Grabbing a job in this exponentially growing business industry is no more a piece of cake. The world is getting more competitive than you could imagine and just a glossy degree can never really be the most reliable way to move up the career ladder.

Whether you are a fresher aspiring to bag a job after your studies or a professional looking for a career jump or move, there are select additional skills that you can acquire to make yourself stand out from the rest.

We’ve curated a list of interesting courses that can help boost your career. These courses prep the aspirants for the latest trends in the market and can help your resume stand out from the rest. While few of these could be studied as full-time programs, few of them are shorter courses that can be pursued online as well as offline. Recognized internationally, these are some of the most-preferred study abroad courses.

Check out these internally recognized hot courses that will assure your CV isn’t lost in the pile!

Digital marketing

Everything is web and web is everything. Today, every business however big or small is looking at internet as its biggest revenue generating channel.  Having key knowledge on how to market things on the internet can open up diverse career opportunities. PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are the popular fields in digital marketing that can be pursued individually as well as in combination.

There is no eligibility criteria for a digital marketing course and it can be pursued both online and offline. Individuals who love social media, have a keen eye for visual content, like writing and are up-to-date with current trends of the internet are most suited for a course in digital marketing. Furthermore, a course in digital marketing can serve as a good platform to pursue the humongous field of ‘Search Engine Optimization’.


A course that can help you in grabbing an opportunity across diverse sectors, Statistics isn’t as boring as few of might assume it to be. From computer sciences, business, finance, economics to biomedical research, having an insight into stats can be essential.  Candidates from any background can opt for this course, although commerce and science background can be more suitable than the rest. There are myriad of sub-courses and specializations available in stats including data analysis. The courses are available on offline as well as online modules.

These courses can prep the candidates in data interpretation, data analysis, risk analysis and business analysis.  Candidates keen in mathematics and logical problem solving are most suited for this course.

Business Communication

No matter at what stage you are in your career, effective communication can enhance your profile. Business Communication is an underrated course that most people tend to ignore, but it can create a huge impact on your job search as well as growth in your existing career.

Business Communication courses can help you to have an impressive interview, effective conversations with your team (if you are in a leadership role) and better client relations (if you work in a client-facing role).

The course covers basic techniques like sentence construction, good grammar and spans to formal communication, delivering oral presentations in the right tone and effective communication for team meetings. The course is designed to serve various forms of communications including written communication, email communication and oral communication.

These courses are easily available online and candidates from all backgrounds and careers can opt for them.

Web Design and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

If content is the king, design is the queen! Just like content, another key element that serves as the first impression of a website or an app is its design. A good design is not just what pleases to the user from an aesthetic point of view, but also compliments the product’s (be it a website or an app) ideology, helps to generate a better browsing experience and also aids in SEO (search engine optimization) of the product.

A course in Web Graphic Designing along with certification in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator can be an excellent add-on to your resume. This course further opens up the fields like UX (User experience), which is one of the most crucial roles in the web/app development industry.

This course is best suited to people from design or development background.  Candidates with an eye for art, design and aesthetics can also pursue this course. Short-term courses as well as full-time programs are available for this specialized course.

Project Management

This one’s for working professionals who have already chosen and established a career for themselves. Project management is your key to move up the corporate ladder. This course, available both part-time and full-time enables professionals to effectively handle a team and lead a project. A course in project management focuses on much-needed skills like use of project management tools for resource allocation, project scheduling, cost estimation, project delivery along with leadership and people management.

Most suited for team leaders, software developers, project engineers and any professional who aspires to be a project manager, this course is a great way to dive into a managerial role in your career.

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