Analyzing the modern labor market, we can safely highlight the most relevant professions. But after all, if you look at it, then these professions do not lose their relevance for a long time! We present to your attention the rating of such top rated specialties.

According to experts, up to 136 new specialties may appear on the labor market in the next 12 years.

Along with the development of the IT direction, considerable attention will be paid to alternative energy, energy saving, eco-design, service sector, and robotics.

By the way, according to the Nobel laureate in economics Christopher Pissarides, in the near future, there will be only a few areas where robots cannot replace humans: healthcare, education, hospitality, real estate, household, and personal services. Having correctly understood the vector of development of society, one can now choose a really promising profession at college.

The Best Professions That Do not Lose Their Relevance


With the development of human society, human diseases inevitably develop. Not only viruses mutate, but new ones also appear. Therefore, this profession was and will always be on the list of the most demanded.

The most demanded professionals in the world are without a doubt a doctor. People get sick, are born, die. Even completely healthy people periodically require a qualifying examination by a doctor. We can’t even imagine how closely medicine keeps pace with the times and how quickly it develops. New narrow specialties appear, respectively, and new narrow-profile doctors. Doctors are needed in all spheres of activity, therefore they boldly keep the top of the most demanded professions in the world.

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IT Specialist

Programmers, webmasters, information security specialists occupy a leading position among the most demanded workers. Along with health protection, the IT world is now stable and increasingly requires specialists. Behind the new developments in this industry, there is actually a well-coordinated structure of specialists who, by small grains, fold the working mechanism. This area does not think to stop, but, on the contrary, is gaining more and more momentum in development, which entails numerous jobs.


Today, ecologists are important enough for humanity. The issue of cleanliness of the environment is acute and the planet simply needs qualified help. Ecology, as a separate industry, seriously affects the optimization of waste processing, air purification, and the creation of many new projects related to environmental cleaning.

It is interesting that in some countries of the world, ecologists and all the professionals involved in them are the most demanded specialties. They usually have high wages and are well-supported by the government.


Throughout the world, the nanny profession has become not only popular but necessary. With the help of nannies, young mothers have become free and family hardships do not interfere with career growth. But given the employment of the population, especially in big cities, nannies for children are needed, and they are available. If we take into account all the factors, specialists in this field are in great demand all over the world.


In all spheres of activity that directly interact with the “outside world”, people are needed who are fluent in this or that language. But the beauty of the profession of a translator lies not only in translating directly from one language into another.

The work of a translator is multifaceted and a specialist can find himself in other related areas. For example, today knowledge of English is not an advantage, but an integral part of any good professional worker. In such circumstances, a translator is very useful for teaching the language for both young children and adults.

Translators who know oriental languages ​​boldly occupy a separate niche. That is, the business communication of many international companies, especially those aimed at the eastern part of the world, largely depends on this profession.

International business communication is developing at an incredible pace, and this process will continue. The eastern direction is separately noted, and experts in oriental languages ​​will be of particular value.

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Manufacturing requires new technologies, as well as optimization of existing ones, to reduce costs and increase savings. Among the demanded specialties, Internet security engineers stand out.


Leading sellers of fuel are looking for an alternative to energy sources, realizing that natural resources are limited and the solution to this issue will bring disproportionate profits in the near future.


Market relations inevitably force us to look for new approaches to the sale of goods and services. And as a rule, it is no longer possible to get by with beautiful packaging or a successful slogan. The era of marketers is coming.

Service Professionals

The scope is endless. Already, with their help, we can not only choose clothes for ourselves, develop a diet, or plan a vacation but also fly into space. “Any whim for your money” – accurately reflects the development prospects and the relevance of this direction.


Trade, migration, everything is somehow connected with the movement of people and goods, and therefore the representatives of this profession are still in value.

The list of such necessary professions can be continued for a long time. This is due to the fact that many areas of activity are somehow dependent on each other. Therefore, it cannot be stated that the above are the most demanded professions in the world. All professions are necessary and important, many cannot exist without the intervention of other spheres of activity, they are often intertwined with each other. According to world development, the popularity of certain specialties is not constant and can change.

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