A degree in human services focuses on what is known as “helping professions.” It’s a vast field, encompassing courses that often help people in the local community, such as those suffering from mental disabilities, families with low income, homeless people, or substance abusers, among others. Counselling and research may also be involved in the study of this course.

If you’re interested in exercising your humanitarian spirit, a degree in human services might just be the perfect choice. Here are some career paths that you can take, which may convince you to pursue this profession:

1. Rehabilitation Case Worker

A rehabilitation case worker is a professional that works to help people with disabilities obtain employment. Although the rights of the disabled are now highly respected both by the law and society, there are still instances when a disabled person suffers from discrimination in employment due to their disability. Even if their impairment doesn’t directly affect the job they are applying for, a person can get rejected from the position.

This is why a rehabilitation case worker needs to provide the following for individuals who have suffered from employment discrimination:

  • Independent living services
  • Work skill assessment
  • Job placement services

Rehabilitation case workers help increase the skilled labor force by giving disabled people the opportunity to land a job. Often, disabilities may be results of workplace accidents, a life-long birth condition, or an injury. But when this doesn’t hamper a person’s ability to accomplish a particular job, then employers have no reason to reject them.

2. Social Worker or Counselor

Social workers are vital for the smooth functioning of any community, and most who belong to this profession work for the government. They often work with people who are facing challenges relating to divorce, unemployment, and even child abandonment or endangerment cases. Social workers are needed in vitally all forms of human services. These include schools (both private and public), hospitals, courtrooms, adoption centers, and even in prison and mental health facilities.

3. Marriage And Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapists work in a more specific field compared to other therapists. When trying to help couples and families that are going through problems, marriage and family therapists focus on the context of their relationships. Emotional problems in the family can often be a result of traumatic emotional experiences. For instance, this can mean the death of a family member, a quarrel with a family member, divorce, or even a mental health issue of anyone in the family. These problems become even more complicated when children are involved. With a marriage and family therapist, the severe effects of unresolved family issues may be avoided.

4. Community Outreach Worker

This job works best for those who have an inkling towards working for non-profit organizations, and those who wish to work with communities. If you’re the type who loves to help out in charitable events, then this is a job that you’ll be happy doing. As a community outreach worker, you’ll be busy bringing the whole community together for charitable causes. Apart from helping out those in need, you’re also helping build a more profound sense of awareness in your community. Through the activities that you set up, more people will be aware of the social problems that your community might be facing.

5. Student Affairs Administrator

A student affairs administrator works in the academe. You report to work in schools from the daycare level up to the university. A big part of your job is centered on the educational programs of the institution that you work for. This includes the hiring of staff and faculty, making decisions that affect the academic operations, and even setting budgets for the school. In essence, a student affairs administrator is the manager of routine activities in the academe.

6. Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse is very much prevalent in society today. These patients, unfortunately, are going through circumstances in their lives that have led them to turn to this route instead.

This is where the job of a substance abuse counselor comes in. These professionals help patients suffering from substance abuse get back on track with their lives. They provide the necessary mental and emotional support, eventually leading them towards being free of their addiction and avoiding any relapse in the process.


The workforce in the human services sectors all over the world is seeing an increase. Entering the industry might not be as easy as you think as it’s one of the most academically inclined. After all, it’s in this industry that the different aspects and needs of the community are met and addressed. There’s a mix of economic, social, psychological, and even financial concerns. If you already possess any of the degrees related to human services, you can dive right into this list of career possibilities.