With the help of system design, important elements within a system like architecture, components, materials, and data interfaces can be developed and designed to meet the specific requirements and needs of a business or organization. Additionally, system design plays a vital role in improving the coding of a software engineer. Knowledge on how to develop a system design can help programmers find bugs, restructure and change the functionality of particular elements within a system for improved working. 

India today is soon to become an embedded systems hub of the world. The job market for IoT experts in the country and on a global level has increased greatly, with the salary hike of over 76%, in comparison to the IT experts with no system design or architecture knowledge. 

Why Should You Join A System Design Course?

At present, with the increasing dependence on a strong database and system, given the predicted digitization in the future, the demand for system design experts is increasing on a global level. To meet the increasing demand, having the right knowledge with the help of a system design course is the best choice. You can find and enroll for the System design course of your choice and get your certificate, all online. To further assist you in making a more informed decision, we bring to you a list of the Top System Design Courses in India below. 

Top System Design Courses in India 

1. System Design Course – Scaler Academy

The System Design Module which is a part of the Scaler Academy Program is curated keeping in mind the different learning requirements of an aspiring tech expert, and their level of knowledge and understanding of the basics. The best part about the System Design Module from Scaler is the choice between beginner level, intermediate level, or advanced level. However, to choose the right section for your learning, you need to take a simple 30 minute MCQ test.

Thanks to it being an integrated course, students applying for it can not only master system design but also learn other topics of software development such as data structures & algorithms, web development and concurrent programming to name a few. Thus, Scaler Academy’s System Design module truly is the best choice to learn System design in India and is vouched for by many students who are now working for top tech companies.

Course Highlights

  • You can benefit from one-on-one mentorship from a diverse list of industry veterans regularly.
  • You will have the opportunity to become a part of a strong 20K+ student community
  • Interview preparation with mock-interview questions. Additionally, they provide end to end placement support, thanks to their 600+ placement partners
  • Rigorous practise using real-life projects for real-world development skills.
  • All the classes in this online program from Scaler will be conducted by professionals with top experience.
  • All the complicated topics are thoroughly explained by simplifying the knowledge terminologies further for better understanding.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Programming
  • High Level Design (HLD)
  • Low Level Design (LLD)
  • Programming Constructs
  • Problem Solving & CS Fundamentals
  • Specialization between Backend and Full stack
  • Advanced DSA or Concurrent Programming or Product Management

Course Fee: Rs 2.5 lakhs (including GST) (EMI options available). Also has a 2 weeks full-money back guarantee

Course Duration: Depending on your level, the duration varies from 44 weeks, 37 weeks, and 30 weeks respectively.

2. Fundamentals of High Level System Design by Udemy

The course Fundamentals Of High-Level System Design by Udemy highlights the key considerations and trade-offs necessary to design a large scale system. Major topics like reliability, availability, scalability and performance are all included in this in-depth learning course.

Course Highlights

  • This course is hundred percent online which allows you to pace your learning as per your capabilities, without rushing.
  • The course also helps you with the interview process necessary for a system-designed job role in the tech department of your dream company.
  • You do not need a strong background to be able to succeed in this course. Just prior knowledge on computer science is good enough to begin.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To Scalability
  • Vertical Vs Horizontal Scaling
  • Availability Patterns
  • Introduction To Consistency
  • Consistency Patterns
  • Consistency Guarantee
  • Reliability
  • CAP Theorem

Course Fee: Rs 1280

Course Duration: As it is an online course, the total lecture time is three hours and 10 minutes. However, you can take your time to complete the course.

3. System Design Course Online by Coding Ninjas

This well-rounded course by Coding Ninjas inculcates all the important conceptual topics that are necessary to strengthen your foundation for system design. The course offers a self-based learning opportunity to help you build up your learning skill step by step. Additionally, it comes with the course pause feature which allows you to stop the course for a while and re-join when ready.

Course Highlights

  • With this course, you will benefit from in-depth clarification of important concepts like application characteristics, communication security, architectural patterns, database optimisation networking and much more.
  • You will also improve your analytical skills and become better at problem-solving as part of the functional requirement from a system design expert.
  • The course uses a use case learning pattern which further prepares you for an interview and also has a dedicated module for the same.

Course Syllabus

  • Architectural patterns
  • Application Characteristics 1 & 2
  • Scaling Techniques
  • Database
  • Communication
  • Web Applications
  • Servers and Security

Course Fee: Rs. 8260 and Rs. 6773 (based on your joining date)

(EMI options available)

Course Duration: 3 months

4. Systems Expert Course by AlgoExpert

The system is an expert course known as AlgoExpert is known to be a strong support for improving your knowledge about the different programming needs for a system design. Additionally, it also helps with the technical coding interview mocks to help you secure your chosen job successfully.

Course Highlights

  • The course comes with a hundred plus topics with video explanations to help you understand each concept in depth.
  • It also consists of a crash course for data structures to help you up your understanding and knowledge in the concerned area.
  • It comes with solutions in nine different computer languages including Python, JavaScript, C#, etc.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Client Server Model
  • Network Protocols
  • Storage
  • Latency And Throughput
  • Availability
  • Caching And Proxies

Course Fee: $49 (offers multiple bundle courses)

Course Duration: 10 Hours 

5. System Design Live Course by GeeksforGeeks

If you are curious about the different system designs in companies like Amazon, Google, Adobe, etc., this course is the right choice. The course is monitored by industry experts who have first-hand experience with developing, designing and containing large scale systems for big companies. Additionally, you also get to learn with real-world examples, increasing your knowledge grasping ability significantly.

Course Highlights

  • The top quality of this course is the limitation of only 25 candidates per batch to allow proper attention and focus for each student.
  • You also get access to all the live lectures regarding the course for a minimum of six months. There is a certificate of completion once you finish the course.
  • The learning and teaching pattern involves a discussion based approach which encourages active participation from both students as well as the teacher.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Trade-Offs In A Large Scale System
  • Components Of A Large-Scale System
  • Database Or Storage Layer
  • Patterns Of Enterprise
  • Application Architecture
  • Interview Tips

Course Fee: Rs 9999

Course Duration: Depend 10 Lectures of 3 hours each every weekend

6. System Design and Design Pattern Training by Learnbay

This system design course is targeted towards high-level and low-level software system enthusiasts who want to learn from industry experts who have knowledge about MNCs like Cisco, Google, Microsoft, etc. It offers two levels, each focusing on the real world requirements from the multinational companies to prepare the candidates for a better job opportunity in the future.

Course Highlights

  • All the trainers and instructors offer top design pattern training, given education background of institutions like IIT Hyderabad, NIT, etc.
  • The classes are available in multiple batches so you can align your time schedule as per your availability.
  • You get lifetime access to all the online lectures with updates, in case you miss a session.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To Design Patterns
  • Creational Design Patterns
  • Structural Design Patterns
  • Behavioural Design Pattern 
  • Project And Interview

Course Fee: Rs 30,000

Course Duration: 55 to 60 hours

7. Design Patterns by Coursera

This design part in course by Corcyra put together the top knowledge of object oriented analysis along with design patterns to allow students to create top notch interactive applications. Additionally, you will also be able to identify software design problems by referring to a catalogue of code smells.

Course Highlights

  • One of the biggest advantages of taking this course from Coursera is the shareable certificate upon completion. Another benefit of joining this course is the convenience of scheduling as per your routine as it is hundred percent online.
  • It is an intermediate level course but you have the option of completing the beginner courses available before stepping into the intermediate level.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To Design Patterns
  • Behavioural Design Patterns
  • Working With Design Patterns And Anti-Patterns
  • Capstone Challenge

Course Fee: It starts from Rs. 3999 to Rs. 11999

Course Duration: The duration varies from 1 month to 6 months.

8. Software Design and Architecture Specialization by University of Alberta

This particular specialisation course from the University of Alberta is designed keeping in mind the increasing requirement for software design experts with ample knowledge about architecture of a system. It is a beginner level course and allows you to take the course forward as per your learning ability to helps you grasp knowledge faster, with more depth.

Course Highlights

  • The course comes with subtitles in multiple languages including Arabic, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and much more, to not limit the learning to any particular group of students.
  • As it is a basic level course, you will gain knowledge about the Java program in depth.
  • The course is hundred percent online to help you decide your schedule and learn as per your availability.

Course Syllabus

  • Object Oriented Design
  • Design Patterns
  • Software Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture

Course Fee: Starts from Rs. 3999 to Rs. 11999

Course Duration: The duration varies from 1 month to 6 months.


So there you have it, a list of some of the top system design courses available today that you can enroll in to upskill yourselves.

Overall, to conclude, for any business or organization today, to get a system up and running, a well-designed and fully intact system design is necessary. Furthermore, the choice between the Top-Down or Bottom-Up approach is also directly dependent on the different variables of a system., cannot be completed until a system design is an action. For the same reason, increasing your expertise and knowledge about system design through an online course is the right way to move forward to make yourself competent for the future. 

Thus, when it comes to chosing the best suitable system design course for you, Scaler’s System design course really tops the list as it caters to students belonging to beginner as well as expert profile. Apart from this, you can also opt for Udemy & Coursera courses, which are relatively very short courses and cover some specific topics only. With that being said, choose the right System design course for you based on your requirements and upskill in 2022!