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Motion Picture Cinematography

Course Description

No film can be made without a cinematographer. The essentials of film and video photography are explored comprehensively in the S F S syllabus. Students undergo hands-on practical training under the watchful supervision of our experienced faculty who have an enviable track record and years of active involvement in films, TV, Ad Films, Promo Films, and Corporate Movies. SFS's Cinematography Course is well researched and among the best Cinematography Programs in India. COURSE OUTLINE: • Principles of still and motion picture photography • Various kinds of light sources and their practical applications • Basics of Lighting, extensive practical exercises on various types of Lighting Conditions • Filters and Composition, Study of Colour Temperature, Depth of Field • Study of motion picture cameras and different kinds of film stock • Rules of single camera and multi camera arrangements • Purposes and reasons behind choosing a camera style • Study of the camcorders and fundamentals of videography • Principles of Optics in connection with Photography • Assignments and Group Projects for Students on Digital Cameras DURATION 06 Months FEES - Rs. 70000/-

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Acting for Screen

Course Description

Acting is different from other performing art forms. Actors don’t merely have to perform; they have to live different lives. Unless, one understands the core of the character - psych, nature, history one can never live that life convincingly or bring that character to live. Howsoever easy it may sound, getting into the character is the most difficult part of it as it calls for a systematic approach with a lot of dedication. The objective of the Acting Course is to help students express by familiarizing with the inner self – both at an individual level and human being at large. At S F S, students undergo rigorous exercises, improvisations, rehearsals & performances in front camera and proper lighting setup to perfect their craft. Dedicated sessions are conducted to train students on audition techniques and preparation. Students also receive guidance and exposure to the contemporary industry practices. COURSE OUTLINE: The syllabus is based on Stanislavsky's ''Method Acting''. Exercises, for example, Sense Memory, Observation, Imagination, Improvisations, Voice and Speech, Diction, Action Problems, Movement, Animal Study, Monologues, Scene Studies, Film Orientation, Play Back, Acting Analysis, Screen Action & Dance are the main features of the module. And the last week will be committed to practical sessions of students performing in front of the camera leading to an expert show reel of their work for the professional industry they are going to step into immediately after. The acting module designed by S F S is meant not only to help one become a better actor but also help one grow as a better performer in professional & personal capacity at various levels through proper self expression. DURATION 06 Months FEES - Rs. 65000/-

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Other Courses

Sound Engineering - 12 Months - Rs. 95000 Editing on FCP & AVID - 6 Months - Rs. 65000 Digital Marketing & Film Making - 9 Months - Rs. 70000 ScriptWriting for Film & Television - 4 Months - Rs. 45000 Basic & Advance Photography - 9 Months - Rs. 60000 Documentary Film Making - 6 Months - Rs. 70000 Film & Media Production - 6 Months - Rs. 65000 Graphic Design - 6 Months - Rs. 70000 Game Design - 9 Months - Rs. 90000 Voice Culture, Mudulation & Dubbing - 5 Months - Rs. 45000 Producing for Film & Television - 9 Months - Rs. 70000 Digital Marketing - 3 Months - Rs. 35000 Branding & Ad Film Making - 12 Months - Rs. 95000

Course Name

Film and Television Direction

Course Description

The remarkable development in the field of movies and TV has created a huge demand for more and more innovative and meaningful contents for movies and TV slots. As the captain of the ship, the director of a movie or a TV program is the in charge and responsible for creating worthwhile contents for film or the TV programs. Makers, on-screen characters or the artists, writers, editors, sound technicians, cinematographers or anybody from the unit, howsoever creative, skilled and qualified, cannot influence a movie or a TV program the way a director does. The director coordinates and puts together all these creative outcomes or the works of these professionals turning them into a film or entertaining TV show. We at S F S understand this completely and hence, our course contains all the fundamental elements required to make you a competent chief of movies and TV. Our course contents or the syllabus is the result of a painstaking research into the age old basics & theories, contemporary trends and practices and most importantly demands of the new age entertainment and media industry. Learning of which is meant to make you a perfect storyteller through the medium of visuals and sounds. Our experienced faculty members who are also veterans in the field of film & television devoted themselves long enough to come up with such an unparalleled module. COURSE OUTLINE: The development and the historical backdrop of cinema and Television Film screening and film appreciation Rules and basics of screenplay writing Fundamentals and rules of the way movies and TV programs function The grammar and language of filmmaking Treatment of on-screen characters, professionals and other unit members Understanding the properties of a cinematic or visual presentation Misc-en-scenes Fundamentals of filmmaking - fiction and nonfiction Fundamentals of filmmaking - ad films and promos Fundamentals of filmmaking - music videos or song picturisation Fundamentals of filmmaking - short films (fiction and nonfiction) DURATION: 9 Months FEES - Rs. 70000/-

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Online Training, Classroom, Corporate

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Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

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Photography, Entertainment, Event, Media, Other Subject


04 to 12 months



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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o MSME

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Cash, Installment, Online Payment

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Not Available

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