Do you want to stay ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive job market? Perhaps you can learn about the cutting-edge cloud computing and modular technology solutions that are needed to excel in the modern corporate world. It comes with no surprise that cloud and distributed computing made it to the top in LinkedIn’s Annual list of the skills employers expect the most from individuals. Enrolling in a Cloud computing Bootcamp can be a smart way for those interested in this career path to gain basic knowledge and skills in the ever-growing field of cloud computing. 

You will agree that finding the best cloud computing Bootcamp among a range of options available on the internet can be quite overwhelming. So why not check out our list of top 10 cloud computing online Bootcamps that are worth your time and effort. 

Here goes the list!

1. Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp – Simplilearn 

Caltech CTME, a renowned science and engineering institute, has partnered with Simplilearn to offer an in-depth training program on cloud computing that helps you become an expert in Azure and AWS. You will gain the skills required to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable cloud applications. With live learning, hands-on exercises, industry case studies, masterclasses by CTME faculty, and full-spectrum career service, you can’t ask for more. 

2. Cloud Computing Specialization – the University of Illinois on Coursera 

Take this 8-months program (4 hours per week) to learn all the cloud computing concepts like core distributed systems, cloud applications, and cloud networking. The specialization involves 6 courses that move from basics to advanced level topics. To earn a course completion certificate, you need to successfully finish a hands-on project where you get a chance to apply the skills gained throughout the course. 

3. MicrosMasters Program in Cloud Computing – the University of Maryland on edX

Explore all the three types of cloud computing – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS with this cloud computing training program on edX. You will learn about cloud technologies like AWS, GCP, Azure, vSphere, and OpenStack and how to use them to enhance business productivity and eff3ectiveness. It is an 8-month long program and involves instructor-led training. 

4. Become a Cloud Developer Learning Path – LinkedIn Learning 

This learning path involves 6 courses with a total of 10 hours of comprehensive learning material to help you build a strong foundation in cloud computing. You will understand the difference between AWS, Azure and GCP, discover the features common to all cloud services, and explore the different job options related to cloud development. It also teaches you what platform to choose when deciding to migrate to the cloud. 

5. Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners [2022] – Udemy

Learn the basic cloud computing concepts along with AWS fundamentals with this course on Udemy. With around 8 hours of on-demand video, you will understand the fundamental systems on which the cloud is based and build your expertise from a basic to an advanced level. You will get a rich learning experience through diagrams and animations, hands-on exercises, and AWS free tier account. 

6. Become an AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Program – Udacity 

As the name suggests, this course paves your way towards becoming an AWS Cloud Architect so that you can lead an organization’s cloud computing strategy. This 3 months program (10 hours per week) helps you learn how to plan, design, and build highly available and secure cloud infrastructure. Prior knowledge of programming, AWS, and cloud computing is necessary when applying for this course. 

7. Foundations of Cloud Computing – Codecademy 

If you are just looking for a cloud computing foundations course, then this training program by Codecademy is for you. Learn cloud computing basics in a platform-agnostic way and understand which cloud provider or deployment model is right for you. You will also discover the benefits and limitations of all the major cloud service platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. 

8. Cloud Architect Masters Program – Simplilearn 

This is another good course by Simplilearn that aims to make you proficient in cloud applications and architecture. You will explore some core cloud computing skills like AWS Cloud formation, EC2, S3, Azure resource manager, VPC< Route53, Azure App Services, and more. You will also learn the skills required to pass cloud architect certifications like Azure architect and AWS Solutions Architect. 

9. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing – Pluralsight 

This program is suitable for individuals who want to learn what exactly is cloud computing, the different forms of cloud computing, its benefits, and what makes the technology so powerful. The program includes numerous hands-on demos of cloud computing solutions, along with IaaS and SaaS solutions. The instructor will also take you through cloud security and how to protect an organization’s data in the cloud. The expert-led program duration is around 2 hours.  

10. Cloud Computing Foundations – A Cloud Guru

If you want to first gain a foundational understanding of cloud computing, then this short course (1-hour duration) is for you. You will learn how cloud computing is used, why this technology is important, and the ‘as a service’ models like PaaS, FaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. The instructor will let you understand the difference between servers and serverless and make you aware of the jobs you can fetch with cloud skills. 

Bottom Line

You can quickly go through all the options mentioned above and decide which course would best match your learning needs. Gaining expertise in cloud computing can prove to be quite fruitful for your professional career. Cloud skills are in high demand and professionals can also expect lucrative salaries as they continue to gain more experience in the field. So get started with cloud computing today!