Mental health issue is not a new term; various people across the globe are struggling silently with their mental health issues and are slowly sinking deep in it. They need a savior to pull them out from negativity, darkness and helplessness. The demons in the people’s head are engulfing bright lives every single day; therefore, the need for therapists is increasing drastically. It is 2020 and people are still hesitant to talk about their problem since it carries social taboos, therefore, online therapy has steadily gained pace. Online therapy gives people privacy as the regular counseling sessions can become daunting.

Cost Of The Therapy 

Traditional face-to-face counseling and therapy for mental health treatment can be quite costly and a big challenge for some people to afford the same. There are therefore some online apps that are providing the counseling sessions at cheap and affordable rates. The sessions are designed as per the comfort of the people with minimal charges. Click on this link for mental health therapy cost

Here are a few online mental health courses that one can take for the betterment of people in need.

Online Mental Health Therapy Courses 

If your mission is to heal the world and make the life more promising for those who have lost hope then take any one of the courses mentioned hereunder and be the savior.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Course– the course is ideal for a newcomer in the world of psychology. This talking therapy aims to treat people with mental distress by developing in them the alternative ways of thinking and behaving. A practitioner via CBT can treat people in distress by building their emotional IQ, enhancing communication skills also elevating the personal growth. People become empathetic rather than sympathetic.
  • Hypnotherapy practitioner course – in the world of psychology hypnotherapy is also known as guided hypnosis. The therapy aims at utilizing one’s mind in the state of trans and help in alleviating a variety of issues, such as phobias, mental distress, destructive, unhealthy, or dangerous habits. It shall be a life-changing skill for a practitioner and help him or her gain paradigm-shifting insights that will enable the future clients to define and achieve their goals in life.
  • Trauma specialist training course– the course is designed to improve the quality of treatment for those who have experienced severe trauma and adversity in their life. The main objective of the course is to increase understanding of individuals through the trauma history lens. Motivate the people in need to decrease their feeling of distress. The course can drastically improve the outcomes for children, families, and individuals.
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)– the aim of this therapy is to resolve behavioral and emotional problems of people in distress and help them in leading a happier and fulfilled life. The therapy can be effective for various disorders and issues including depression, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, all the types of addictions, anger management, stress management, and many more. Apart from healing the world with the said therapy, one can also take the course to heal self. For enhancing self-awareness and for removing personal emotional obstacles and achieving full potential of self.
  • Reiki and acupressure course– the course is best suited to heal the people with anxiety and depression. The practitioners shall be taught to use meditation, Reiki and acupressure as the main tools to heal people with mental distress. The course shall further proceed towards awakening of chakras. It shall help to explore and clear energy centers in the body of the needy. These are the century old techniques, which are useful till date to heal people.
  • Neuroplasticity course– the course helps in brain building and developing new neurons and enhances the wiring in brain and brainpower. The course shall help to break any bad habit of people in distress and change their lifestyle. It will also teach ways of storing and retrieving memories and also the ways of getting rid of bad memories. The course shall help in overcoming procrastination and enhancing the memory.
  • Past life regression therapist training course– through this course a practitioner can take his client through a complete past life regression session. He or she can incorporate a number of techniques to heal people who have regrets relating to their past life.


The mental health courses and therapy helps in healing people who have certain mental disorders. The problem might not be acute or severe. One must not hesitate in talking about it with his or her family or therapist and get a complete cure for the same. Online courses are the best for people who like privacy and treatment at his or her comfort.