Over the last decade, people all over the world have experienced the increasing popularity of online courses. This phenomenon is associated with several key factors at the same time: people searching for new skills and knowledge, pandemic, the influence of the internet, and learning flexibility. COVID-19 made schools and universities go online and contributed to the development of online learning. Professors, influencers, and experts still needed to teach to make money, and students still needed to learn to get jobs. To speed up the process of creating online training, people use online learning platforms. They help design a professional course fast and promote it to students. 

The choice is vast, and you can select a perfect platform from dozens of services. However, today we’ll review one that will suit businesses of different sizes. You can be an influencer who wants to create a social media course, a school teacher who wants to explain math, or a company that wants to conduct training for employees. The platform is excellent in terms of price, functionality, and usability.

SendPulse Multichannel Platform

SendPulse is a multifunctional platform that will come in handy for owners of enterprises, startups, family companies, and marketing agencies. The service provides email marketing, chatbot, SMS, web push, and CRM services. SendPulse also has online course creator that helps influencers, teachers, business schools, and HR managers give their students the necessary knowledge and skills.

Overall Experience with SendPulse’s Course Builder

SendPulse’s online course builder is an easy-to-use, flexible platform that enables users to develop an educational project from start to finish in one place. Since the service allows you to use CRM for free, create landing pages, send email campaigns, set up chatbots, and design registration forms within the platform, you can organize, execute, and track your online course. So, with SendPulse you can create your online course and promote it right away with multiple tools. 

The service is user-friendly and has an intuitive interface. You don’t need any technical skills or special knowledge to design courses or training programs. Visual builder helps organize all available materials like presentations, infographics, podcasts, and videos into a single course with informative lessons and professional tests. With the platform, you can check and assess the knowledge of your students. This way, you’ll make sure that the lessons you create are clear and easy to understand. Certificates will confirm that people have completed your online course. You can create them in SendPulse’s visual builder based on your requirements.


The platform covers essential features for everyone who wants to build a quality online course. You can add a test after each lesson or at the end of the training to see the progress. Visual builder allows you to divide lessons into sections so that students perceive information within logical parts. 

Lesson builder allows you to organize your materials into informative lessons. You can use videos, audio, text, and audio to explain the topics. The service lets you assign instructors to create lessons, build tests, and keep an eye on students’ performance. After the competition of the course, students will receive certificates designed according to your requirements and color palette preferences.

SendPulse empowers you to add a custom domain name to your course and customize your course site. This way, you’ll make your course more recognizable and easy to remember.

You don’t need to worry about promotion because this service has special marketing tools. If you prefer email marketing, you can send email campaigns to your subscribers. If you like to use social media for communication with students, consider creating a chatbot. Since the platform supports different channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram, you can set up chatbots for them to ensure proper communication.

With SendPulse, you’ll provide seamless payment options for users. You can integrate several payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and LiqPay to receive payments for your online course from students. 


The service offers a free and paid plan. You can use the platform for free to educate 200 students, create 3 courses, and assign one instructor. If you need to create more than 3 courses, you can consider a paid plan which costs $42 per month. It has advanced features. The plan covers 1,000 students and 10 instructors, which is enough to create an outstanding course and track students’ success.

All in all, the price is affordable. If you compare the service with similar platforms, you’ll see that SendPulse provides the same features for a cheaper price. 


SendPulse has many advantages. You can set the date and time when a student can take your course, the cost, order of lessons, criteria for successful completion of the course, and certificate by yourself. So, you don’t need a new hire. Still, if you have questions, you can always contact support via live chat to receive quick answers. 

The service enables you to create a course from scratch. If you want to start your course later, there’s a scheduling option. With its help, you can open access to the course on a specific date.

How To Create a Course

Let’s imagine that you want to create a course about people’s health and wellness. Now you’ll see how to design such a program in SendPulse’s course builder step-by-step. Let’s say your training aims to teach students how to do basic yoga, meditate, and create a healthy diet. We’ll use all exciting and useful visual materials to design an amazing engaging course that will have great success among your target audience. You’ll see the detailed steps of using SendPulse.

The process of designing your course is simple with the platform’s drag-and-drop lesson builder. You can combine different formats of content to make lessons. If you have materials ready and an understanding of the course’s structure, you can register and go on creating the course from scratch.

Organize course to your liking: modify text style, add images, videos, audio, documents, etc. Drag and drop the necessary elements from the left panel to the editor field. It’s that easy to design a course!

After finishing a lesson or section, you can test your students. The service allows you to add multiple answers and choose the right one to check students’ knowledge. You can add as many answers as you need.

Once students complete the course, you should be ready with a certificate. That’s easy with the SendPulse platform. Choose a text style, background color, and image, and add instructors and date (if necessary). Choose the student’s name and course to finish.

To sum it up, SendPulse is recommended if you are looking for an easy-to-use course builder and have a small budget. Its solutions will help you promote and successfully sell your online course.


Oleksandr Botvynko, a digital marketer and SEO specialist working to help companies create quality content that can be both engaging and useful to the reader. Apart from cycling, he sometimes finds time for his blog about marketing