Well, now imagine this scenario. You’ve completed a BBA course and someone is coming to ask you, “What next?” Your abrupt answer will be, “MBA.” Well and good. But do you know there is something beyond MBA which you can do after completing BBA? Now if you’re wondering, “Why will I even do something else if I can do MBA and get a high paying job? Nobody told you not to do things. But there is a big world beyond MBA and that world is way more interesting and rewarding than an MBA. Hope your eyeballs started rolling now. So let us take a look at top 10 courses after BBA.

Hotel Management

Hotel industry is one among the fast growing. Year after year, more number of people are travelling around the globe to explore new destinations, to attend events and for a lot of other reasons. When they travel, they are going to stay at a hotel. Hence the need for a lot of hotel management professionals is high in the market especially in the emerging markets. Yes, emerging markets are growing big with foreign investments. The top notch professionals from developed countries travel to the emerging economies to see possibilities of investment. Therefore without a reason we can say this is a wonderful option other than MBA.

Event Management

As an effort to propagate their brand, a lot of companies have been doing a lot of event management activities. This is not a new technique. It’s been there for long and long. Several event management companies also exist and they are making a lot more money than other businesses. They deal with top celebrities and brands that address the common crowd with uniqueness. Infact, several MBAs have straight away jumped into event management and several of them are already event managers. Therefore you have all the right reasons to make a career here.

Marketing & Communications

Well, several MBA courses come with Marketing as a discipline. Some of them in due course turned out to be the face of the company i.e. they turned out to be a communications head of the company. But you don’t need MBA to acquire this skill. You can do a PG Diploma or a PG i.e. MSc or MA Mass Communication to attain these roles. Several universities also have MSc Electronic Media or PG Diploma in Marketing & Communications. 

Supply Chain Management

China is the world’s largest manufacturing hub. Be it steel, plastic products or whatever you say, they have it. Almost every leading country in this world is importing raw material from China. The most populous nation’s success is attributed to its strong supply chain. People think all manufacturing happens in one region in China, but the truth is contrary to the belief. All states and districts in China manufacture something or the other and they are sourced on time to the logistics zone to be shipped. Hence several countries are following the same strategy i.e. well connected supply chain network. Also, the demand for Supply Chain professionals too is going up elsewhere. Therefore if you love logistics and supply chain, then this is the place for you.

Data Science

For the past one decade, a single phrase has been making lot of noise in all industries. It has even disrupted the way healthcare and marketing functions i.e. Big Data. Understanding each and every end user to deliver unflinching user experience is their goal. As on date, anything with data science or big data or data analysis is possible. Hence a career as a data scientist will mean a lot to you in an environment that is more competitive. So try doing Masters in Data Science and this is among the top 10 courses after BBA to do.


Well, let us get it straight. You want to make millions in milliseconds right? If so, working as corporate lawyer is quite rewarding. You will have to put a lot of hard work initially to build an image for yourselves. But always remember, once you make it big you make big money.

Chartered Accountancy

The journey involved in becoming a chartered accountant is a bit tough. For long you will have to keep investing a lot in studies. But once you complete all those and once you have a CA certificate in hand, your demand goes sky rocketing. Hence you can ask for what you want (in line with market average).

International Relations

A world exists beyond the corporate ladder and that is bureaucracy. Trying your hand in bureaucracy is more rewarding than an MBA degree. With proper experience and skill, you can even become an Ambassador.

Human Resource Management

A recent research said, HR managers could soon be top contenders for the post of CEO next to sales and marketing professionals. This trend is already building up in several cultures. A HR person will understand the company’s internal culture and external too. Therefore they have all the reasons to be the next CEO.

Master of Social Works

If you feel MBA is too technical and you want something that involves traveling, then MSW is the best option. You get people skills doing it and you will grow bigger than a MBA graduate soon. Therefore this is more rewarding than a MBA degree.