Mumbai Film Academy is among the Top 3 Best Ranking Film Schools in the world comprehensively equipped and staffed to conduct professional training in Film Making, Film Direction, Cinematography & Lighting, Classical & Playback Singing, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Film & Video Editing, Acting & Presentation, Films and Television, Radio Production, Theatre Performance & Indian Music. Our Academy is open to all aspirants who have the requisite qualifications and eligibility to apply for professional training. We conduct Regular Full Time/Part Time and Short term courses.

Our mission is to  to train aspirants having an imaginative bent of mind in all creative and technological aspects of Film, Television, Radio, Music Production, Audio Engineer, Theatre Performance and Indian Music. We help creative individuals make innovative Films and TV Programs which not only entertain the masses but also have a meaningful social impact on the lives of common people, thereby improving the quality of media and entertainment.

Our Vision is to unite the national & international community of resourceful individuals having dreams in their eyes & passion in their hearts looking for the right tools & techniques to turn their vision into reality. To make Mumbai Film Academy as the excellent training centre for Films, Music & Performing Arts. Our Vision is to make Film Maker, Film Director, Actor, Cinematographer, Script Writer, Film & Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Music Director, Sound Recordist, Classical & Playback Singer. 

Course Fees:

Film Acting Course

Weekend : 3 Months, Sat – Sun (2pm to 5pm)

Course Fees: Rs. 15000/- only

Regular : 3 Months, Daily (Mon to Fri)

Course Fees: Rs. 40,000/- only.

Film Direction course:

Film Direction Short Course

Course Fees: Rs. 18,000/-

Film Direction full course

Course Fees: Rs. 40,000/-

Film Editing Course:

Course Fees Rs. 25,000/-

Voiceover Training Course

Course Fees : Rs. 20,000/-

Weekend Acting Workshop

Course Fees Rs. 15000/- for 3 months

Education level

Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Education Subject

Entertainment, Event, Media

Payment Option

Cash, Online Payment

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    Rating: 4 / 5


  • Ramesh


    I don’t get hindi English

  • Ramesh


    I want filmmaking course please fee and hostel fee details

  • Aditya Raj


    I am interested for Film academy
    Course to acting Full course 9 months

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