Career decisions are most important and are most difficult to take. After perusing 12th from non-medical, there are a considerable number of career opportunities but choosing the right is essential. There are so many factors that decide one’s career after 12th which includes subject interest, knowledge of subjects, and budget.

Non-medical is a stream that opens a broad career path for the students. All the ways excluding medical line are open for students which mean career opportunities in all educational fields are available. Even if you feel like opting for a course from other streams like commerce or arts, you can quickly go for it.

More the opportunities, higher are the confusion and therefore, you must be evident before opting out for any of the courses. From the unlimited career options, below are some of the best opportunities non-medical students can grab and make a successful career. However, make sure that you do some more research for individual courses on your own before making the final decision.

1. Engineering (B. Tech)

The most sorted career after 12th non-medical is engineering. It is a four year degree program to secure job in MNCs, government sector, and many other fields. The aspirants need to appear for the joint entrance exam (JEE) conducted by CBSE. All government and private colleges shortlist students according to their JEE rank. Moreover, students can also go for MBA or M. Tech after studying B. Tech.

2. Architecture (B. Arc)

This is a course similar to B. Tech, and the admission process and eligibility is also the same. This is also a four year long academic degree program. The students learn architectural facts deeply. The course includes designing, drawing, and planning everything in the best way. The job opportunities after this course are vast in government organizations and architectural firms.

3. Bachelor of Science

It is a three-year long academic degree program after 12th non-medical. The students can go for simple or honors degree in any of the non medical subjects. Some courses are four years long including in agriculture and farming and nursing. Other options are computer science, forestry, hotel management, nautical science, environmental science, and biotechnology.

4. Bachelor of Maths or Statistics

Bachelor in maths or statistics is some of the best bachelor courses in non medical stream. The path leads to career opportunities in the banking and finance sectors. The roles include developing projects, managing surveys, doing research, and handling numerical analysis in the field of stock and share market. The students must be well versed in mathematics because only talented ones get a job.

5. Career in Management

Management is one of the most loved careers. There are three significant opportunities including the bachelor of business administration (BBA), integrated BBA and MBA, bachelor of management studies (BMS). The two bachelor degree courses are three years long, and integrated curriculum is five years long. You can also go for CAT, MAT, and CMAT after BBA to get admission in a good college for MBA.

6. Law- The Legal Degree

Law education is the only legitimate course in India. Students go for this course to become lawyers. This is a four year course and can be combined with any other bachelor degree. Master and doctor of philosophy can also be done after LLB degree. The courses offer a fascinating career. You can also become judge with experience and further education.

7. Computer Application Science

If you are the one who possesses quick thinking skills, sound reasoning skills, and have a keen interest in solving problems, then this course is perfect for you to secure a job in IT. Job roles like software developer, software consultant, web developer, programmer, technical writer, and many more. BCA course is a three year long program which can be followed by two years MCA. You can also go for five year integrated courses with professional IT courses such as php, java, web development  and Data Science Courses.

8. Career in Hotel Management

Hotels, cruises, restaurants, aviation, resorts, and casinos offer consistent career opportunities to a large number of students every year. Hotel management course is usually of 3-4 years plus some short-term courses are also available in this field. While the job is good paying, the other advantage is the exciting workplace.

9. National Defense Academy (NDA)

National defense academy trains the three cadets army, navy, and air force. Entrance exam, interview, and medical processes are followed for selection of candidates. The final decision is made on the basis of merit. UPSC organizes the entrance if NDA twice a year for non medical students. The age limit to become eligible is 19 years.

10. The Career in Nautical Science

The study of navigation and seamanship can offer you an exciting career opportunity. The course offered is approved by Indian government. It is a three year long course and is further divided into 6 semesters. The course makes you a deck officer and there are other roles too.