Writing is a sort of art. All artists, especially writers, need to possess certain qualifications that match their skills. It is like a painter putting the colors into the paper, or canvas. Each member of an art industry has something that is known for. Their styles are unique and often differ from the others. Although it is truly hard to stand out as an artist because of huge competition, there are still those who stand out. Speaking of writing concrete, developing a tone and style that are one of a kind is much harder than many people think. But it is not an impossible mission too. Anyways, we will be focusing on how you should find your writing style and develop the tone and voice that suits you.

Build Originality

Being original should be the first task you will have to dedicate to. It is like an actor that tries to bring to the audience in a theatre something no one hasn’t before. Whether it is a standup comedian who always has a new joke up to his sleeve to surprise the viewers of the show or a writer who will write the bestseller, uniqueness is what makes them special. Building originality is not a naive thing to do. It must come from the writers’ heart and soul. Being original is equal to being one of a kind, someone who is completely above all the others. It is like one drop of water in an enormous ocean. Each drop speaks for itself. That is the path you should follow. Be creative and don’t let your thoughts swim away like the wave at the sea.

Include Personal Experiences

It is fair to say that every person on the planet has some unique story to tell. And that is your entry ticket to develop your writing style. Each style has the story behind it and why it has developed the way it is. That’s why you should try to bring in experiences from your life into your writing. Surely you have experienced something worth mentioning and remembering, right? So, let those memories fill your emotions and use them to build your own voice. The only thing you must do is let those experiences mold your writing. It is simple as that.

Leave Your Zone Of Comfort

Similarly to every job, we can reach the limit or a spot that we are considering as our peak. That is often an obstacle that many fail to overcome. Usually, people set their goal and when the time comes to reach it, they simply feel fulfilled and don’t want to improve more. If you buy a golden necklace, it doesn’t mean that one made of platinum does not exist. What you have to do is leave a comfort zone and start searching for what is hidden beyond your limitations. Frequently, people who manage to achieve that spot get positively surprised by their results. It’s all about breaking the comfort zone and looking for higher distances. Remember that the horizon is not necessarily the end. It is only the furthest your sight can reach. The same is with writing. Don’t let problems and fears overwhelm and stop you from finding the best version of yours.

The Way Of Expressing

Expressions can come through a lot of different things. Some people express their feelings and thoughts through laughing, shouting, or singing. It is just a way of letting others know how you feel at a certain moment. But when it is about writing, it is a little bit different. It doesn’t vitally mean that if you feel depressed, for example, your text will have the same connotation. Everything is located in your head. If you don’t know how to express yourself, read what our suggestions are. If you like to write long, voluminous sentences embellished with fancy words, perhaps you can try to write shorter ones instead. It is truly a beneficial way of expressing that will make your style be like a dynamite explosion.

Write As Much As You Can & Build Experience

Extra essay review shows a new perspective of how to gain enough experience in writing. The answer is: Write as much as your time allows you. There is no specific advice that can help you to gain sufficient experience. The only thing that matters is having a will to work tirelessly and put as much effort as you can in order to build your writing style and tone. The first couple of samples will probably not be that good. But it is a normal thing, we are assuring you. With every new sample you write, you will start noticing your improvement in all the areas. Just don’t stop writing!

Write Once But Check It Twice

There is a globally well-known thesis that says: “Measure it three times but cut it once”. This thesis can be well applied to the writing texts. The point is that you should let your thoughts flow by putting all the words that come to your mind onto the paper. It is like the painter who draws his picture. He is drawing it only once but editing it multiple times until it reaches perfection. The same should be with the writing. After you write something, edit it multiple times until it becomes error-free.


Creating a writing style cannot happen over one night. You must be aware that it requires time and plenty of sleepless nights to get it right. It is a process full of ups and downs, like any other art. The art is often unpredictable and can upset you in a blink of an eye. Remember that you are the only one who can shape your unique way of writing. Our suggestions should only make the right path for you to follow.

About The Author

Laura C. Fields followed the instructions of the ones who were better than her. Today she possesses a quality writing style of her own that makes her proud. Be like her!