In India, citizens can mainly opt for two types of government jobs. They are state government jobs and union government jobs. There are several official bodies of the government where the applicants can get a job. Moreover, there are schools, colleges and banks where civilians can get a government job.

Mostly, the youngsters from middle-class Indian families possess a dream to join any of the government job sectors. The most prestigious job one can dream of is the IAS officer cracking the UPSC IAS Exam. Nevertheless, many applicants fail to succeed even after several attempts as they cannot follow the right technique for getting the job. Any applicant has to remember two things to get the government job successfully. First, know about the job he is applying for and take the right preparation measures.

Here, government jobs of different sectors are mentioned in details. You can also go through a few outstanding strategies that can be helpful for you to get a government job easily.

Union Government Jobs after Degree Completion

A broad spectrum of union government jobs is available for Indian students. The minimum educational criteria one has to fulfill while applying for the following jobs is graduation. The stream might differ according to the job role requirements. For some jobs in Group C and Group D, the minimum eligibility criteria are set at higher secondary.

UPSC Civil Service Examinations – Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Economic Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Audits and Accounts Service, Indian Economic Service,Indian Engineering Service, Indian Railway Service (Accounting, Traffic, Personnel, Police Force), Indian Postal Service, Indian Trade Service, Indian Postal and Telecommunication Service. UPSC conducts all the aforementioned examinations along with some other examinations depending upon the vacancies.

Similarly, there are some higher-ranking state-level jobs. Different state governments in India have the different Public Service Commission boards that conduct various entrance exams of the state level. They include jobs in distinguished departments like auditing, administrative boards, water and fire department. 

TET Examination – Teachers’ Eligibility Test is a competitive examination where the applicants desiring to be teachers appear. This test is conducted on the national level as well as state level.

IBPS Examination – The Indian Banking Personnel Selection Examination is conducted by the union government of India. The successful applicants get a chance to work for different posts in several nationalized and foreign banks of the country.

Strategies for Successfully Getting a Government Job

Once you clear your graduation, you become eligible to appear for the competitive examinations that can place you in different government services mentioned above. But, you must maintain a balanced track in terms of the preparation. The strategies discussed below will enhance your chances of cracking a government job examination:

Study the Concepts of Your Graduation Syllabus

It is essential to study all the concepts and theories that you cover in your graduation syllabus. This can help you while you sit for the written examination and the personal interview. There are high chances that your interviewer asks you questions that relate to the subject you have studied in your graduation.

Give importance to General Knowledge and Current Affairs

General knowledge and current affairs are two main things you must study while preparing for a government job. If you have a strong base in GK and CA, you can automatically take the lead in the examination. Try to have a clear conception of the marks distribution of GK and CA for your examination. Variable marks distribution are there in case of different examination.

As an applicant, you might face questions related to History, Geography, Sports and Polity. Some questions of international affairs might also come in the examination.

Excel in Mathematics

Mathematics is an important subject that every applicant must cover when it comes to appearing for a government job examination. You must always check for the type of sums that might come in the exam. On having a decent concept of arithmetic and algebra, you can expect to score well in Mathematics as a result elevating your marks.

Cover Educational Magazines

In India, there are a handful of educational magazines that can help the government job aspirants fruitfully. In some magazines, you might find a number of sample question papers relating to a particular competitive examination. Try solving the sample question papers thoroughly as they can help you to gain both your knowledge and interest.

Take Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance can often become crucial as you prepare for the government job. You can find a handful of reputed organizations that provide the necessary guidance related to succeeding in the competitive examination. Furthermore, staying in a regular classroom course ensures that you never lose track while preparing for a strict competitive exam.

Learn Time Management

Time Management plays an essential role in the case of appearing for a competitive examination. Poor time management is a leading reason why many deserving candidates fail to succeed in government job examination.

It will be better for you to start solving model question papers right after completing your degree. This can ultimately improve your speed and enhance your confidence level with due time. Finally, when you sit for the examination, you can complete the paper fast and spend a decent time in revising the paper.

Watch Sample Interviews

The personal interview plays a vital role while an aspirant seeks for a government job. If you are an aspirant of the UPSC IAS exam or any other exam where a PI round is there, the right tactics can always help you do well in it. While facing the interview, you must always be analytical on your answers. Seeing the demos of PIs on the internet can help you gain a decent idea of how it takes place.

So, the above strategies can ensure that you can get a government job cracking the examination in the least attempts. As a candidate, you must try to keep records of all the personal and educational documents. These documents are verified minutely while the selection is done. Make sure there are no errors or mistakes in any of your documents or the application form.