok Google.

Techniques for voice search are – Optimize your conversational queries, Your Local Presence, Focus on giving answers directly, and On-page & Off-page SEO.

Ecommerce SEO

In today’s time, e-commerce is a massive industry. In terms of e-commerce, the SEO of a business website is way more complex and challenging than the general website, blog, or affiliate website.

Some e-commerce SEO techniques are – Proper optimization of the Home page and category pages, Proper keyword research based on your product, Image, and Video optimization, Necessary schemas like the product, offers, etc.), Link building, product-related blogging, and many more.

App Store SEO

It is also known as App Store Optimization. App SEO is done to increase the visibility and downloads of the app through an App Store. SEO is to increase the organic downloads of the app from the app store.

Moreover, the two largest mobile app downloading stores are App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). However, there are other alternatives for downloading the apps: Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, Huawei App Store, and Xiaomi App store.

Some App Store Optimization techniques are – Optimizing your Title and Description, Keyword Research, Proper use of Keyword, Proper Promo Video, Appropriate Screenshots, Review, and Ratings, etc.

Final Words

At present, everyone is exposed to the internet. Thus digital marketing has become the most powerful tool for businesses to market their website, product, service, page, or app. Hence, a company with an SEO-optimized website with the best user experience can enjoy high visibility and maximum traffic through Search Engines.

You don’t need to do all SEO for your website, but a few are necessary for your website. The best way to learn SEO is by joining a digital marketing institute that specializes in SEO.

However, if you’re starting a website for learning, then on-page SEO will work for you. But if you want to increase its search ranking for high rank, maximum visibility, and maximum traffic, you need to do various types of SEO. You may not need to use all ten types of SEO, but you must use the important SEOs like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Content SEO, and Technical for your website.

No matter which type of website you’re trying to rank on a search engine, you need to use all necessary types of SEO to get it ranked.

Author Bio
Shourya Agarwal – A Digital Marketer learner and passionate marketer, who has a zeal to read and write SEO optimized content. He is a certified Digital marketing executive with over 2 years of experience in SEO, Content Marketing, SMO, and PPC.