Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC) of India Ltd., a government organization releases yearly recruitment notification for the post of probationary officer (PO).

There is always tough competition for this post due to less number of vacancies available. In this article, we will discuss bankthe preparation tips and strategies of ECGC PO 2024 exam.

ECGC PO syllabus 2024

The ECGC PO 2024 will be held in two phases. The first phase will be an online test consisting of two parts- an objective test and a descriptive test. The candidates selected from the online test will have to go through the interview process. For the preparation of the merit list, marks of both the online test and the interview will be calculated.

ECGC PO syllabus 2021- Objective test

The objective test of the ECGC PO 2024 consists of 200 questions carrying 200 marks. The time-limit of the test is section-based. A negative marking of 0.25 mark applies for each incorrect answer. The detailed ECGC PO syllabus 2024 for the objective test is given below:

Reasoning Ability505040 minutes
English Language404030 minutes
Computer Knowledge202010 minutes
General Awareness404020 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude505040 minutes
TOTAL200200140 minutes

ECGC PO syllabus 2024- Descriptive test

The descriptive test of the ECGC PO 2024 exam consists of two questions carrying 40 marks in total and the time-limit for the completion of the descriptive test is 40 minutes. There is no section-based limit in this case. The details of the ECGC PO syllabus 2024 of the descriptive test is given below:

Essay Writing     120
Precis Writing120

ECGC PO syllabus 2024- Descriptive test

The descriptive test of the ECGC PO 2024 exam consists of two questions carrying 40 marks in total and the time-limit for the completion of the descriptive test is 40 minutes. There is no section-based limit in this case. The details of the ECGC PO syllabus 2024 of the descriptive test is given below:

Essay Writing     120
Precis Writing120

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- Reasoning Ability

  • Topics: [Puzzles, Ages, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars, Cause & Effects, Orders & Rankings, Statements & Conclusion, Assertion & Reason, Assumption & Inference, Input-Output, Coding-Decoding, Word Formation, Directions, Syllogism, Alphabet Test, Blood Relation, Inequalities, etc.]
  • The questions from the topic of puzzles and seating arrangement are twisted and presented in a manner that makes it difficult to understand. The candidates need to understand the question and try to rephrase it in simple words. Once they have understood and rephrased the question, it becomes very easy to answer it.
  • For questions related to syllogisms and logical reasoning, making diagrams, tables or graphs helps in easier understanding of the question. The candidates can also use the elimination of options techniques to solve questions in this section.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- English Language

  • Topics: [Reading Comprehension, Fill in the Blanks, Sentence/Paragraph Correction, Error Detection, Jumbled Sentences, Active & Passive Voice, Cloze Test, Odd One Out, Sentence Connectors, Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, One-word Substitution), etc.]
  • The English Language section has three questions carrying 5 marks each from the topic of reading comprehension. Questions from the topics of Cloze test, error detection, para jumbles also carry around 3-4 marks each. There are around 25 questions in this section which are good attempts.
  • For solving questions related to cloze test and para jumbles, the candidates need to understand the theme of the paragraph which helps them in arranging the words and sentences together. In the case of para jumbles, the sentence containing the introduction of a person, place, or concept will mostly be the opening sentence of the paragraph.
  • To answer the questions of the reading comprehension part, the candidates need to read the passage attentively and then answer the questions with close reference to the passage itself.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- Computer Knowledge

  • Topics: Fundamentals of Computer, History of Development of Computers, Hardware, Software, Input & Output Devices, Functions of Computers, Operating System, Types of Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Networking & Internet, Keyboard shortcuts, Database Management, etc.
  • Most of the questions in this section are related to the internet and basic computer functionality. The difficulty level of the questions is easy to moderate level.
  • For questions in this section, the candidates need to have their basic concepts of computers clear. They can refer to books like Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant Experts for their basic understanding as well as the revision of this section.
  • The candidates also need to solve a lot of questions from this section available in the preparation book and also available on various educational websites.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- General Awareness

  • Topics: [Current Affairs [National & International], Business & Economics, Important Institutions and changes, Major Statistics, Important Dates, Film & Television, Science & Technology, Culture, Events & Anniversaries, Books & Authors, New & Popular Government Schemes, Environment & Ecosystem, Sports Currency, etc.]
  • The questions in this section are mostly asked from the topics of current affairs, financial and economic awareness, and static general knowledge holding a moderate difficulty level.
  • The preparation of this section needs the most time. The candidates need to give at least one hour daily for the preparation of current affairs and one hour for the preparation of general knowledge.
  • The current affairs of around 6 months to one year must be prepared. The candidates should refer to books like Manorama Yearly Book by Mammen Mathew for current affairs and also read newspapers like The Hindu or The Indian Express daily. You can also follow Gradeup to get weekly and monthly current affairs. For financial and economic awareness, the candidates should refer to newspapers like The Economic Times and The Financial Express.
  • The general knowledge section generally consists of the static general knowledge which can be referred from NCERT books from Class 6 to Class 10.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- Quantitative Aptitude

  • Topics: [Profit & Loss, Percentages, Age, Simple & Compound Interest, Time & Work, Average, Simplification, Approximation, Ratio & Proportion, Functions, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Case Study Analysis, Probability, Graphs, Speed & Distance, Number System, Time & Work, Partnership, Data Interpretation, Permutation & Combination, etc.]
  • In this section, most of the questions are asked from the topics of arithmetic and data interpretation. Questions from number series, quadratic equations, and simplification and approximation also carry around 4-5 marks each. Around 30 questions in this section are good attempt questions.
  • For questions related to simplification and approximation, the candidates need to understand and practice the BODMAS rules thoroughly. Also, they should be proficient in basic mathematical calculations.
  • The basic tip for solving questions related to data interpretation is to analyse the questions properly. Once the candidates analyse the question, it becomes quite easy for them to solve it. Moreover, a lot of practice is also required to solve such types of questions.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- Essay Writing

  • For Essay Writing, the candidates need to have a good writing speed which can be developed only by practice. The candidates should try to practice at least one essay topic daily while they are preparing for their ECGC PO 2024 exam.
  • The candidates should also have a good in-depth knowledge of the current topics which are in trend. They should be aware of the topics well enough to initiate a debate around them and give reasons and suggestions related to the topic.
  • The candidates should read the editorial section of the newspapers to learn more and prepare for the topics that are in trend.

ECGC PO Preparation 2024- Precis Writing

  • For Precis writing, the candidates need to learn how to write the precis in a manner that includes all the major points related to the paragraph and be careful to not include anything that is not a part of the given paragraph.
  • The candidates have to take care that they do not change the main idea of the precis and also do not give any personal opinions from their side. They should count the words of the paragraph, jot down the keywords and then try to write the precis within the given word limit.
  • The candidates also need to take care of the time barrier and focus on increasing their typing speed. This speed can be gained by regular precis-writing practice.

Best of Luck.