More and more graduates are opting to study MBA programmes. With the number of different skills an MBA can provide you with, it’s easy to see why. However, for many people, the idea of giving up a year of their lives to pursue an MBA would be extremely daunting, which is why many institutions are now offering part-time options. This article will explore why you should study an MBA and the benefits of doing so, part-time.

There are numerous benefits to studying an MBA, particularly if you’re looking to access top level positions in your organisation. Below are some of the key reasons people choose to take an MBA:

  • Improves employability: Job markets are increasingly competitive in the modern world with more and more people gaining higher education qualifications. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to offer more which is where an MBA can assist you. Not only will you gain business knowledge, but you’ll also develop your acumen and soft skills, ensuring you secure the roles you really want.
  • Builds leadership skills: For ambitious individuals who are hoping to become leaders within their companies, an MBA is an excellent way to develop the necessary skills to reach your goal. An MBA commands respect firstly, but it is also evidence of your ability to lead a team.
  • Brings out the entrepreneur in you: You may have always thought about running a business and had ideas running around your head. However, you may not have known where to start. An MBA will empower you to start a business and run it successfully.
  • Development of analytical tools: Learn the tricks of the trade: project management, data interpretation, time management, data analysis and persuasion. These are just some of the skills an MBA graduate will gain on their programme, all of which can be applied in their careers or at their own businesses.

Despite the benefits of studying for an MBA, many people will be put off by factors such as cost and time. However, taking a part-time course could be a constructive way to overcome these issues and still gain the qualification you want. Below are some reasons why you should consider studying part-time MBA.

  • Work/life balance: Although studying for an MBA is a huge commitment, you’ll have more freedom to balance your work and social life if you choose a part-time course. Students will probably only study for one or two days/evenings a week which leaves an ample amount of time for you to do all the other things you need
  • Affordability: Studying for an MBA can be costly. However, you can spread the cost by studying part-time. This is particularly useful if you haven’t saved the full fee of the course and need a steady way to pay.
  • Still have an income: For those studying full-time, the only way to commit to the course is to give up working. This may not be possible for those who have dependents to support or even those whose employers won’t grant a sabbatical for their employees. By studying part-time, you’ll still have an income because you can maintain your job.