In recent surveys that have been conducted where the opinion of thousands of students has been taken and registered regarding the factors that are most influential in deciding the country where they want to go for higher studies, most of the students gave different answers but the most repeated ones were relevant. Most students feel that the selection of the country where they want to spend the rest of their student life is based on the resources that the country can provide them with, to achieve their career goals. While there were also many, who felt that the culture and the living standards in the country also play a major role. Some have even stated that they would like to shortlist only those countries where higher education is free. Others said that countries, where the Universities are teaching a world-class curriculum and have high-quality teachers, are the ideal choice. Many students even gave priority to the fact that whether or not the country has an easy and less tiresome process of visa approval or not. From the above points and analysis of these opinions, any subject matter expert can tell you that the part of the world which can alone guarantee you all these requirements is EUROPE.


Austria is a small country in the European continent and is ranked at an impressive 17 in the global rankings of Educational Institutions. Experts believe that it is abundant in opportunities and that the Universities in Austria are doing a great job in the dispensation of high-quality education. Austria has been ranked at an impressive number 6 in terms of teaching in Europe while it is ranked at number 8 in terms of affordability of education. Austria is a very attractive place to live in. It has very low crime rates, the people here are quite friendly and the whole atmosphere is friendly to the student community.


The United Kingdom is the world leader in most of the avenues. One such field is that of education. The United Kingdom is ranked 16 in the list of top educational hubs in the world. It is an impressively developed part of the world wherein all sorts of people from all across the world are living. The Universities in the United Kingdom are a hot favorite among the students due to the highly experienced teaching faculties there and the exciting career opportunities. The overall environment is amazing, to say the least. The only issue that students, in particular, are facing in the United Kingdom is that the fees that have to be paid for the higher studies are immensely high.


While most people do not know, the Danish Universities have made their mark in world education lately. There has been a large influx of students into Europe among which, a significantly high number of students have purposefully migrated to Denmark, owing to the sea of opportunities that the country presents before the students. The cost of studies, the quality of education, the friendly environment for the students, everything has contributed to the emergence of Denmark as a great center of education in Europe. The education system in Denmark is said to be rigorous towards academics and the Universities have a great track record in placing the students in good positions with the best firms in the respective industries.


Sweden has grown enormously as a center of excellence in education. It has grown to become the first choice for medical students all across the world. It is ranked number 1 when the cost of the study is assessed in comparison with the other European countries.


Germany has a great reputation all across the world for being a fine postgraduate study center. The level of Master’s education in Germany is very high and is acknowledged all across the world. In terms of the infrastructure and the competence of the faculties in various national universities of Germany,  the country is way ahead of even the most developed countries across the globe. The entire postgraduate program in Germany can be completed by the students in a very affordable fees. This is because the Government of Germany has made education extremely cheap for all the German speaking students.