In this day and age of the internet, technology and devices, Digital Marketing has become perhaps the most blazing industry. It has not only become a significant skill to have for marketing professionals but for emerging entrepreneurs and business people as well. Shockingly there is a major lack of talented and skilled workforce in digital marketing networks with demand far exceeding the supply. This gives a good chance for those hoping to set foot into the field of digital marketing.

Multiple top universities and colleges all across the globe have recognised this scope and impact of digital marketing and have started offering online digital marketing courses with certification.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the best online digital marketing courses that interested students and professionals in India who want to enter in the online marketing field should take a look at.

Udemy Digital Marketing Courses

With 130,000 plus free and paid courses and over 50,000 top instructors around the world, udemy is one of the largest E-learning platforms. The large collection of courses cover over 2000 subjects in different fields.

One such field is marketing, and udemy provides a number of courses in all areas of marketing such as Advertising, Digital marketing, Search engine optimization, Affiliate marketing, Branding and more.

One of the most important areas under marketing is digital marketing, udemy offers a complete digital marketing course covering 12 major digital marketing topics in one course.

Not only this, students will be awarded with certification after completion of the course. The content of the course include Market research, Email marketing, Search engine optimization, Google analytics, Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Instagram marketing and more. 

This is not a free course and is priced at Rs. 8640 at present. However, you can get it at much lower price as udemy offers discount periods so all you have to do is sign in, add this course to your wishlist and hang tight patiently for the rebate period.

All things considered, this course is totally worth your time if you can get it at a fair price below its current price. For beginners, the content of the course can be of great value as to get the knowledge of how the different elements of digital marketing work. Apart from this, the course covers every important detail from website marketing to app and social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Foundation Course by Testbook

One of the most popular online learning platform among government job aspirants and fresh graduates. It offers free test series and exam preparation courses for all major competitive exams in India. Apart from this, Testbook has started providing courses and programs for skill development in various fields. One such field under which Testbook is offering a comprehensive course is digital marketing. These online courses covers every important topic in digital marketing such as Online advertising, online business promotion, Search engine optimization, WordPress, Content marketing and more.

All digital marketing courses available come with certification. The foundational courses are designed focusing on beginners but at the same time offer complete knowledge for creating an effective digital marketing strategy. All courses are self-paced i.e., the students can progress through the course at their own speed. However, to get a certificate,  students have to complete the entire course and attempt various tests and assignments included in the course module.

HubSpot Academy Courses

Another major contender offering the best digital marketing course with certification is Hubspot Academy. Furthermore, Hubspot brings a range of resources and tools to help users with consumer relationship management, Search engine optimization, content curation and marketing and more.

The wide range of digital marketing  courses cover various topics all major topics such as Content marketing, Inbound marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Blogging and more.

You can register for free and after completion of a certification course you are awarded with a certificate.

All courses are conducted by experienced and reputed digital marketing experts. You can browse through the range of courses and go for one that suits your needs.

Professional Certificate Programs in Digital Marketing – edX

The Digital Marketing Certificate program on edX are designed by well reputed  marketing professors from some of the top institutions around the world such as University of Maryland, Indian Institute of Management, University of Edinburgh, Boston University and more.  The courses impart key practical marketing skills which are of great demand today – Omni channel marketing, digital marketing analytics, Consumer relation management, Online advertising and social media marketing strategy.

There are a vast range of courses that edX offers on Digital Marketing. Starting with very diverse as well as foundational courses from UPenn’s Wharton such as Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing, to more specialized courses like Digital Marketing Strategy and Action by Babson College. It also offers various courses on Consumer Engagement, Digital Branding and Online Marketing Strategies by Boston, Curtin and Columbia University.

The courses are curated in a certain way that will help students to get acquainted with new types of data such as mobile data, search data etc. Furthermore, knowledge imparted will include new techniques of analysis that can be deployed on the aforementioned data types for better marketing decisions.