Coding bootcamps have become quite famous in the last few years as developers are in huge demand. The technological advancements have made online presence necessary for all businesses which is why organizations need developers. 

In such a scenario, a computer science or an engineering degree may not be the only requirement for jobs as a developer. People now have realized that instead of wasting four or more years on a degree, taking an intensive program for just a few weeks or months can land them a handsome job.

This is why coding bootcamps have become quite popular among the youth as well as people who want to learn to code.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are accelerated yet intensive learning programs which educate beginner-level students about digital skills such as Web Development, UX/UI Design and Data Science.

These bootcamps teach students the technical skills that they require if they are looking for a career in information technology or any similar field. The good part about coding bootcamps is that they require a commitment of a shorter time period as compared to other traditional degree programs. Also, they are less expensive than traditional degrees.

Students who are looking for a stable career in the field of computers and information technology are very much inclined to opt for coding bootcamps. However, it is a challenge to choose the right coding bootcamp for you with the numerous options available.

To make it easy for you, we have mentioned all you need to know and how you can choose the right coding bootcamp. Keep reading and you will have all your answers!

Before we move forward to the steps of picking the right coding bootcamp, there are two very essential decisions to make. These are:

Which Coding Language You Want to Learn?

The initial thing that you must figure out is to choose a programming language that you would like to master. This will help you in making your career as soon as you graduate. Coding bootcamps are available in many languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc.

Some bootcamps might only teach Java, C# or Ruby whereas some may focus on two languages like JavaScript and Python. The most famous programming languages which could help you get your desired job are JavaScript and Python.

So, if you do not have a particular goal except for building a career in web development, you must learn both of these languages. However, if you do have a career goal, you must explore if there is a particular programming language that you must learn to achieve it.

For example, if you are looking forward to building a career in iOS mobile app development then you must aim to learn Swift and Objective C, whereas if you are looking forward to pursuing a career in data science then R and Python should be your options.

Which format do you want to select for your bootcamp?

When you choose a coding bootcamp, it is not only the content that you have to look into. There are so many types of bootcamp formats among which you need to choose the one which suits your lifestyle and adjusts to your daily responsibilities well.

Online, self-paced, hybrid delivery and in-person are among these different types of formats. Two things will help you select the most suitable format for you. These are:

Consider the type of Format

There are three basic bootcamp formats which are hybrid, online and in-person. As everything is becoming more digitized, most of the people prefer online programs as it becomes easy for them to take the bootcamps regardless of which city or tech hub they belong to. 

While an online format may be a suitable option for many, some still prefer in-person classes. If that is you then you should pick the one which suits you best. If you want a combination of both then the hybrid programs may be an option for you too. It has in-person classes along with digital elements.

Your choice of format may be influenced by your lifestyle. For example, if you have a family to care for or are a full time worker then you would be more comfortable in taking a remote and flexible course.

Consider the Pace

There are different types of bootcamps based on the pace of the students. These include full-time, part-time and self-paced bootcamps. For full-time programs, students would have to work from Monday to Friday, whereas for part-time programs students would have to attend classes on the weekends or in the evenings.

Part-time programs would take longer than full-time programs because of the weekend classes. On the other hand, students these days prefer self-paced classes as times have changed and students are usually fitting into class schedules in their hectic routines.

However, the drawback of self-paced bootcamps is that students are not able to have much interactions with their instructors and classmates.

5 Steps to Pick the Right Coding Bootcamp

Once you have picked your desired technical field, programming language and the type of bootcamp format you want to get enrolled in, you can look for the right coding bootcamp. Finding the right bootcamp requires you to go through some considerations which are as follows:

1.Your Career Goals

The initial step towards choosing the right coding bootcamp is to see the bigger picture. You must see if the bootcamp covers all the languages, skills and tools with the career goals you have.

2.Tuition Expenditure

Once you have gone through the curricula, you must consider the bootcamp’s tuition fee. You must have set a budget for your coding bootcamp so in this step, you must analyze if the tuition fee for the particular program fits in your budget and how you will pay for it.

Some students pay it in installments whereas some can pay at once. Different bootcamps offer different financial aids to students like scholarships and have loan options as well. You can select the bootcamp which suits your budget the best.

3.Your Coding Background

There are different kinds of bootcamps, some offer admissions to beginners whereas some like to have students who have a background in coding. You must look into the admission criteria before making the choice. 

Also, ensure your coding skills and background before applying for a bootcamp which requires students to have some foundation in coding. There are a lot of preparation courses for bootcamps which you can enroll in order to prepare for a certain bootcamp that you are interested in.

4.Employment opportunities

This is a very crucial factor as it may help you land up in a good company with a handsome salary. Often boot camps offer career services at the end of the program. If you get enrolled in such a program it could help you get career coaching and you could land up in a good company.

5.Student Reviews

Last but not the least, you must review the graduated student’s ratings and their opinions about the particular bootcamp that you are wanting to get enrolled in. Sometimes, a bootcamp may look very promising but in actuality, it’s not. So make sure to do your own research and see how the previous students are doing in their careers after attending the bootcamp.


If you are looking forward to a successful career in web development with or without a degree, then attending coding bootcamp is almost a necessity these days. The programs are not very long but selecting the right coding bootcamp can be a hassle. To make it easy for you, we have jotted down some important factors to help you pick a suitable coding bootcamp.