Having working skills for a project is a different thing, but something more important than that is the skills to manage it. The project managers deal with upgradation of software, analyses security, developing applications, and the completion of software projects. A project manager makes the work of the team more productive. Project managers know that who can do what better and that’s where the success of a project starts.

Projects heads and team leads need to handle a lot of projects and here their project management skills work more than their IT skills. If you are also in the same position, a project management course can help you a lot. Here are the top 10 project management courses.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Three crucial aspects of management are time, scope, and cost. This is a test you give to prove your skills in project management. Those who want to go for the certification need to have at least one four-year secondary degree in addition to the project management experience of three years. Project management institute organizes this test at different cost for members and non-members.

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Certified Associate in Project Management

Those who hold a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, a little experience in project management can go for this certification. Certified associate in project management certification is also organized by project management institute. The best thing about it is that it helps you to get your project management professional certificate in steps. It costs $225 for members of the institute, and for non-members, the cost is $300.

Certified ScrumMaster

Project managers with some unique qualifications are in high demand because of their skills. The scrum alliance offers this certification for those who want to start as scrum practitioner. The requirements for this course include familiarity with the basics of Scrum. You also need to go for a ScrumMaster training course of two days to proceed further with this certification.

Certified Project Management Practitioner

To prove your ability to handle complex projects efficiently, you should go for this certification. The course is organized by EC-council and is best for professionals who have extensive experience in handling projects with the help of associated techniques and tools. The course develops managerial, technical, and leadership skills in you so that you can manage every simple and complex project.

Associate in Project Management

Global association for quality management offers a number of project management certifications for IT specialists. You need general knowledge about the e-course to start, and there is no specific educational requirement. Associate in project management is an entry-level course for those who want to start their career in the project management field. The cost of the program is $300.

Master Project Manager

The American Academy of project management offers this course for those who have at least three years of experience in project management in addition to training. The program is focussed on professional project management, technical management, and business management. Your skills are enhanced, and after the completion of course, you feel confident. The course costs you only $300 for everything from application to certification.  

Professional in Project Management

Another course by global association for quality management is professional in project management. After the entry-level program, you can go for this mid-tier certification course to boost your skills. The course content emphasizes on building a broad knowledge base, giving a clear direction to project, allocating resources for the best purpose, keeping balance for edits, quality assurance, managing time, and making the project as productive as it could be at minimal cost. The prerequisite is minimal knowledge about the course, and it costs $300.

Project Management in IT Security

Another course by EC-Council for IT enthusiasts is project management in IT security. The course is designed to help you understand the complexities in an IT security project. The course boosts your project management skills and takes you to a level where you can give the right direction to any type of project. You get a clear understanding of how to understand, handle, and successfully accomplish an IT security project. The candidates need to have at least two years of experience in information security, educational background must be related to security, and it costs around $250.

Certified Project Director

The third course by global social for quality management is the certified project director. The certification is of the highest level and requires basic knowledge of the organization’s other courses. The program is only for skilled people and it also costs $300.

Certified Project Manager

The international association of project managers offers this course for everyone who wants to learn. The course fee depends on the nationality and profession. The course is best for those who want to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge about project management. However, fundamental knowledge about the field us required to start.

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