Creatives do more than just sketch or write stories. For many brands, they rely on this pool of talent to communicate concepts into digestible information. The world of mass media is also run by creatives who are capable of coming up with new ideas for entertaining and informing multitudes.

This is the reason why many individuals with artistic talents are drawn to the world of freelancing. It’s not a glamorous life, but when done well, a career as a freelance creative promises a fruitful life where passions can turn into a stable source of livelihood. It’s only a matter of knowing how to get started in what has been a saturated sector. To succeed as a freelancer, these tips are the foundations of your journey as a creative professional.

Pick a field in you excel in individuals

The creative industry is made up of a diverse range of subsectors, each having its own set of challenges. Before you decide on becoming a freelancer, it pays to know which niche you belong to. You only have to look at the skills you possess to answer this.

If you’re good at journalism, you can opt to develop a career as a freelance content writer or multimedia reporter. You can further narrow down your choice of niche based on the genres or types of creative work you do. Under journalism, you can focus on food blogging if you have a strong culinary background.

Lay down your vision for your future

After picking a good niche to enter, you will need to know how you want to flesh out your success. On that note, setting clear goals allows you to identify what to do that will bring you closer to success.

You will need to define what success looks like to you. If excelling as a writer involves publishing your book or running your own online creative writing academy, then take time to know what actions are essential to achieving your vision.

Get professional training or mentorship

Some say artistic talents are the result of a person’s upbringing, while others say they come naturally. Either way, becoming a serious freelance creative requires formal training, especially if you’re opting for a full-time career.

Fortunately, there are many online courses you can take to hone your abilities. If online learning isn’t your style, you can get your creative education through a local or foreign institution.  The American International College in Kuwait, for instance, offers a degree program in graphic design. It costs money and time, but formal education can help you build your reputation and develop networks even before you start your freelancing career.

Showcase your best work through the best platforms

While in its infancy, your freelancing career should be propped up by a vast collection of previous work. In this case, your portfolio speaks volumes about your talents. Don’t worry if you don’t have serious clients yet.

Build your portfolio using personal projects and preparing samples of your creative style. To add authority to your artistic background, consider starting a website using WordPress where you can upload samples to an online gallery. Check out Creative Fabrica to obtain incredible wordpress themes! If that isn’t possible, use Instagram and Facebook to showcase your best work.


Being a freelance creative won’t be easy, but by following the right approaches, you can transform your talent into a stable source of livelihood and exponential success.