Dubai has now become one of the most booming markets for digital and social media marketing. Numerous courses are now available in Dubai as a result of the need for a digital Marketing expertise.

Today, all relevant digital marketing and social media marketing models are covered by training programmes in Dubai. It includes search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, content marketing and email marketing.

The need for social media marketing training has increased dramatically in the region as a result of the influx of new businesses and start-ups in Dubai. Numerous reputable institutions that provide thorough courses in digital marketing have popped up in Dubai during the past few years.

These institutes are working closely together to provide students with world-class social media marketing courses. To make your choice simple, here are the top 8 institutes offering social media marketing courses in Dubai:

1.SEO international

SEO International, a Google Partner company, provides one of the top digital marketing and social media marketing courses and consultation services in Dubai. This classroom and online-based or in-house digital marketing training programme can be customised further to meet your learning requirements.

Explore digital marketing principles, strategies, tips, tools, and execution in detail. The course gives students a thorough understanding of Website Planning, Online Marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Business Profile.

The course includes content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, as well as combining digital marketing with conventional marketing. Learn the fundamentals of creating an efficient social media marketing strategy and how to put it into practice using examples from real-world situations.

Students will gain knowledge of the many Social Media sites (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others) and use these resources to expertly plan and carry out successful marketing strategies.

The three-day Digital Marketing and Social Media for Business course are 18 hours long (6 hours per day). It covers the essential topics of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Optimisation SEO, Google Ads, and others.

SEO International is adaptable and will personalise the course to your needs and create training modules around your specific problems. They offer the knowledge to you in a manner that works for you, whether that is online or in person.

2.The London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies (LIIMS)

The London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies is another prestigious Institute that offers a thorough social media marketing Curriculum. Their course helps you to become a skilled social media marketer.

Online training is also available for the London Institute of Internet Marketing’s social media marketing course. You can take offline courses in Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and SEO at the Institute.

Weekend and weekday batches are available. For every batch you pick, you can work on live sessions. For the live sessions to be as valuable as possible, you also have pre-reading material.

You also receive weekly projects to help you become more confident in using the various modules in real-world situations. The course teaches you how to develop a successful social media marketing plan that draws in new clients and yields outstanding results.

With their top-quality training, they help organisations and individuals to fully utilise their potential at all levels.

3.Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is a leader in online education worldwide and aims to give aspirants modern skills. Since 2009, the institute has effectively increased its delivery of services to 61,000+ Professionals from 55+ countries.

Digital and social media marketing is constantly evolving. So learning social media marketing takes a high level of mentorship because of the constant hanges, fresh experiments, and fierce competition.

With Digital Vidya, you can learn social media marketing using a reliable system. Very few institutions in Dubai have a curriculum as well-researched as theirs. Their research and development team has put a lot of effort into developing a detailed social media Marketing syllabus.

Each module is scheduled in a single week with multiple classes to give effective training. Their case studies and assignments help you enhance your tactical and strategic thinking abilities.

4.SAE Creative Media Institute

Their course covers the most popular methods for promoting companies in the area, including email marketing, social media, SEO, and Google Ads. To help promote awareness, leads, and conversions, tactical and sophisticated tactics are deployed with the use of analytical sources.

For your business to succeed and develop, you must be able to meet your customer’s demands at the appropriate time and location. This course will cover the most recent marketing strategies and techniques to help firms grow their marketing efforts and provide actionable results.

With this course, students will have a better understanding of the many types of multimedia content available. They will also get an idea to develop a solid social media strategy in order to raise brand awareness and build a loyal consumer base.

They place a strong emphasis on student needs, real-world experience, and industry credibility in their courses. Students will have access to the best resources and cutting-edge knowledge about social media marketing.

5.Elegant Training

The demand for knowledgeable digital experts is increasing, and the Elegant training institute’s social media marketing Course is at the forefront of significant growth. This digital marketing course covers social media marketing at all levels, from beginner to expert. The course also explains why it’s important in the modern media landscape.

You can learn everything in digital media, including social media, PPC, SEO, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics. You will get an idea of using them to build an effective digital marketing strategy.

You will learn everything you need to know about social media marketing in this social media course. It includes strategy, reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing, and web analytics.

The beneficiaries of this advanced social media marketing training course include marketing managers, executives in digital marketing and content writers. Even marketing and sales professionals, management graduates, engineering graduates, and business owners can also benefit from the course.

6.Inc.Academy Dubai

Inc Acaemy has developed several well-liked courses on digital marketing and related topics, and it is one of the top training facilities in Dubai.

With its headquarters in New York, USA, and a Middle East regional office in Dubai, Inc Academy is a top training centre for social media marketing. The Dubai government has given departmental approval for developing training courses.

Their major courses include digital planning and strategy, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Orientation Workshops. They also provide training for Content Marketing, Display Advertising and Strategy.

7.Edoxi Training Institute

With Edoxi Training Institute, you will learn how marketing tools work and the most efficient ways to use them through their Social Media Marketing Course. The course evaluates your capacity to develop, maintain, analyse, and influence audiences as needed by a business.

Edoxi’s Social Media Marketing Course gives excellent training from qualified instructors to help you get a fulfilling job in the corporate world. You will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to seek careers and hands-on training in actual work settings. You will be able to start your professional career with a reliable organisation if you use their services.

Edoxi Training Institute recognises the need for a capable social media marketer and develops strategies that are in line with the goals of the firm. Therefore, the course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of social media marketing first. Then they move on to more advanced concepts like the fully integrated digital strategy.


IIDE is one of Dubai’s top institutes for digital marketing. IIDE offers an online social media marketing course that uses a cutting-edge teaching style among the many specialised courses that are offered.

You can watch high-quality self-paced video lectures and then participate in live online sessions. You will also be given assignments and mock exams to gauge your understanding. You have the option of choosing a batch for this online training. Another benefit is the freedom to choose the days and hours that work best for you.

One of the most crucial elements of the process of digital marketing is social media marketing. IIDE is committed to educating you on how to use social media platforms effectively for social marketing.

The curriculum is designed to give you in-depth instruction in brand positioning, brand building, and boosting brand value using a consistent digital strategy. The Institute offers placement aid and even post-placement support for students.