Building thoughts and dreams is something that every individual cherishes. But when an aspirant aspires to build buildings it’s high time that the aspirant seeks help of a coaching institution to make up their mind to be extra creative. It’s always good to have an extra support that’s rendered by these institutions in Coimbatore to crack NATA exam-


Iarch is an exclusive centre that trains students for NATA exam. The institution was established in the year 2014 and has been producing the most amazing results from then on. Iarch was recognised as the best coaching centre for NATA in the year 2018. Iarch is also planning to enter architectural colleges to establish its quality coaching in colleges too. The institution has eminent teachers who have good sketching skills.Institution provides the students with extensive material and exercise proper methods with which students learn easily. The study material is revised each year according to the changing syllabus of the exam. Hostel facilities also available for students who stay away from home. The institution has a good environment which is accompanied by supportive staff members.


Aptoinn institution has been running successfully for the past 15 years and has been producing unbeatable success. It is the institution that was found by an architect and is run by a group of architects. The institution claims that it makes the career possible just by making the students enrolling into the institution. The institution conducts mock tests frequently along with the study course. It also has other branches in Bengaluru , Hyderabad , trivandrum , etc. The institution also conducts free intro classes to give an idea about what architecture is to students and parents. To make learning fun and fascinating the institution organises weekly outdoor sketching classes. They keep their students motivated throughout the course program so that the students don’t lose their spirit towards their goal.

3. GOS institution

The institution takes responsible for the students dreams and aims. GOS Institution offers explicit experience and vital opportunities to students who are  there with the name of becoming Aspiring Architects. The faculties at the GOS institution understand the needs of the students and ensure that each student gets personalized attention. The students can also avail scholarship and career guidance is also provided. The institution has very good infrastructure and atmosphere that is offered at a very affordable fees. The institution conducts stress buster activities now and then so that student have a peace of mind. The institution offers concept based learning and the study material is updated that matches the changing patterns of the NATA exam.

4. Canvas window

Canvas window is institution where a group of  artists and Architects who guide students towards their dream. Years of experience has made them create a strong curriculum which appeals to the students ability. They have foundation course, crash course and a brush up course which is up to the student to choose according to their convenience. The institution also offers we can programs with sketching and other art techniques are introduced to the students. They also offer online courses for students so that they can prepare for the exams at their comfort zones.

5. The creative design academy 

 The Creative design academy was established in the year 2015. The institution promotes out of the box thinking which is very much necessary to crack exams like NATA. They are also offering online classes at reasonable fees. They enhance the learning experience through frequent interactive sessions and workshops on Design and aptitude. They also employ practical methods of learning to make the progress of the learners effective. The faculty at TCDA are also ready to take home tutions for ths aspirants.