Dance is arguably one of the most popular performing arts and a lot many youngsters are now looking at dance as not just entertainment but as a high-flying career choice. Yes, all those of you who constantly drum your fingers, tap your feet and do a little hippety-hop when happy, can now turn your passion for dance into a fab career. And there are several established dance academies to mould bedroom dancers into pros.

We looked high and low, asked around a bit and put in a fair bit of research to compile this list of top 10 dance institutes in India.

Here we go, put on your dancing shoes and head straight to…

1. Kalakshetra

This iconic institution, in Chennai, founded by exemplary dancer, visionary and social activist Rukmani Devi offers a four-year full-time diploma course in Bharatanatyam. The feet of those who learned the nuances of this ancient and graceful dance form have adorned the world’s most illustrious stages. Students are provided the training and freedom necessary to enhance their repertoire.

2. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

There’s something truly mystical and enthralling about classical dance forms. If you want to become the next Anitha Rathnam or Sunayana Hazarilal enroll at this world-famous institute that teaches Bharatanatyam and Kathak. This institute in Bangalore is widely regarded as one of the best places to learn classical dance.

3. Veve Dance

Belly dancing is in! Those Shakira like moves with an old-world charm combined with modern day sass can be learned at this institute in Mumbai. Situated in bustling Andheri this is the hottest place to learn belly dancing.

4. The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance

All of us let out a collective sigh when Kate Winslet delicately stood on her toes in Titanic. Ever tried it at home? Well, you can perfect that pose. The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance, in Mumbai, teaches the delicate, feminine and enchanting ballet dance for nimble toed learners.


5. Flyerz Dance Academy

The best place to learn contemporary moves in Chennai is Flyerz dance academy. They’ve carved a niche for themselves and have become the go-to dance studio for youngsters. The place draws a sizable crowd and has produced outstanding choreographers and dancers over the years.

6. The ITA school of performing arts

This school for performing arts is an initiative by the Indian Television Industry (ITA). The school specializes in teaching Bollywood freestyle dance. It also teaches all major forms of western dance forms such as Hip-hop, Salsa, Flamenco, Jazz, Latin American dance and more.

7. The Shiamak dance academy

Run by noted choreographer Shiamak Davar who pioneered the western dance scene in India, this premier dance academy offers several courses in contemporary, western dance. Noted Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor, India’s current heartthrob Varun Dhawan and Sushanth Singh Rajput were all members of this illustrious dance school. Learn the “Shiamak style” of dance here!

8. Zenith dance academy

From parkour to classical dance every major dance form is taught here. This institute has trained over 10,000 dancers. It has centers in Delhi and Mumbai and most dance aspirants are making a beeline for this institute, for its wide variety of courses.

9. Delhi Dance Academy

This dance academy in Delhi offers training in a wide range of western and contemporary dance forms. It also offers dance and fitness workshops for corporates. Learn just the right dance moves to become a dancing pro.

10. Sri Thyagaraja College of Music and Dance

Want to perfect Indian classical dance forms? Whether you love Kuchipudi or Kathak, this established college in Hyderabad teaches them all! Learn from true connoisseurs of the art and perfect your classical dance moves.