As a business owner, one of your foremost concerns ought to be the good health and safety of your employees and customers, especially if the latter deal with you on site. As such, it’s ideal to make training programs that address health and safety readily available for you and your employees. Here’s why such trainings should be conducted in any business:

1. You have to be ready because hazards and risks are everywhere.

A common mindset of employees is that their workplaces are inherently safe, with minimal to no risk for accidents or any mishaps. When talking of workplace safety, the image that comes to people’s minds is probably the scene of a welder at a precarious location or maybe an electrician working high-voltage transmission lines. People who work at relatively safe workplaces such as warehouses or restaurants don’t usually work with safety in mind.

The reality is that there’s the risk of accident at any job, even desk jobs. Involving your employees in health and safety training will give them the mindset and attitude to keep an eye out for risks, as well as how to manage and mitigate them.

2. You’ll improve employee involvement in health and safety programs.

A work environment with a focus on health and safety ensures that each team member plays an active role in the company’s occupational health and safety programs. An organization that has members who are aware of safety are known to have fewer accidents. Involving the employees in decision-making and troubleshooting of safety improvement items empowers the employees and are instrumental to the improved performance of the organization.

A safe working environment makes the company more efficient in terms of minimizing accidents, which can help the team members focus more on the critical activities of the business. Having everyone trained in health and safety programs with professionals like Mark Pauley also distributes the responsibility of identifying potential risks and hazards in the workplace, which will lead to faster improvement of workplace safety. Each team member will also be able to ensure that health and safety protocols are followed at all times.

3. You’ll boost your company’s attendance records.

Another proven benefit of health and safety programs is the noticeable improvement in attendance records of your employees. With a safer work environment, employees are less likely to take time off from work due to sickness or injury. Fewer accidents mean less potential for injuries, while adhering to health protocols will also lessen the chance for people to contract a sickness due to their work environment. These benefits will save the company money in the long run because of more efficient operations. This takes a big load off management in terms of operation supervision.

4. You’ll make your staff more productive.

It’s been known for decades that treating your employees well will make them stay and work more productively. Health and safety programs may look like hefty investments at the onset, but assuming that these programs don’t have tangible returns is false. Focusing on workplace safety will make your employees feel valued, and this, in turn, will have an effect on their mood and productivity. This will also cascade to your customers, which may translate into better sales performance in the long run. Such a ripple effect will touch all aspects of your business, from production efficiency to customer satisfaction.

5. You’ll minimize the risk of compensation claims or lawsuits.

Aside from the obvious horror of injuries and medical emergencies, workplace accidents result in big costs and legal nightmares. Even with a relatively low-risk workplace, safety should be taken seriously as accidents can be expensive in terms of fines, legal fees, compensation payouts, and loss of revenue. It only takes one serious injury or sickness claim to give a business owner the difficulty of having to deal with compensation claims and litigation. Neglecting safety protocols may also mean incurring penalties from the government, with the added destruction of increased insurance premiums in the event of serious incidents.

You’ll be complying with legal and international standards.

Establishing health and safety programs would mean that you’re satisfying statutory and legal requirements, as well as international standards. Aside from the obvious legal compliance matters, adhering to international standards have been known to improve quality and efficiency, and will result in better business performance.


When you have a business that is health and safety compliant through availing of the best training programs, your company will be more favored compared to your competitors. You’re sending potential customers the message that you value the health and safety of your employees. With the increased awareness regarding health and safety programs in recent years, customers are now known to also ask about safety programs when evaluating potential suppliers. So, be one step ahead and equip yourself and your employees with the necessary health and safety know-how.