Blended learning is growing amazingly; so is blended learning coaching. Be it adult education or high school education or professional training. There’s been a considerable amount of research involved when it comes to blended learning, teacher training in this kind and so on.

In fact, a very recent study shows that blended learning can positively eliminate traditional learning! However, not many studies have discussed the perspectives of students and teachers on blended learning. This is going to be my topic of discussion; the impact teachers and students have because of blended learning.

I interviewed several teachers and compiled this data. The most common answers are discussed here. Please feel free to comment on the blog or reach out to us for more information.

How it feels to be a blended learning style teacher

Teaching the blended way is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re an experienced teacher (in the traditional way!) However, change is constant and educators are the ones inspiring us to adapt to it by adapting themselves!

Blended learning has given room for students to enjoy learning. There’s beauty in seeing students enjoy learning. With blended learning, students can learn in- person and online; there are rigorous practice skill development, time management and other practical skills which students and teachers develop. It’s amazing!

Blended learning, at the end of the day, is about its learners. It’s a very learner-centred approach and several educators are competent today to implement blended learning strategies effectively via blended learning solutions, teacher training courses and so on.

Blended Learning for us, the teachers is no longer about one- size- fits- all. The selection process, in fact, has changed. Now, teachers are hired based on their planning, managing and collaborative skillset. Blended learning activities list, creativity and so much are being looked into while hiring a teacher. Get your resume polished by signing up for a blended learning program, already!

Blended learning is not just about computers, tablets or use of software; there’s a lot more to it. Blended learning is all about integrating online and offline education for students to expand their network, horizons and more. Teachers have taken this step for students, not for their welfare.

Believe it or not, blended learning is a lot of work against traditional learning styles. Back in time, all a teacher would have to do was come up with one example and the class was set! Now, it’s all about catering to different kinds of learners, dealing with their competencies and learning different technologies, implementing them too!

Blended learning involves self-development for teachers. Or else, you’re going to lag behind and things may not work out smoothly. It’s not just about the skills, you know; there’s so much communication, planning and preparation involved which needs constant research. You’re basically, training kids to become like you, someday; smart efficient, effective, collaborative and so much more.

Remember, the kids, the learners, everyone’s watching you!

How it feels to be a blended learning style learner

Students have only two prime dimensions to discuss; their view on the online part and face-to-face bits of blended learning. Overall, they’re loving blended learning, though!

Online Part of Blended Learning

Blended learning has contributed towards helping the learners with a ‘mental map’ in the area studied. It helps them focus on key aspects, concepts and more, giving a pretty good overview.

They say that all they need to do is, check out videos provided to “Preferred training networks” on their LMS and go for the examination!

The engaging content is genuinely helping the kids, adults and other age learners. About 83% of learners are visual and kinesthetic learners implying, blended learning is perfect!

Self- paced learning is pretty awesome, they say! The learners can pause modules online, switch back to studying after a break, without breaking the flow. In fact, since they can regulate speed videos, students can actually, understand what the teacher is talking about

Face-to-Face Part of Blended Learning

Learners tend to miss the human touch; Face-to-face fixes it! With the blended approach, kids have been able to strategize and plan out their conversations with their educators, saving time and developing some amazing life skills!

Learners are getting smarter and more practical. Blended learning has brought in the right blend of learning and teaching. Students truly enjoy learning now and understand how it works. The moment kids know what, why and how they’re studying, they’ll learn no matter what!

A blended conclusion…

Blended learning is beneficial for all stakeholders. In fact, it’s helping educational institutions to be available in remote locations as well; all thanks to digitizing education. People are taking up courses, networking and developing skills too! It’s so very holistic in nature.

Lastly, all I’d like to say is, blended learning is one of the most beautiful ways of teaching and learning, hands down!