Lets us learn SAP and FI, CO

SAP – Systems, Application, and Products.

In Data Processing it is referred to as the SAP. Multiple business functions use SAP software to manage their respective business from a better perspective.

FI – Finance

CO – Controlling

Financial Accounting, or SAP FI, is one of the key components of SAP ERP. It is implemented to monitor an organization’s financial information. SAP FI contributes to the analysis of a company’s financial position in the market. 

Another more important SAP module made available to a business is SAP Controlling (CO). It helps an organization’s processes to be coordinated, monitored, and optimized. Internal orders, cost, and profit centers, as well as other cost components and functional areas, are covered by SAP CO’s master data management and configuration.

Coming to the topic – Top 8 SAP FICO Training Institute in California

1. Henry Harvin

In accordance with the most recent industry requirements, Henry Harvin is fully furnished with cutting-edge lab equipment for SAP FICO Training course certification in California. Students can learn precise details about financial accounting and controlling in the SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) course, which also teaches them how to use SAP FICO software on the server. SAP Brim Certification

Key features 

  • BestCourseNews.com has selected Henry Harvin’s Certified SAP FICO Power User Program as one of the top 3 programs in the field.
  • You can schedule your SAP exam with the help of professionals at Henry Harvin to get registration and fulfill the credential as required.
  • After enrolling in Henry Harvin ERP Academy, you can choose to attend several batches conducted by various experts. This implies that you can repeat the Certified SAP FICO Power User Program an infinite number of times without having to pay any additional fees.
  • Institute includes – Capstone Projects, Guaranteed Internship, Weekly Job Support, Recorded Videos, Monthly Bootcamp Sessions, Interview Techniques, and Career Services
  • The authorized Learning Management System (LMS) is portable and accessible. You can access the Certified SAP FICO Power User Program at your fingertips by using the login information for the Moodle app on your phone.
  • Get the most recent version of the SAP Power User Program Business Suite Software with promising performance and real-time data access. SAP allows faster loading and reduces duplicate data with low space usage.
  • The course includes 44 hours of two-way live interactive training sessions having SAP FI and SAP CO related projects.
  • Internship facility with the SAP FICO certification which is recognized by the Govt of India & is been Award-Winning Institute.
  • E-learning facilities with access to numerous tools and techniques, assessments, video content, and many more. Facilitating 100% placement assistance support.

2. FinProv

Finprov focuses on making SAP FICO certification course curriculum custom designed with the right balance between theoretical and practical learning. The SAP FICO experts are indulged in the formation of the course curriculum to ease the learning for the freshers as well as the professionals.

Key features

  • Innovative and advanced tech-learning platform to provide global access.
  • Hands-on training of 80+ hours including mock tests and 15+ test cases.
  • Exposure to the subjects with the all-around coverage with the 360 Degree of exposure to the SAP FICO course.
  • Personalized assistance empowered with 100% learning support to the learners.
  • Regular transactional activities to gain SAP FICO’s end-to-end configuration knowledge for your organization.
  • Projects having multiple SAP sessions including SAP FICO, A/P, G/L, A/R, and related reports.

3. GangBoard

SAP FICO online certification course at GangBoard is designed by certified and professional experts. The course is well-designed to suit every level of the candidates from Basics to the advanced levels. 

Key features

  • Trainers from the subject expertise of IT professional industries to get hands-on experience of real-time projects.
  • Expert counseling to decide on the perfect selection for your career.
  • Theoretical and practical learnings with the hands-on training facility.
  • Course materials are specifically designed to help trainers to impart successful classes.
  • Weekend and weekday classes are available to adjust the trainee’s schedules as per their convenience.

4. Besant Technologies

The SAP FICO course is well-designed to help you educate on the SAP FICO certification process efficiently to enhance the real-time finance accounting and reporting of the organization. The course involves basic as well as the advanced level of the SAP FICO certification course curriculum. 

Key features

  • The course has a duration of 30+ hours designed by the subject’s expertise
  • Trainers are well-qualified professionals from the real-world industries
  • The course is designed with the detailed modules of FI and CO to help with the basic levels and the professional levels of trainees
  • SAP FICO Certification training with 100% placement support facility

5. Ravh IT Solutions

The institute is comprised of IT training, staffing, and consulting for the IT firm. The trainers impart the most recent, up-to-date, real-time domain knowledge, allowing the candidates to carve out a position in this constantly changing IT market. 

In addition to offering staff and consulting services to Fortune 500 firms, the institute also provides fixed-price, all-encompassing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Key features

  • IT Training Experts designed the SAP Certification course focusing on careers. The course provides affordable, simple to grasp, and connected with the goals of learners to start exciting career options and eventually excel in their industry. The institute offers extensive support for courses in technology training!
  • Students can benefit from getting their first or next best Job! The institute supports 500+ firms as well as startups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations worldwide. The institute offers specialized staffing options for its customers based on their requirements. 
  • Business consulting and technology consulting services, to overcome any obstacles and develop your organization more successfully. Talented and experienced IT professionals are selected to become part of the trainee faculty in the institute.

6. Multisoft Virtual Academy 

To achieve high training that adheres to your business objectives, program timelines, and various financial strategies and plans, Multisoft offers customized training and online certification programs. Highly qualified instructors instruct these programs.

The concept of corporate training is the revolutionary part of this institute to help professionals learn the SAP FICO. Employees today, in the age of globalization, need to improve their knowledge skills. MVA offers answers by merging highly adaptable corporate training programs, solid learning techniques, and business-oriented approaches.

Key features

  • Multisoft offers specialized training solutions to help you to do your business by choosing a skill set according to the exact requirements.
  • MVA expands its services by offering more than a thousand courses to both people and business organizations. For their anticipated skill sets, MVA offers the best learning options.
  • If you are searching for any kind of online training! You can plan your classes with Multisoft while completing your office work.
  • At Multisoft, more than a thousand well-groomed subject matter specialists provide IT and non-IT courses with module-by-module evaluations.
  • After completing specialized training programs, Multisoft issues credentials that are recognized in the business. This professional certification will help you prove your abilities.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of online training solutions, our SMEs integrate the most recent courseware and use advanced tools.

7. ZaranTech 

A leading international E-learning business, ZaranTech is situated in Midwest Iowa, USA. They offer IT training and certification programs in niche IT courses to both individuals and businesses. Both self-paced video training and instructor-led live online training are provided as modes of instruction. The role-based technique is considered when creating courses. For entry-level and experienced IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills or learn new technologies by becoming certified, our training programs are suitable.

Key features

  • To deliver online training, trainers at ZaranTech use the role-based training methodology. Real-time project-based assignments involve all Live or Video sessions. Courses include assessments at the end of each lesson.
  • During the final week of the course, trainers will collaborate with you on several case studies involving real-world projects. So that the candidate gains knowledge of the real-world scenarios.
  • Certified trainers guide you to clear the certification exams by providing step-wise instructions.
  • The support team helps in building your effective resumes for better prospects.
  • Interview preparation videos, technical and project-related questionnaires, and live sessions with trainers; to help you build strong professional skills.
  • Training helps to build the most effective and strong proficient subject knowledge.

8. ShapeMySkill

For undergraduate engineering students, working professionals, and college graduates, ShapeMySkill provides online and offline courses and skill development programs. The course curriculum helps to strengthen your abilities and aids many students in building their careers.

They help to create learning opportunities for individuals looking to explore new skills and uphold their careers.

Key features

  • Learn about the advanced technologies
  • Receive frequent updates on the chosen companies
  • Explore the best job opportunities
  • Learn about the new technologies and equipment used by the core industry
  • Periodical assessments to keep weekly track of the students

Let us look at some of the sub-modules of the SAP FICO and the benefits from them to the organization/business.

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable – Managing customer accounts, transactions, and any account payables, as well as keeping track of all the client account information.
  • General and Bank Ledger – The general ledger serve as a thorough report for internal and external accounting, containing all the accounts and transactional data for the business. On the other hand, the bank ledger records information on bank account transactions, including bank statements and the sum of all transactional data.
  • Asset Accounting, Funds Management, and Consolidation – All of the business’s assets, including all of its permanent assets like lands, buildings, and heavy machinery, are managed here. To design a complete and accurate picture of the company’s financial status, the budgets for revenues and expenses are also closely monitored, as well as the consolidation of all the various entities of the organization is maintained.
  • Cost Center Accounting with the Elements – All expenses, from the company management of internal departments to marketing, production, sales, and HR, are accounted for by referring to the organization’s income statements. This includes the source of costs as well as various client expenses.
  • Analysis of profitability from Profit Centers – From the expenditure and profits of the business units, all business profits and losses, distribution strategies, and product categories are evaluated. All of this entails spending on the company’s smaller internal projects.

Other SAP Logistics modules, such as Sales and Distributions (SD), Production Plannings (PP), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), and Material Management(MM), are also integrated with SAP FICO.


An organization can store a complete copy of its financial transaction data using SAP FICO. SAP FICO is specifically designed to assist businesses in producing and managing financial statements for analysis and reporting as well as to support efficient business planning and decision-making. Hence, SAP FICO software assists in the integration of sales, distribution, material management, and purchasing and enables the customer to record unique transactions, whether it be a purchase, a sales order, or a material movement. Therefore, one of the principal advantages of SAP is system integration. 


Q.1 Is SAP FICO certification difficult to learn?

Ans. SAP FICO is a bit difficult for beginners but if you have hands-on experience in your job then you can get it easily.

Q.2 Is SAP FICO in demand in California?

Ans. Yes, SAP FICO has an excellent demand in California. SAP FICO certification can help you get the best job.

Q.3 Can I learn SAP FICO online?

Ans. Yes, you can learn SAP FICO online. You can look at some of the above institutes mentioned to help you find the best way for your career.

Q.4 Can I earn a good salary after completing SAP FICO certification?

Ans. Yes, there is a huge demand for SAP FICO and after completion of the SAP FICO certification, you can stand at the top of the job list.

Q.5 Are there any submodules in SAP-FICO?

Ans. Yes, there are so many sub-modules of SAP-FICO-General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Bank Accounting (BA), Asset Accounting (AA), Travel Management (TV), and many more.