The study of how computer networks are protected from theft or injury to their hardware, software, or digital information and loss of the services provided is known as cyber security. If you are an individual working in cyber security, you are trained how to control cyber-attacks and need to know how to prevent an attack in the first place and hit back against a cyber threat. When you are using social media and the number of cybercrimes, there will be more demand for cybercrime courses after the 12th standard, growing day by day. There is a need to fight cybercrime, which necessitates the use of professionals. Cyber security courses after 12th educate the students how to be familiar with computer security susceptibility, know cyber exploitation, and avoid damage such as data loss and financial loss caused by viruses. So, here are some of the cybercrime courses which are mentioned below.

 BCA (Hons) Cyber Security:

The Bachelor of Computer Applications in Cyber Security is one of the particular cyber security courses after 12th, mainly providing the students with all the skills essential to become capable cyber security professionals. These courses make it clear that they relate to computers and information technology. This course covers the latest cyber security technology and ensures that computer systems are well-protected against illegal access and fraud. This term is more popular worldwide, and it means the protection of important information and valuable data from hackers. Students who are fulfilling the eligibility can apply for admission. If you are well-versed and qualified, graduates of the cyber security course are largely hired by private or government organizations. The professional courses can equip the students with essential techniques to become competent cyber security experts. 

BTech CSE Cyber Security:

The cyber security courses after 12th science are reasonable in terms of theoretical and sensible aspects, technical, creative methodologies, academic research and industry practices. The courses can be only offered to the students who completed the 12th with a minimum percentage, and it is a four-year undergraduate program. Students will learn about the required theoretical basis, idea clarity, and insights into the technical dimensions of cyber security. The program will be delivered using project-based learning, which leads to internships and career opportunities for beginners. Cyber security courses provide you with a certificate, and they can combine the power of technology with the spirit of entrepreneurship to the right track at the correct age. These courses also help you understand analytical methodologies and industrial practices in the sector through such cybercrime courses after the 12th. You will have a great future when you know about particular cyber security courses.

BSc Cyber Security:

The cyber security courses after 12th science get ready for students to professions in cyber security by providing you with the essential knowledge. Suppose any organization or company doesn’t have any secure information system where data could get into the wrong person hands with lead to possibly dangerous results. So, the cyber security course is mainly intended for future professionals who can join the fundamental concept and principle of new technologies and solutions. In these courses, you can gain practical knowledge of the key issue associated with the design, analysis and implementation of current IT security systems. These cybercrime courses after 12th cover topics such as cyber security supervision, incident management, and security threat assessment, requiring students to be knowledge makers and process inventors rather than just users of information. And the courses can be offered in a particular location with all facilities.

Diploma in Cyber Security:

When you decide to choose these courses, students can learn more about the process for protecting desktops, data centres, mobile platforms, and data from targeted hackers. These diploma courses can be conducted for both the full-time and online programs based on the student’s eligibility. Courses can help you lead to employment opportunities in the cyber security function in various sectors. The diploma in cyber security course is fully a hand program with practical knowledge, including hundreds of offensive and defensive tools. One will systematically understand and prepare to safeguard computer operating systems and data records from cyber intimidation. By practising the practical skills, you can bring yourself up with speed to uncover the security threats in the organization. There will be a great demand for cyber security professionals, and ICSS will offer you job opportunities that can assist through its network for the leading company.

Certificate in Cyber Security (CCS):

The Certificate in Cyber Security courses after 12th arts, discipline, or commerce will mainly help students understand the steps that help you protect the organization from cyber-attacks. Their vast courses can help you develop cyber security skills and offer you top industry-recognized certification. It also provided specific courses targeting specific skills. The training covers everything from the requirement of passwords to more technological improvement strategies like encryption and two-factor authentication. After that, the training will go on to other aspects of cyber security, including dangers related to social media online and mobile devices. These cyber security courses after 12th arts science are designed to represent a broad clutch of the pressure that businesses face in today’s technology world. It is an ongoing challenge for the future business and for new threats emergency which can need a practical approach towards identifying possible risks and vulnerabilities.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):

The CEH certification is one of the most wide-ranging certifications. This is one of the most promising cyber security courses online or In-Person available at Hacker School. The advent of the internet will make the accessibility of information abundant and easily reachable. Moreover, it will uncover the most important details about their lives. In such a situation, you need to help an ethical hacker counter your problems. This particular cyber security certification speaks of professionals, and it will help in assuring your employer that your ethics are connected to the security field. So, a CEH certificate will not require any precondition, and you will know the networking fundamentals with additional advantages to understand the concepts easily. This course will teach the students about hacking from a completely practical standpoint, following the principle of Learning by Doing.

Cyber Security Professional (CSP):

When considering the importance of Cyber Security in the digital period, Hacker School has introduced a Cyber Security Professional course. Many people wish to deep jump into the self-motivated and talented course that helps you land into Cyber Security Domain. The field is of growing importance, which helps you increase reliance on a computer system, the internet, and wireless networks such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With the help of cyber security certifications online or In-Person, you will increase the aptitude to prove knowledge of the position you apply for and stand out as proof that you are certified in the cyber security courses. Due to its difficulties, both in politics and technology, it is one of the major challenges in this modern world. 

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI):

Through this certification, students will learn about the skills to be identified, impeach, and the path down the cybercriminal. These EC council courses are perfect for experts from the banking, legal work, insurance and e-business security sector. CHFI will offer its attendees a firm clutch of digital forensics, presenting detailed and methodological approaches to digital evidence. The tool and technique can cover the program in these courses, which helps prepare the beginner for conducting a digital investigation using group-breaking digital technologies. With the help of cyber security certifications online, you will gain the capability to prove knowledge of the position and help the application in digital knowledge in digital forensics, incident responders, information technology auditor, malware analysts, security consultants and chief security officers.

Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT):

CPENT is one of the best cyber security courses available online, which help you to improve the saturation testing skills of their students. By learning these courses, they can easily choose an advanced diffusion testing course provided by EC-Council. It helps you perform in an enterprise the networking environment, including hacking, attacking, exploits, evading, and defending. It is used to build your tools, conduct advanced exploitation, double pivot to access hidden networks and customization the scripts and exploits to get into the innermost segments of the network. With the help of cyber security certifications online, you will learn more capabilities knowledge of the position you apply for and stand out as evidence that you are certified in the cyber security courses. And the live practice range will teach you to take your skills to the next level and write your exploits.

Certified SOC Analyst (CSA):

The CSA program is the first step to joining a security operation centre. The training and credential program helps the candidates acquire the trending and in-demand technical skills by institutions. These programs will mainly focus on the new career opportunities with extensive, meticulous knowledge and enhance the level of dynamical contributions. In this today’s advanced technology, the students can learn how to manage the SOC processes and collaboration with the CSIRT at the time of need. With the new threats emerging at rapid speed, Enterprises are battling Hackers and prearranged Cybercrimes every day. You need to monitor to avoid being a fatality. Security Operations fills the gap to offer you better metrics to understand and improve your organization’s Security System.

Bottom Line:

Thus, from the above, cyber security courses are important for beginners by using digital technology to avoid attacks, hacking etc.