Udemy is a platform that allows you to learn how to write a decent research paper online, from the comfort of your chair, but also holds a wide array of learning materials for subjects like math, chemistry, engineering, and a series of other topics delivered by acclaimed academics and field experts. For these reasons, we are going to let you in on top ten research paper writing courses you can take on Udemy, and how each of them can improve your skills.

How to Write a Successful Research Paper

Created by Andre Klapper, Ph.D., a researcher in the fields of neuroscience and psychology with more than 8 thousand students engaged with his courses on Udemy. The course includes two hours of on-demand video content, along with 7 articles and 11 downloadable resources that will help you organize your writing process, and more than that-teach you how to avoid writer’s block. Doctor Klapper intended his course for undergraduate students in need of assistance with research paper writing.

Research Methods For Business Students

Available on mobile and desktop platforms, the course contains 28 downloadable resources, 3.5 hours of video material and 2 articles, all aimed to help Business students with research paper writing. The course instructor, Robert Barcik, is a business lecturer who shares his knowledge with more than 1300 students enrolled in this research paper writing online course.

Technical Writing: copywriting Research paper in 24 Hours

This is a more advanced course, hence the 24 hours timeframe. Besides educational content which includes 1.5 hours of video material and two articles, the students also get the chance for 1 on 1 Skype grammar and writing skills improvement sessions with the instructor. To ensure you don’t ever again wander around, asking people “Will you, please write my thesis?”, course developer prepared a series of quizzes and practice activities, that will make you a master of writing.

Get your Thesis Done

Doctor Ed Ferrer created this course to help undergrad students reach their Ph.D. much faster than usual 4-5 years, as much as it takes, according to some statistics. More than 2.5 hours of on-demand video material, six articles, and 19 downloadable resources are at your disposal during the academic writing course that gives you the tools for a more productive writing experience. Around 1200 course participants are learning how to develop a writing plan and implement step by step research procedures. Get your thesis done by

Ten Success Tips To Completing Your Dissertation or Thesis

Procrastination is perhaps the greatest enemy of any work endeavor. This course will show you how to stop procrastinating and teach you how to create an effective writing schedule to maintain your pace of progress. This course exists thanks to college professor Kay Burks, Ph.D., instructor of two more courses on Udemy. There are 13 downloadable resources and 1.5 hours of video content that you can use during the course.

The Fast Dissertation

A simple yet comprehensive course packed within a 2 hour long on-demand video material leads you through more than 50 practical tips that facilitate the search for literature, time management process, and the development of structured outline. Dr. Duncan Koerber and Dr. Justin Bateh are course creators and instructors who use their extensive experience to teach you the essence of research paper writing.

Research Project Writing

Doctor Daniel Bell is a seasoned linguist that created a five-star-rated course, consisting of 32 easy-to-follow lectures. This course is intended for Ph.D. and master’s degree candidates who need a guide through writing techniques required for a potent research paper. More than three hours of video material, downloadable resources, and a practical test set you on a path towards earning an Udemy certificate.

Effective Academic Writing: Write Papers that Get Results

More than 800 students enrolled 21-lesson long research writing course that Nadine Bekkouche, master of Medical Psychology, developed for undergraduates interested in forging stronger wordsmithing skills. The course includes insights in the development of each section of your future paper, as well as some tips, practical tests and pieces of advice for seamless resource gathering.

Complete Your Thesis in 6 Months

After going through 43 lectures that include six hours of video content and 14 downloadable resources you will overcome dissertation writing and editing, as well formulation of defense which is essential for the success of your endeavor. Moreover, the course sheds light on productive writing and preparations needed to start the process in the first place.

Step by Step Guide to Research by Doctor MO

Doctor Mohsin Syed is the course instructor who will train you in the arts of research paper writing from scratch. This 5-lecture course will let you in on two pillars of research writing (Objective and Purpose) as well as all the steps you should take to create a powerful content filled with solid arguments. By the end of this course, those who’ve enlisted will be able to independently perform academic research.


This list is a product of deep research and analysis of hundreds of online courses available on Udemy. We measured the value, duration, user reviews, and instructors’ authority to lay out a list of courses valuable to a broad spectrum of undergraduate students and Ph.D. candidates. We are certain that this article holds the optimal training environment for the enhancement of your skillset.

Author Bio: Robert Everett is a freelance writer engaged with a series of paper writing services. Robert creates academic writing services for students of all ages and shares valuable insights through several online publishers. In his work, Robert never fails to emphasize the importance of deep research and quality process planning.