If you are a newbie entrepreneur, you might be getting loads of advice and information related to business. The internet is replete with important news on business and industry developments, investment opportunities, and the relevant flow of information and business trends. You will also find numerous online gurus who seem to know the best business hacks for growth and success.

However, you still might want to look on the internet to find out how to find a business mentor since true wisdom and essential knowledge can only be shared by a business mentor who knows the inside and outsides of the business world. Thus, the business mentor can provide you with useful information which will directly and positively impact your business and generate growth in terms of revenue and profits.

In contrast to the professional expertise of a business mentor, if you were to fully rely on business journals, educated guesses, and online publications – sure, you would get some insight into what is happening in contemporary times. However, none of the knowledge would have any practical implications in real life.

When you are done with online business publications, you can leave things right there and tight then while allowing your business mentor to take over and guide you through the thick and thin of entrepreneurship.

Here are essential benefits of maintaining a close relationship with a professional business mentor:

You Have Someone to Lean on

Once you launch your business in the market and start selling your products and services, you will be on your own. In other words, as an entrepreneur, you will have people looking up to you for mentorship and direction, such as your employees.

That said, you won’t have another boss to turn to if you will ever need advice and recommendations. Everyone needs someone to lean on (you might have heard this song). Still, we mean it literally – even entrepreneurs, no matter how skilled and successful they are, need a mentor, a second opinion, an unbiased analysis, and even a source of emotional support when things go wrong.

You Can Learn From Someone Who Knows Things You Don’t Know.

The business mentor is someone who has been there and done that – they are there to teach you valuable things that they learned from their past mistakes. Your business mentor might not have experience in your niche; however, you can still benefit tremendously from their valuable life lessons and experiences as they won’t allow you to make the same mistakes that they once did when they were new to the game.

You Can Expand Your Business Network

What is the number one thing that is essential for successful, long-term business relationships? Yes, that is right – you need to have a strong social network. If you are new to the market as a newbie entrepreneur, the chances are high that you might not know many people. However, since your business mentor is an experienced person, they are likely to have an extensive social network that you can benefit from.