Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with crafting out projects and blue prints of building and skyscrapers. Civil engineering can be anything that can be built into a structure, statue, building or monument. Interior designing and crafting also falls under civil engineering courses. Creating and supervising Civil Engineering projects can also be one of the functions that fall under this course. Buildings, roads, railway tracks and more can be designed and constructed in a different and unique way, by civil engineers. Although Engineering is a separate course that is specifically designed for students aspiring to become Construction Managers and Engineers, there are a few short term courses that they can do, to upskill themselves.

1. Construction Supervisory Series

A ten-course intense training for people who have a background in construction engineering, this course enlightens students on construction supervision and more. This is a certificate program attained from San Diego State University, online.

2. Competency in Sewage and Effluent Treatment Technologies

A certificate program from Engineering Institute of Technology that provides professional training on competency in Sewage and Effluent treatment. This course covers theoretical knowledge that scores extra points in civil engineering.

3. Smart Cities

This summer course offered at the University of Twente is studied through three themes: Resources, Infrastructure and Digital technology. There are two types of courses offered in this university – short-term and full-time.

4. Advanced Dynamics

This course offers a equations of motion for complex dynamic systems. An online certification program by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), this course is worth taking for a civil engineering student.

5. Civil Sitework Construction

This short course offers 4 courses : Construction Equipment and Methods, Practical Applications of Civil Construction, Estimating Civil Construction and Construction Materials and Process. On completion of these 4 courses online, given by San Diego State University, the final course on Civil Sitework Construction is considered ‘complete’.

6. Managing Building Adaptation – a Sustainable Approach

This online course takes place for 6 weeks and is for free. Suitable for people with a passion for civil engineering and construction, wanting to contribute to a sustainable environment, this is a part-time course that could upskill any passionate candidate.

7. Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers

An online certification course by IDC Technologies, this course charges students per module, bridging the gap between practical application and technical knowledge.

8. Construction Estimating

A 2-year intense training, this course can be taken online and requires at least a passing grade in five out of all six courses to earn a certificate. Conducted by the San Diego State University, this course has a world-wide recognition.

9. Engineering – Building with Nature

A free online course offered by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), this course is entirely built for students with a passion in the concept of building with nature. This is a short course that can also be taken up full-time and spans for a period of 5 weeks.

10. Urban Sewage Treatment

Another free online course offered by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), this course focuses on basic technology used in the clearance and treatment of sewage. This course extends up to 7 weeks.