The value of journalism has increased every day, and many youngsters have been attracted to journalism. The available course for journalism is more in the form of under graduation, Diploma, PG diploma, and post-graduation and each course, you will learn many things, and your skill will be improved a lot. The creative and lucrative career options are there for you in journalism, and all the opportunities will trigger your interest in journalism. 

 Many people wish to become a journalist when they are in school. However, still, many people failed to understand the real value of journalism and refused to allow their children to pursue journalism courses after 12th. But many people who are holding their journalist dream will be ready to pursue journalism courses after graduation. The availability of journalism courses after graduation is more and each course deals with a particular field in journalism. The aspirants must analyze their skills, learn the interesting area, learn about the entire availability of courses and choose the best one for them. In this post, you will see top 5 journalism courses after graduation. 

Top 5 journalism courses after graduation

1. MA journalism 

The production and distribution of various reports regarding current news and events with evidence are journalism. It is an effective and enthusiastic professional to collect many facts, news, and proof. The aspirants cannot become MA journalism graduates until they pass the entrance exam. It will train you to be a professional in journalism, and this course will add value to your profession and you. The media has become an indivisible part of everyone’s life, so the scope for media professionals is getting hype. The basic skill for being a professional graduate in journalism is research and patience.

Benefits of MA journalism: 

  • The course duration is just two years, and there will be no age limit for this course.
  • There will be placement opportunities in many top recruiters.
  • The availability of employment roles also many like reporter, editor, news director etc.
  • A bachelor degree in journalism with just 50% is enough to apply for this course.
  • News is the world’s view for many people, and only the Journalism graduate can bring more interesting news facts with proof.
  • The private and public sectors are fighting to appoint talented graduates in journalism since there is a need and demand is high for them.
  • As a MA journalism graduate, the aspirant can earn a minimum of 3 lakhs per annum as a salary. 
  • The students can improve their logical reasoning skills, time management skills, quantitative skills, etc.

2. MA in communication 

Communication is crucial in many fields where only with proper communication will the performance be good for any people. When there is poor communication, the theme and message won’t get delivered perfectly. In such cases, the need for communication is essential for journalism. In this course, the aspirant will learn the advanced technologies of communication and help to increase the communication of business. There are several components in communication, and this course will train you to become effective and familiar with all components. The eligibility for applying for this course is an aggregate or relevant bachelor’s degree with 50% marks, and the duration of the course is two years only. The entrance exam is there for this course.

Benefits of MA in communication: 

  • You will attain creative and ethical practice in media-oriented in this course.
  • You will become efficient in creating and sharing the information creatively and attractively.
  • There will be a higher salary package for MA communication graduates.
  • This course will entirely change your way of thinking and crucial analysis.
  • You will gain knowledge in Web designing and politics also.
  • The job scope for this MA in communication is high, so there is a guarantee for the job opportunity. 
  • Communication Manager, Technical leader, Media consultant are some of the available job opportunities.
  • A piece of important news can be delivered by you to millions of people effectively due to this course’s training. 

3. MSc in Film Production and Television  

Another journalism course for those who have completed their graduation is Msc in film production and television. The course helps raise a serious and Practical Approach to creation Workflow, Digital Filmmaking, and the artistic Practices involved in Film Production. It Focuses on, scripting, Directing and the Creative Application of the Technology. It also smoothes the progress of Film Projects that centre on the value of Practice-Based Research, Expertise and Experimentation. When the aspirants dream about film-making and wish to become a filmmaker, the need for this course is more. 50% aggregated Mark in bachelor degree is essential eligibility to pursue this course by anyone. Entrance is there to filter the aspirants on a merit basis for admission.

Benefits of MSc in Film Production and Television:  

  • The film industry is one of the top trending industries, and the candidate will have more value when they complete this course.
  • The duration of this course is only two years, so the candidate can easily finish this course.
  • This course will help you increase your research skills, creative and innovative approach to work etc.
  • Your resume will get weighted because of this course.
  • There are many job opportunities like scrip writer, cinematographer, producer, a technician for sound and lighting etc.
  • The aspirant will attain a good reputation for their work along with salary.
  • After becoming freelancers, they can direct their films and documentaries when they complete this course.
  • After graduation, the graduate will specialize in media management, visual effects, research etc

4. PG Diploma in Radio and TV journalism: 

There is a compartment for Radio and TV Journalism, where aspirants gather, create, evaluate, and finally present the news or other information to the relevant audience. The importance is on new reporting and broadcast mediums such as television and radio. The course is more practical, and it prepares candidates to work in the television and radio industries, with a strong emphasis on new details such as reading, anchoring, reporting, and journalism. Journalism is enjoyable while more responsible work and the course will teach you the entire responsibility of being a journalist in the Radio and Television industry. 

Benefits of PG diploma in Radio and TV journalism: 

  • The entire course period is just 1-2 years, which is easy to complete quickly.
  • The students will acquire theoretical knowledge about radio and television and practical usage of media types of equipment.
  • This course will bring out the specific journalism skill inside the students.
  • The aspirant can build their portfolio as a professional one.
  • Both full time and part-time learning are available for this course.
  • The graduate can grab many job opportunities in many top companies. 
  • The salary will also be satisfactory for the aspirant, and they will enjoy the work.
  • This course will train you as a professional in radio where helps to become the best radio jockey. 

5.PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism  

Many top colleges and institutions offer this PG diploma in mass communication and journalism course and provide high-level teaching for many subjects and concepts of journalism mass communication. The duration of the course is one-two years which help to train the students in many places like advertising, audio-visual production, etc. When they complete this PG diploma in mass communication and journalism, they will learn more about public relations. The Bachelor degree with 50% must be required to pursue this course by any candidate. Many top companies seek candidates who completed this course for various profiles since they have special knowledge and skill in mass communication. The entrance exam will be there for this course, and students need to prepare well. 

Benefits of PG diploma in mass communication and journalism: 

  • Many job positions like social media executive, Anchor, Journalist etc., are there when a person completes this course. 
  • They will be expertise in editing, principles of mass communication, reporting etc.
  • The graduate can earn a maximum of 8 lakh per annum when they complete the course with a good grade.
  • There will be good exposure and options for the students when the interest is growing in the field and popularity. 
  • There is a high scope for these graduates in future, and they can also work as freelancers. 
  • There are no age stipulations for learning this course, and the graduates can easily understand the impact of society.
  • This course will help you enrich your analytical skills, manage critical situations, and, most importantly, deliver a clear speech that many people can understand. 

Bottom line

  In journalism, a single point can reach millions of people and become a trend considered the power of journalism. In each action, people are experiencing something about journalism or something because of journalism. The scope for journalism will never fall since the world is getting digitalized. So if you are decided to choose a journalism course for becoming a journalist or editor or filmmaker etc., then that is an appreciable decision. You will reach high when you learn a course in journalism after your graduation. Finally, the courses explained above are the top 5 journalism courses after graduation. It may be a normal master course or P.G. diploma, choose the right for you.