Nowadays, there is a huge competition in the job market, and with a single bachelor degree, it is quite challenging to get a decent job. If you want to make a stable career, it is recommended to do some better courses after graduation. You should choose the path according to your interest. If you have done your graduation in science, then you have career choices in science as well as in other streams. To help you with better options we have enlisted top ten career-oriented courses.

1. Computer MCA

MCA is a 3-years long course for the students who have done their graduation in math, science or computer science. After this course, you can go to the software industry as a software developer, data scientist, data analysts and for many other roles. You can go to the banking sector as a specialist officer, or you can also choose an academic profession as per your interest.

2. Master of Art (MA)

If you want to change your subjects, and want to do something different, it’s the best time. Choose a professional course from art stream like MA in economics, MA in public administration, MA in psychology, MA in English. After these professional courses, you get multiple career options. You can go for teaching, govt jobs, subject matter experts, and any public sector as per your choice.

3. B.Ed

Bachelor in education is a mandatory course if you want to work as a secondary school teacher. It will improve your teaching skills and also enhances your confidence as a teacher. After that, you can go for the job of a teacher in government as well as public schools. Appear in exams like CTET (common eligibility test for CBSE and other national boards, and state eligibility tests. These tests are not inky mandatory for government jobs. In fact, if you are thinking to work at a private school, they can also ask for these examinations.

4. Master in science

Since you are from the science background, you can also go for a masters degree in science. You can choose a different course as per your interest. Candidate with graduation in chemistry can go for or analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, petroleum technology, etc. Student of biology stream can choose a master of nutrition, diet, food sciences. Analyze which subject seems interesting to you before getting admission in masters degree so that you can pick the right one.

5. Radiology

This is one of the best options you can choose after graduation in science. Radiology is the process of imaging the human body. For this, you also need some expensive devices, but when it comes to career, the opportunities are immense.

6. Medical lab technology

It is a well-paid job in the medical sector. The position includes assisting a physician in health diagnosis. The course is a job oriented short term program. In addition to assisting, you can take part in treatment as well. It is a very stable and growing job.

7. Master of business administration

It is the most common career option chosen by many of the students. It is a two-year professional course. It is the most reputed and most pursued job of the time. You can go for MBA in HR, finance, business management, supply chain, tourism, sales, marketing, and business economics. Some universities also offer MBA in a particular domain. After an MBA degree, you can go for jobs in the private sector, in banking, in teaching, and for govt jobs also. During this course, you can improve your communication, reading, comprehensive, and analytical skills. Body language, personality development, etc. are the main focus of this course.

8. Law

You can also choose Law as a career option. After this course, you can go to a company as a legal adviser and also work as a private lawyer. The course will make you able to express your point of view more clear. If you are going to choose good law institutes, you will be given priority in both the government and private sectors.

9. Digital Marketing

It is also an excellent option to choose after graduation. It is only a 3 to a six months course. You can take this course both online and offline. The job is related to fast-growing market online shopping. It is never ending job because people are going to depend more on online shopping in the coming years. Digital marketing offers a number of job roles.


Postgraduate diploma in computer science is a one-year diploma. It is a good career option that helps in secure career after graduation. After that, you can go for govt job in court, hospital, bank or many other fields. You get a good knowledge of computer after this course that helps you perform better in the field.