Differentiation, Integration, Algebra, calculus, Playing with numbers is what the maths magicians love to do and B.Sc. Maths is one degree that most of the Maths lovers would love to hold. Once you hold this degree, the one career option B.Sc. Maths Graduates look into is teaching. But apart from teaching field B.Sc. mathematics students can take up many career options in areas like computer science, research etc by upgrading their skills with the other courses. These courses will not only upgrade the skills, they also open doors to a wide range of career opportunities and higher salary packages. Since B.Sc. Maths covers areas like computer science, data analysis taking up these courses and understanding the syllabus would not be a difficult task for the students. So we have curated the list of top 10 professional courses after B.Sc. maths.

MBA – Master of Business Administration

As MBA is offered in different specializations one can choose the specialization according to their interest. MBA in finance would be one more good option for students with maths background as they can lead their career as finance and account officers in different industries. Students who are more inclined towards management or marketing can take up specialization related to it.

MCA – Master of Computer Applications

If you are someone with interest in both Maths and Computer applications then Master of Computer Application(MCA) would be the best choice for you. Mathematical and Analytical knowledge that is gained in B.Sc. Maths and computer applications knowledge that you gain in MCA together can help you to build a great career in building computer applications, data analysis or research in the computer science field. So MCA after B.Sc. Maths would be a great option for students who are interested in entering the Computer Science world

M.Sc in Mathematics

For someone with the never-ending love for Maths, and students who want to continue upgrading their skills further in mathematics and related subjects Msc maths can be a good option. Students who opt for Msc Maths can further go for Ph.D. After M.Sc. Maths or Ph.D. they will be able to take up good career opportunities in the fields like research and teaching.

MA – Master of Arts in Mathematics

Master of arts in mathematics / Master of arts in mathematical statics would also be a better choice after B.Sc. Maths. These degrees help to hone your skills in different areas of mathematics and numerical applications. Doing these course also would open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in different sectors.

M.Phil – Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics

Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics, Master of Philosophy in Mathematics, Master of Philosophy in Statistics are some more best professional courses which you can do after B.Sc. maths. M.Phil emphasis more on research and completing this course also would fetch candidates good Opportunites in research and other fields.


B.Ed after B.Sc maths would be a great option for candidates who have a knack towards teaching. Clearing B.Ed would allow the candidates to get teaching jobs in schools.

Chartered Financial Analyst Course

Chartered financial analyst course helps to gain knowledge and professionalism in areas like investments, portfolio management, wealth management etc; This would provide the candidate with bigger and better career opportunities as Investment advisor, wealth manager, portfolio manager etc; These candidates would have huge opportunities in banks, insurance companies, wealth management companies,  Investment companies, and can also practice individually.


Taking up courses to clear UPSC and IBPS examinations would also be a better option for students with B.Sc. maths degree. Clearing these examinations will help the candidates to get high-level jobs in the government sector and banks. And the numerical ability that the students gain in B.Sc. maths would be of great help to clear these exams.

Chartered Accountancy Course

Chartered Accountancy is one of the most preferred course by many students because of the huge career opportunities and huge packages candidates were offered once they finish the CA course. For candidates with B.Sc maths degree also this would be a great option. Also, the mathematical and analytical knowledge would be helpful to clear different levels of CA examinations.

Company Secretary Course

Certified and skilled company secretaries are in great demand. There is a huge number of openings for company secretaries, who should be highly skilled in different areas. And companies prefer candidates who are certified by doing a course. So doing a company secretary course, after B.Sc.maths would also be a good option for candidates to build a good career.

So candidates can opt for any of the above courses according to their interest after B.Sc. Maths for a bright career.